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HOSE who are heft acquainted with the 
)) rich ftores of German hymnology will 
feel the lead furprife at the appearance of 
a fecond feries of Tranflations from the fame fource. 
Many excellent and claffical compofitions were 
neccflarily excluded from the plan of the former 
volume, which it was felt would Itill be no lefs ac- 
ceptable than thofe already tranflated, to Englim 
Chriftians. In this feries therefore hymns are 
admitted of a more perfonal and individual charac- 
ter than in the former, hymns adapted to particular 
circumftances or periods of life, and to peculiar 
ftates of feeling. At the fame time many will be 
found of fufhciently comprehenfive import to be 
fuited for congregational finging, and will be recog- 
nized by thofe familiar with the fervices of the Ger- 
man Church as conftantly ufed there in public wor- 
fhip, efpecially thofe on pages 194, 196, 226, and 


vi Jpreface. 

99. The firft of thefe indeed holds in Germany, 
with its fine old tune, much the fame place as the 
Old Hundredth with us. The fecond is remarka- 
ble as being, as far as we know, the only hymn of 
its author, a man of confideration and wealth in 
Frankfort. It was publifhed without his name, and 
as it immediately became popular it was afcribed at 
firft to Hugo Grotius, and other celebrated authors. 
The third is one of the well-known hymns of 
Joachim Neander, the molt important hymn-writer 
of the German Reformed Church, whofe produc- 
tions are marked by great depth and tendernefs of 

Moft of the hymns under the laft two divifions 
of this feries are popular in Proteftant Germany in 
the trueft fenfe of the word, to be found in the 
well-worn hymns-books of every cottage home, or 
heard as the village funeral paftes on to the " court 
of peace." It will be obferved that one of the 
hymns for the burial of the dead bears the name of 
Michael Weifs, and that fome others are defignated 
as belonging to the Bohemian Brethren. Thefe are 
productions of that ancient Church which exifted 

preface. vii 

in Bohemia from the firft introduction of Christi- 
anity into that country by two Greek monks of the 
eighth century. In the eleventh century it formed 
itfelf into a feparate community, diftinguilhed from 
the Roman Church in Bohemia, among other things, 
by the celebration of public worfhip according to 
the native ritual and in the vulgar tongue. After 
fuffering bitter perfecutions under various Popes, in 
one of which John Hufs was burnt in 141 5, in 
1453 its remaining members, including men of all 
clafles, withdrew to a diftri£t affigned to them on 
the borders o( Silefia and Moravia, where we find 
them, fifty years later, numbering about two hun- 
dred congregations, under the name of Brethren or 
United Brethren. But here too fierce perfecutions 
followed them ; their countrymen were incited 
from the pulpits to hunt them down like wild 
beafts ; and in 1508, defpairing of peace at home, 
they fent out four merTengers to fearch whether 
anywhere a Chriftian people might be found, ferv- 
ing Chrift truly, into whofe communion they might 
afk admifiion. One of thefe brethren went to 
Rufiia, one to Greece, one to Bulgaria, and one to 

viii |Jrtfacc. 

Paleftine and Egypt ; but they all returned unfuc- 
cefsful, no fuch Chriftian people had they found. 
Two more were then fent to the Waldenfes in 
France and Italy, but they too brought back noth- 
ing but admonitions to patience and fteadfaftnefs. 
The Brethren therefore remained in their own 
country, and occupied themfelves in printing the 
Bible, no fewer than three editions having been 
publifhed in Bohemian before the Reformation. 
The dawn of that great event filled them with joy, 
and in 1522 they fent *wo mefTengers to Luther to 
greet him and afk his advice, one of whom was 
Michael Weifs. In 1531 Michael Weifs publifhed 
the hymns of the Bohemian Brethren tranflated 
into German, with the addition of feveral of his 
own. They pafTed through many editions, and 
fome of them were introduced into Luther's hymn- 
book. They have great warmth of feeling, and 
direclnefs of expremon, often with intricate metres, 
and are marked by frequent pathetic reference to 
the troubles of this Church, and by a ftrong fenfe 
of the living union of ChrifKans with each other 
and their Head. The fubfequent fcttlement of the 

Preface. ix 

fmall remnant of this Church on Count Zinzen- 
dorPs eftates in Saxony, and its rapid growth and 
fpread into other countries are well known. That 
the fpirit of Chriftian poetry ftill lives among them 
in modern times is proved by the names of Zinzen- 
dorf, Chriftian Gregor, L. von Hayn, Spangenberg, 
and Albertini.* 

As the objedl of this work is chiefly devotional, 
the hymns are arranged according to their fubjecls, 
not in chronological order, and have been felecled 
for their warmth of feeling and depth of Chriftian 
experience, rather than as fpecimens of a particular 
mafter or fchool. Still it is believed that thefe two 
feries afford on the whole fair examples of moft of 
the principal writers, not of courfe without omif- 
fions, fincc only about two hundred and twenty 
hymns are given from a literature containing feveral 
thoufands. Of Luther none are given in this feries, 
(unlefs that hymn known as " Queen Maria of 
Hungary's fong" were written by him for that prin- 

* See Bunfen's larger Gefangbuch, and Sketch of 
the Hiftory of the Church of the United Brethren 
bv James Montgomery. 

x JJrtfaa. 

cefs,) for thofe productions of his which no collec- 
tion of German hymns could omit, had been 
already inferted in the previous volume, and there 
feemed the lefs neceffity for introducing any of 
minor importance, as all his hymns are accefTible 
to the Englifh reader in the excellent tranflation of 
Mr. Maffie* 

The writers perhaps the leaft fully reprefented, 
are Gellert, Klopftock, and others of the middle 
and latter half of the lafl century, whofe produc- 
tions conftitute a large proportion of moil of the 
collections made fifty or fixty years ago. But thefe 
hymns are, for the moft part, either of a purely re- 
flective or didactic character, or in very many 
inftances are merely verfions of more ancient hymns, 
fmoothed down to a dead level of tame correctnefs 
in form, and robbed of their original fervour and 
ftrength. Gellert, however, appreciated the charac- 
tcriftic excellences of the ancient hymns, and his 
own have high merit, as lefTons of Chriflian duty, 

* Spiritual Songs of Luther, tranflated by R. 
Maffie, Efq. 



or paraphrafes of Scripture, exprefTed in fimple, 
clear, and unaffected verfe, fomctimes with much 
true poetic feeling. Yet while they thus fupplied 
a want among the hymns of his country, — which, 
during the laft century efpecially, had loft that 
direct application to real life which makes a hymn 
fpeak to the hearts of all, — and have therefore 
become very popular in Germany, yet for the fame 
reafon they more nearly refemble what we already 
poffefs in our own language. 

There is a very large fchool of hymn-writers 
fpringing up in Germany at the prefent day, whofe 
works are diftinguifhed by much thoughtful feeling 
and great fluency and fweetnefs of expreflion. In 
general, however, thefe hymns are fuited rather to 
private reading, than congregational finging ; the 
length of the lines, and the reflective tone of 
thought, deprive them of that ftrength and fimple 
grandeur which many of the older hymns poffefs. 
Specimens are given here from Spitta, Puchta, 
Knapp, Henfel, and others ; thofe hymns to which 
no dates are affixed being written by authors living 
or very recently deceafed. 

xii JjJrrface. 

The hymns in this feries have been chofen from 
various fources, mod of them being fuch as would 
be found in any ftandard collection. The greater 
number, however, are taken from Bunfen's " Ver- 
fuch eines allgemeinen Gefang und Gebet buchs," a 
collection diftinguifhed above moft others by its 
wide range of Chriftian experience and fympathy, 
and the poetic merit of the verilons it gives. The 
fhort notices prefixed to fome of thefe hymns are 
derived from the fame fource. 

One or two verfes have been omitted in feveral 
of the hymns, for in many inftances even fine 
hymns are weakened by repetition, or disfigured by 
verfes of decidedle inferior merits ; this is efpecially 
the cafe with Paul Gerhardt, notwithstanding the 
remarkable beauty of his works. The original 
metre has been almoft invariably maintained ; in 
fome hymns metres ftrange to our ears have been 
preferved with care for the fake of the fine chorales 

attached to them. 

Alderley Edge, 
May 19th, 1858. 

preface. xiii 

*%* From the frequent inquiries received from 
clergymen and others for tunes adapted to thefe 
hymns, it has been determined to bring out an 
edition of the work, containing fome of the fine 
old German chorales to which in their own coun- 
try they are fung by vafl congregations, arranged 
for ufe in choirs and families. 




Holy Seasons. Page 

Advent 21 

Chriftmas 37 

Epiphany 41 

Paffion Week ■ 49 

Eafter 62 

Afccnfion 73 

Whitfuntide 81 

Trinity 91 


Morning Prayer 97 

Evening Prayer 110 

Baptifm 122 

The Holy Communion 131 

For Travellers 1 43 

At the Burial of the Dead 161 




Penitence l 7S 

Praife and Thankfgiving *94 

The Life of Faith 2I2 

Songs of the Crofs 2 3 6 

The Final Conflict and Heaven .... 266 






£)oId Seasons, 





fp\E heavens, oh hafte your dews to fhed, 
| J Ye clouds, rain gladnefs on our head, 
D? Thou earth, behold the time of grace, 
"^ And bloflbm forth in righteoufnefs ! 

O living Sun, with joy break forth, 
And pierce the gloomy clefts of earth ; 
Behold, the mountains melt away 
Like wax beneath thine ardent ray ! 

O Life-dew of the Churches, come, 
And bid this arid defcrt bloom ! 
The forrows of Thy people fee, 
And take our human flefh on Thee. 


Crmx (5ermamccr. 

Refrefh the parch'd and drooping mind, 
The broken limb in mercy bind, 
Us finners from our guilt releafe, 
And fill us with Thy heavenly peace. 

O wonder ! night no more is night ! 
Comes then at la ft the long'd-for light? 
Ah yes, Thou fhineft, O true Sun, 
In whom are God and man made one ! 

J. Franck. 1653. 

£ma ©crmanica. 23 



RISE, the kingdom is at hand, 

The King is drawing nigh ; 
Arife with joy, thou faithful band, 
To meet the Lord moll high ! 
Ye Chriflians, haflen forth, 
With holy ardours greet your Kin^, 
And glad Hofannas to Him fmg, 

Nought elfe your love is worth. 

Look up, ye drooping hearts, to-day ! 

The King is very near, 
Oh call your griefs and fears away, 

For lo ! your Help is here ; 

And comfort rich and fweet 
In many a place for us is ilored, 
Where in His facraments and word 

Our Saviour we can meet. 

Look up, ye fouls weigh'd down with care ! 

The Sovereign is not far. 
Look up, faint hearts, from your defpair, 

Behold the Morning Star! 

The Lord is with us now, 
Who mail the finking fpirit feed 
With ftrcngth and comfort at its need, 

To whom e'en Death mall bow. 

Crirct (tibttmamta. 

Hope, O ye broken hearts, at laft ! 

The King comes on in might, 
He loved us in the ages past 

When we fat wrapp'd in night ; 

Now are our forrows o'er, 
And fear and wrath to joy give place, 
Since God hath made us in His grace 

His children evermore. 

O rich the gifts Thou bringeft us, 

Thyfelf made poor and weak ; 
O love beyond compare that thus 

Can foes and finners feek ! 

For this to Thee alone 
We raife on high a gladfome voice, 
And evermore with thanks rejoice 

Before Thy glorious throne. 

RlST. I 65 I. 

£nra (Bcvmanica. 25 





HEREFORE doll Thou longer tarry, 
^ j Bleflcd of the Lord, afar ? 

Would it were Thy will to enter 

To my heart, O Thou my Star, 
Thou my Jefus, Fount of power, 
Helper in the needful hour ! 
Sharper!: wounds my heart is feeling, 
Touch them, Saviour, with Thy healing ! 

For I fhrink beneath the terrors 

Of the law's tremendous fway ; 

All my countlefs crimes and errors 
Stand before me night and day. 

Oh the heavy, fearful load 

Of the righteous wrath of God ! 

Oh the awful voice of thunder 

Cleaving heart and foul afunder ! 

While the foe my foul is telling, 

" There is grace no more for thee, 

Thou muft make thy endlefs dwelling 
In the pain^ that torture me." 

26 Cgra (Ewmanica. 

Yes, and keener flill thy fmart, 
Confcience, in my anguifhed heart, 
By thy venomed tooth tormented, 
Long-pafl fins are fore repented. 

Would I then, to foothe my forrow 

And my pain awhile forget, 
From the world a comfort borrow, 

I but fink the deeper yet ; 
She hath comforts that but grieve, 
Joys that flinging memories leave, 
Helpers that my heart are breaking, 
Friends that do but mock its aching. 

All the world can give is cheating, 

Strengthlefs all, and merely nought ; 
Have I greatnefs, it is fleeting ; 

Have I riches, are they aught 
But a heap of glittering earth ? 
Pleafure ? Little is it worth 
When it brings no joy or laughter 
That thou wilt not rue hereafter. 

All delight, all confolation 

Lies in Thee, Lord Jefus Chriit, 
Feed my foul with Thy falvation, 

O Thou Bread of Life unpriced. 
Blcflcd Light, within me glow, 
Ere my heart breaks in its woe ; 
Oh refrefh me and uphold me, 
Jefus, come, let me behold Thee. 

£nm ©crmcmica. 

Joy, my foul, for He hath heard thee, 

He will come and enter in ; 
Lo ! He turns and draweth toward thee, 

Let thy welcomc-fong begin ; 
Oh prepare thee for fuch gueft, 
Give thee wholly to thy reft, 
With an ©pen'd heart adore Him, 
Pour thy griefs and fears before Him. 

Thy mifdeeds are thine no longer, 
He hath call them in the fea, 
And the love of God /hall conquer 
All the ftrength of fin in thee. 
Chrifi is vidtor in the field, 
Mightier! wrong to Him muft yield, 
He with blcfiing will exalt thee 
O'er whate'er would here aflault thee. 

What would feem to hurt or fhame thee 

Shall but work thy good at Jaft; 
Since that Chrifi hath deign'd to claim thee, 

And His truth Hands ever faft; 
And if thine can but endure, 
There is nought fo fixed and fare, 
As that thou (halt hymn His praifes 
Tn the happy heavenly places. 

Gerhardt. 1653. 

2S £jn*a CScvmanica. 



Composed on his journey to Gotha after his unjuft 
expulfion from Erfurt ; as we are told in the ora- 
tion delivered at his grave, " in the full experience 
of the unfpeakable confolations of the Holy Spirit." 

HANK God that towards eternity 
Another ftep is won ! 
Oh longing turns my heart to Thee 
As time flows flowly on, 
Thou Fountain whence my life is born, 
Whence thofe rich ftreams of grace are drawn 
That through my being run ! 

I count the hours, the days, the years, 

That ftretch in tedious line, 
Until, O Life, that hour appears, 

When, at Thy touch divine, 
Whate'er is mortal now in me 
Shall be confumed for aye in Thee, 

And deathlefs life be mine. 

So glows Thy love within this frame, 
That, touch'd with keeneft fire, 

My whole foul kindles in the flame 
Of one intenfe defire, 

£m*a (Pcrmanica. 29 

To be in Thee, and Thou in me, 
And e'en while yet on earth to be 
Still preffing closer, nigher ! 

Oh that I foon might Thee behold ! 

I count the moments o'er ; 
Ah come, ere yet my heart grows cold 

And cannot call Thee more ! 
Come in Thy glory, for Thy Bride 
Hath girt her for the holy-tide, 

And waiteth at the door. 

And fince Thy Spirit fheds abroad 

The oil of grace in me, 
And thou art inly near me, Lord, 

And I am loll in Thee, 
So mines in me the Living Light, 
And fteadfaft burns my lamp and bright, 

To greet Thee joyoufly. 

Come ! is the voice, then, of Thy Bride, 

She loudly prays Thee come ! 
With faithful heart fhe long hath cried, 

Come quickly, Jefus, come ! 
Come, O my Bridegroom, Lamb of God, 
Thou knoweit. I am Thine, my Lord 

Come down and take me home. 

Yet be the hour that none can tell 

Left wholly to Thy choice, 
Although I know thou lov'ft it well, 

3° Cgrct (Serin anica. 

That I with heart and voice 
Should bid Thee come, and from this day 
Care but to meet Thee on Thy way, 

And at Thy fight rejoice ! 

I joy that from Thy love divine 
No power can part me now, 

That I may dare to call Thee mine, 
My Friend, My Lord, avow, 

That I, O Prince of Life, mall be 

Made wholly one in heaven with Thee, 
My portion, Lord, art Thou ! 

And therefore do my thanks o'erflow, 
That one more year is gone, 

And of this Time, fo poor, fo flow, 
Another ftep is won ; 

And, with a heart that may not wait, 

Toward yonder diftant golden gate 
I journey gladly on. 

And when the wearied hands grow weak, 
And wearied knees give way, 

To finking faith, oh quickly fpeak, 
And make Thine arm my flay ; 

That fo my heart drink in new ftrength, 

And I fpeed on, nor feel the length 
Nor fteepnefs of the way. 

Then on, my foul, with fearlefs faith, 
Let nought thy terror move ; 

i'nrct (Pcrmamca. 31 

Nor aught that earthly pleafurc faith 

E'er tempt thy fteps to rove ; 
If flow thy courfe feem o'er the wafte, 
Mount upwards with the eagle's hafte, 

On wings of tirelefs love. 

O Jefus, all my foul hath flown 

Already up to Thee, 
For Thou, in whom is love alone, 

Haft wholly conquer'd me. 
Farewell ye phantoms, day and year, 
Eternity is round me here, 

Since, Lord, I live in Thee. 

A. H. Fra^;cke, 1691. 

3 2 £rn*ct ©rvmantca. 



LL my heart this night rejoices, 
As I hear, 
Far and near, 
Sweeteft angel voices ; 
" Christ is born," their choirs are finging, 
Till the air 
Now with joy is ringing. 

For it dawns, — the promifed morrow 

Of His birth 

Who the earth 
Refcues from her forrow. 
God to wear our form defcendeth, 

Of His grace 

To our race 
Here His Son He lendeth ; 

Uma (bcnnanua. 33 

Yea, fo truly for us carcth, 

That His Son 

All we've done 
As our offering beareth ; 
As our Lamb who, dying for us, 

Bears our load, 

And to God 
Doth in peace reftore us. 

Hark ! a voice from yonder manger, 

Soft and fweet, 

Doth entreat, 
" Flee from woe and danger ; 
Brethren come, from all doth grieve you 

You are freed, 

All you need 
I will furely give you." 

Come then, let us haften yonder ; 

Here let all, 

Great and fmall, 
Kneel in awe and wonder, 
Love Him who with love is yearning ; 

Hail the Star 

That from far 
Bright with hope is burning ! 

Ye who pine in weary fadnefs, 

Weep no more, 

For the door 
Now is found of gladnefs. 

34 Cnrct ©rrmanica. 

Cling to Him, for He will guide you 

Where no crofs 

Pain or lofs, 
Can again betide you. 

Hither come, ye heavy-hearted ; 

Who for fin 

Deep within, 
Long and fore have fmarted ; 
For the poifon'd wounds you're feeling 

Help is near, 

One is here 
Mighty for their healing ! 

Hither come, ye poor and wretched ; 

Know His will 

Is to fill 
Every hand outdretched ; 
Here are riches without meafure, 

Here forget 

All regret, 
Fill your hearts with treafure. 

BleiTed Saviour, let me find Thee ? 

Keep Thou me 

Clofe to Thee, 
Call me not behind Thee ! 
Life of life, my heart Thou dilled, 

Calm I reft 

On Thy bread, 
All this void Thou filled. 

Cgra (Bcnnantca. 35 

Heedfully my Lord I'll chcrifh, 

Live to Thee, 

And with Thee 
Dying fhall not perifh ; 
But fhall dwell with Thee for ever, 

Far on high, 

In the joy 
That can alter never. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1651. 

3 6 £nra (Ewmanica. 



HOU faireft Child Divine 
In yonder manger laid, 
In whom is God Himfelf well pleafed, 
By whom were all things made, 
On me art Thou beftow'd ; 

How can fuch wonders be ! 

The deareft that the Father hath 

He gives me here in Thee ! 

I was a foe to God, 

I fought in Satan's hoft, 
I trifled all His grace away, 

Alas ! my foul was loft. 
Yet God forgets my fin, 

His heart, with pity moved, 
He gives me, Heavenly Child, in Thee ; 

Lo ! thus our God hath loved ! 

Once blind with fin and felf, 

Along the treacherous way, 
That ends in ruin at the laft, 

I haften'd far aftray ; 

ilma (Bcrmcmicct. 37 

Then God fent down His Son ; 

For with a love mod deep, 
Moft undeferved, His heart Hill yearn'd 

O'er me, poor wandering fheep ! 

God with His life of love 

To me was far and ftrange, 
My heart clung only to the world 

Of fight and fenfe and change ; 
In Thee, Immanuel, 

Are God and man made one ; 
In Thee my heart hath peace with God, 

And union in the Son. 

Oh ponder this, my foul, 

Our God hath loved us thus, 
That even His only deareft Son 

He freely giveth us. 
Thou precious gift of God, 

The pledge and bond of love, 
With thankful heart I kneel to take 

This treafure from above. 

I kneel befide Thy couch, 

I prefs Thee to my heart, 
For Thee I gladly all forfake 

And from the creature part : 
Thou pricelefs Pearl ! lo, he 

By whom Thou'rt loved and known, 
Will give himfelf and all he hath 

To win Thee for his own. 


3 8 Cnva <8>armtinica. 

Oh come, Thou Blcflcd Child, 

Thou Saviour of my foul, 
For ever bound to Thee, my name 

Among Thy holt enrol. 
Oh deign to take my heart, 

And let Thy heart be mine, 
That all my love flow out to Thee, 

And lofe itfelf in Thine, 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 

ilma (Bcrmanica. 39 

god with us. 

BLESSED Jefus! This 
Thy lowly manger is 

The Paradife where oft my foul would feed: 
Here is the place, my Lord, 
Where lies the Eternal Word 
Clothed with our flefh, made like to us indeed. 

For He whofe mighty fway 

The winds and feas obey, 
Submits to ferve, and (loops to those who fin; 

The glorious Son of God 

Doth bear the mortal load 
Of earth and duft, like us and all our kin. 

For thus, O Good Supreme, 

Wilt Thou our flefh redeem, 
And raife it to Thy throne o'er every height : 

Eternal Strength, here Thou 

To brotherhood doll bow 
With tranfient things that pafs like mills of night. 

Thy glory and Thy joy 
All woe and grief deftroy ; 
Thou, Heavenly Treafure, doll all wealth reftore ! 
Thou deep and living Well ! 

4-o £ma (Bcrmcmica. 

Thou great Immanuel 
Doit conquer fin and death for evermore ! 

Then come, whoe'er thou art, 

O poor defponding heart, 
Take courage now, let this thy fears difpel, 

That fince His Son moll: dear 

Thy God hath given thee here, 
It cannot be but God doth love thee well. 

How often doft thou think 

That thou mult furely fink, 
That hope and comfort are no more for thee ; 

Come hither then and gaze 

Upon this Infant's face, 
And here the love of God incarnate fee. 

Ah now the blefTed door 

Stands open evermore 
To all the joys of this world and the next: 

This Babe will be our Friend, 

And quickly make an end 
Of all that faithful hearts long time hath vex'd. 

Then, earth, we care no more 

To feek thy richeft ftore, 
If but this trcafure will be Hill our own ; 

And he who holds it fait, 

Till all this life is paft, 
Our Lord will crown with joy before His throne. 
Paul Gerhardt. 

£nra (Bcrmantca. 4 1 



KING of Glory ! David's Son ! 

Our Sovereign and our Friend ! 
In Heaven for ever Hands Thy throne, 
Thy kingdom hath no end : 
Oh now to all men, far and near, 

Lord, make it known, we pray, 
That as in heaven all creatures here 
May know Thee and obey. 

The Eaftern fages gladly bring 

Their tribute-gifts to Thee ; 
They witnefs that Thou art their King 

And humbly bow the knee ; 
To Thee the Morning Star doth lead, 

To Thee th' infpired Word, 
We hail Thee, Saviour, in our need, 

We worfhip Thee, the Lord. 

42 jujva (Bnrmamca. 

Ah look on me with pitying grace, 

Though I am weak and poor, 
Within Thy kingdom grant me place 

To dwell there bleft and fure. 
Oh refcue me from all my woes, 

And fhield me with thine arm 
From Sin and Death, the mighty foes, 

That daily feek our harm. 

And bid Thy Word, the fairefl Star, 

Within us clearly mine ; 
Keep fin and all falfe doctrine far, 

Since Thou haft claim'd us Thine. 
Let us Thy name aright confefs, 

And with Thy Chriftendom, 
Our King and Saviour own and blefs 

Through all the world to come. 

Behemb. 1606. 

£nra ©crmanica. 43 



CHRIST, our true and only Light, 
Illumine thofe who fit in night, 
Let thofe afar now hear Thy voice, 
And in Thy fold with us rejoice. 

Fill with the radiance of Thy grace 
The fouls now loll in error's maze, 
And all in whom their fecret minds 
Some dark delufion hurts and blinds. 

And all who elfe have ftray'd from thee, 
Oh gently feek ! Thy healing be 
To every wounded confeience given, 
And let them alfo fhare Thy heaven. 

Oh make the deaf to hear Thy word, 
And teach the dumb to fpeak, dear Lord, 
Who dare not yet the faith avow, 
Though fecretly they hold it now. 

44 £ma ©mncmicct. 

Shine on the darken'd and the cold, 
Recall the wanderers from Thy fold, 
Unite thofe now who walk apart, 
Confirm the weak and doubting heart. 

So they with us may evermore 
Such grace with wondering thanks adore, 
And endless praise to thee be given 
By all Thy Church in earth and heaven, 
}. Heermann. 1630. 

£ma ©crmcmtca. 45 

$ in. 


S thy heart athirfl to know 

That the King of heaven and earth 
Deigns to dwell with man below, 

Yea, hath Hooped to mortal birth ? 
Search the Word with ceaseless care 
Till Thou find this treafure there. 

With the fages from afar 

Journey on o'er fea and land 

Till thou fee the Morning Star 
O'er thy heart unchanging Hand, 

Then fhalt thou behold His face 

Full of mercy, truth and grace. 

For if Chrift be born within, 
Soon that likenefs fhall appear 

Which the heart had loll through fin, 
God's own image fair and clear, 

And the foul ferene and bright 

Mirrors back His heavenly light. 

46 £nra ©crmamca. 

Jefus, let me feek for nought 

But that Thou fhouldft dwell in me ; 
Let this only fill my thought, 

How I may grow liker Thee, 
Through this earthly care and ftrife, 
Through the calm eternal life. 

With the wife who know thee right, 

Though the world accounts them fools, 

I will praife Thee day and night, 
I will order by Thy rules 

All my life, that it may be 

FilPd with praife and love of Thee. 

Laurentius Laurenti. 1700. 

£m*ct (Bcvmanicct. M 



_^VER would I fain be reading 
In the ancient holy Book, 
Of my Saviour's gentle pleading, 
Truth in every word and look. 

How when children came He blcfs'd them, 

Suffer' no man to reprove, 
Took them in his arms, and prefs'd them 

To His heart with words of love. 

How all the fick and tearful 

Help was ever gladly mown ; 
How He fought the poor and fearful, 

Call'd them brothers and His own. 

How no contrite foul e'er fought Him, 

And was bidden to depart, 
How with gentle words He taught him, 

Took the death from out his heart. 

Still I read the ancient ftorv, 

And my joy is ever new, 
How for us He left His glory, 

How he ftill is kind and true. 

4-8 Cnrct ©tvmanica. 

How the flock He gently leadeth 
Whom His Father gave Him here ; 

How His arms He widely fpreadeth 
To His heart to draw us near. 

Let me kneel, my Lord, before Thee, 
Let my heart in tears o'erflow, 

Melted by Thy love adore Thee, 
Blefl in Thee 'mid joy or woe ! 

Luise Hensel. 

£m*ct (Bcrmamcci. 49 




v HENE'ER again thou fmkeft, 
F j. My heart, beneath thy load, 
Vjjjl Or from the battle fhrinkeft, 

/£2>^fr And murmureft at thy God ; 

Then I will lead thee hither, 

To watch thy Saviour's prayer, 
And learn from His endurance 
How thou fhouldft alio bear. 

Oh come, wouldft thou be like Him, 

Thy Lord Divine, and mark 
What fharpefl forrows ftrike Him, 

What anguish deep and dark, — 
That carncft cry to fpare Him, 

The trial fcarce begun ! 
Yet ftill he faith : " My Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 


50 £nra ©cnnanica. 

Oh wherefore doth His fpirit 

Such bitter conflict know ? 
What fins, what crimes could merit 

Such deep and awful woe ? 
So pure are not the heavens, 

So clear no noonday fun, 
And yet He faith : " My Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 

Oh mark that night of forrow, 

That agony of prayer ; 
No friend can watch till morrow 

His grief to foothe and fhare ; 
Oh where ftiall He find comfort ? 

With God, with God alone ; 
And ftill He faith : " My Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 

Hath life for Him no gladnefs, 

No joy the light of day? 
Can He, then, feel no fadnefs, 

When heart and hope give way ? 
That cup of mortal anguifh 

One bitter cry hath won, 
That it might pafs : " Yet, Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 

And who the cup prepared Him, 
And who the poifon gave ? 

'Twas one He loved enfnared Him, 
'Twas they He came to fave. 

£ma (Bcrmanicct. 5 1 

Oh fharpcst pain, to fuffcr 

Betray'd and mock'd — alone ; 
Yet Hill he faith : " My Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 

But what is joy or living, 

What treachery or death, 
When all His work, His driving, 

Seem hanging on His breath ? 
Oh can it Hand without Him, 

That work but juft begun ? 
Yet Mill He faith : " My Father, 

Thy will, not mine, be done !" 

He fpeaks ; no more He fhrinketh, 

Himfelf He offers up, 
He fees it all, yet drinketh 

For us that bitter cup, 
He goes to meet the traitor, 

The crofs He will not fhun, — 
He faith : " I come, My Father, 

Thy will, not pine, be done !" 

My Saviour, I will never 

Forget Thy word of grace, 
But Mill repeat it ever, 

Through good and evil days ; 
And looking up to Heaven, 

Till all my race is run, 
I'll humbly lay : " My Father, 

Thv will, not mine, be done!" 

W. Hvy. 1828. 

5 2 £nra ©crmanica. 




H, world ! behold upon the tree 
Thy Life is hanging now for thee, 

Thy Saviour yields His dying breath ; 
The mighty Prince of glory now 
For thee doth unrefifting bow 

To cruel ftripes, to fcorn and death. 

Draw near, O world, and mark Him well ; 
Behold the drops of blood that tell 

How fore His conflict with the foe : 
And hark ! how from that noble heart, 
Sigh after figh doth flowly ftart 

From depths of yet unfathom'd woe. 

Alas ! my Saviour, who could dare 
Bid Thee fuch bitter anguifh bear, 

What evil heart entreat Thee thus ? 
For Thou art good, haft wronged none, 
As we and ours too oft have done, 

Thou hall not finn'd, dear Lord, like us. 

£m*a CBtermamca. 53 

I and my fins, that number more 
Than yonder fands upon the more, 

Have brought to pafs this agony. 
'Tis I have caufed the floods of woe 
That now Thy dying foul o'erflow, 

And thofe fad hearts that watch by Thee. 

Tis I to whom thefe pains belong, 
'Tis I mould fuffer for my wrong, 

Bound hand and foot in heavy chains ; 
Thy fcourge, Thy fetters, whatfoe'er 
Thou beared, 'tis my foul mould bear, 

For me hath well deferred fuch pains. 

Yet Thou doll even for my fake 
On Thee, in love, the burdens take 

That weigh'd my fpkit to the ground : 
Yes, Thou art made a curfe for me, 
That I might yet be blcfl through Thee ; 

My healing in Thy wounds is found. 

To fave me from the monger's power, 
The Death that all things would devour, 

Thyfelf into his jaws doll leap; 
My death Thou takefl thus away, 
And buriefl in Thy grave for aye, 

O love moll llrangely true and deep ! 

From henceforth there is nought of mine 
But I would feek to make it Thine, 
Since all myfclf to Thee I o. 

54 Cgrct (Bwmamcct. 

Whate'er my utmoft powers can do, 
To Thee to render fervice true, 
Here at Thy feet I lay it low. 

xA.h ! little have I, Lord, to give, 
So poor, fo bafe the life I live, 

But yet, till foul and body part, 
This one thing I will do for Thee — 
The woe, the death endured for me, 

I'll cherifh in my inmoft heart. 

Thy crofs fhall be before my fight, 
My hope, my joy, by day and night, 

Whate'er I do, where'er I rove ; 
And, gazing, I will gather thence 
The form of fpotlefs innocence, 

The feal of faultless truth and love. 

And from Thy forrows will I learn 
How fiercely doth God's anger burn, 

How terribly His thunders roll, 
How forely this our loving God 
Can fmite with His avenging rod, 

How deep His floods o'erwhelm the foul. 

And I will ftudy to adorn 

My heart with mecknefs under fcorn, 

With gentle patience in diftrefs, 
With faithful love, that yearning cleaves 
To thofe o'er whom to death it grieves, 

Whofc fins its very foul opprcfs. 

Cgra (£crmamca. 55 

When evil tongues with flinging blame 
Would cafl dilhonour on my name, 

I'll curb the paffions that upflart ; 
And take injuftice patiently, 
And pardon, as Thou pardon'ft me, 

With an ungrudging generous heart. 

And 1 will nail me to Thy crofs, 
And learn to count all things but drofs 

Wherein the flefh doth pleafure take ; 
Whate'er is hateful in Thine eyes, 
With all the flrcngth that in me lies, 

Will I call from me and forfake. 

Thy heavy groans, Thy bitter fighs, 
The tears that from Thy dying eyes 

Were fried when Thou waft fore opprefs'd, 
Shall be with me, when at the lafl 
Myfelf on Thee I wholly call, 

And enter with Thee into reft. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1659. 

5 6 £ma (Ewmamcct. 



H, Jefus, the merit 

Of all that Thou haft borne 
Maketh me inherit 

The crown that hath no thorn ! 

Ah then, teach me duly 

To worfhip at Thy crofs, 
Owning inly, truly, 

The Love that bore our lofs. 

There to fin, oh let me 

From henceforth daily die ; 

Nor in death forget me, 

Then grant me life on high. 


i'ttva (£>ennanica. 57 



IM on yonder crofs I love, 

Nought on earth I elfe count dear ! 
May He mine for ever prove, 
Who is now {o inly near ! 
Here I ftand : whate'er may come, 
Days of funmine or of gloom, 
From this word I will not move ; 
Him upon the crofs I love ! 

'Tis not hidden from my heart, 
What true love muft often bring ; 

Want and grief have foreft fmart, 
Care and fcorn can fharply fling; 

Nay, but if Thy will were fuch, 

Bittereft death were not too much ! 

Dark though here my courfe may prove : 

Him upon the crofs I love ! 

Rather forrows fuch as thefe, 

Rather love's acuteil pain, 
Than without Him days of eafe, 

Riches falfe and honours vain. 

5 8 fgra (Ewmantca. 

Count me ftrange, when I am true, 
What He hates I will not do ; 
Sneers no more my heart can move ; 
Him upon the crofs I love ! 

Know ye whence my ftrength is drawn, 
Fearlefs thus the fight to wage ? 

Why my heart can laugh to fcorn 
Fleihly weakness, Satan s rage ? 

'Tis, I know the love of Chrift, 

Mighty is that love unpriced ! 

What can grieve me, what can move ? 

Him upon the crofs 1 love ! 

Once the eyes that now are dim, 

Shall difcern the changelefs love 
That hath led us home to Him, 

That hath crown'd us far above : 
Would to God that all below 
What that love is now might know, 
And their hearts this word approve : 
Him upon the crofs I love ! 

Greding. Born 1676. 

Ctira ©crmanica. 59 


HOU, fore-opprefs'd, 
The Sabbath reft 
^ In yon ftill grave art keeping ! 
All Thy labour now is done, 
Past is all Thy weeping! 

The ftrife is o'er, 
Nought hurts Thee more, 

The heart at laft hath flumber'd, 
That in conflict fore for us 

Bore our fins unnumbcr'd. 

Thou awful tomb, 
Once fill'd with gloom ! 

How blefTed and how holy 
Art thou now, fince in the grave 

Slept the Saviour lowly ! 

Ho.v calm and bleft 
The dead now reft 
Who in the Lord departed ! 
All their works do follow them, 
Yea, they fleep glad-hearted. 

6o £nra (fttnnanka. 

O lead us Thou, 

To reft e'en now, 
With all who forely anguilh'd 
'Neath the burden of their fins, 
Long in woe have languifh'd 

O BlefTed Rock ! 
Soon grant Thy flock 
To fee Thy Sabbath morning ! 
Strife and pain will all be pafr. 
When that day is dawning. 

Viktor Strauss. 

fLvva Q&mnamta. 6l 



ORD Jefus, who our fouls to five, 
Didft reft and (lumber in the grave, 
Now grant us all in Thee to reft, 
And here to live as feems Thee beft. 

Give us the ftrength, the dauntlefs faith, 
That Thou hast purchased with Thy death, 
And lead us to that glorious place, 
Where we mail fee the Father's face. 

O Lamb of God! who once waft flain, 
We thank Thee for that bitter pain ! 
Let us partake Thy death that we 
May enter into life with Thee ! 

George Werner. 1638. 

62 £m*a ©ermcmica. 



HRIST the Lord is rifen again ! 
Chrift hath broken every chain ! 
Hark, the angels fhout for joy, 
Singing evermore on high, 


He who gave for us His life, 
Who for us endured the ftrife, 
Is our Pafchal Lamb to-day ! 
We too ling for joy, and fay : 


He who bore all pain and lofs 
Comfortlcfs upon the crofs, 
Lives in glory now on high, 
Pleads for us and hears our cry : 

ilma (Bfcrmamco. 6 3 

He whofe path no records tell, 
Who defcended into hell, 
Who the ftrong man arm'd hath bound, 
Now in the higher! heaven is crown'd : 

He who flumbcr'd in the grave, 
Is exalted now to fave ; 
Now through Chriftendom it rings 
That the Lamb is King of kings ! 

Now He bids us tell abroad, 
How the loft may be reftored, 
How the penitent forgiven, 
How we too may enter heaven. 


Thou our Pafchal Lamb indeed, 
Chrift, to-day Thy people feed ; 
Take our fins and guilt awav, 
Let us fing by night and day, 

Bohemian Brethren. 

6 4 iTnra (Brnnamca. 



RE yet the dawn hath fill'd the fides 
Behold my Saviour Chrift arife, 
chafeth from us fin and night, 
d brings us joy and life and light. 

ftronger Thou than Death and Hell, 
Where is the foe Thou canft not quell 
What heavy Hone Thou canft not roll 
From off the prifon'd anguifh'd foul ? 


If Jefus lives, can I be sad ? 

1 know He loves me, and am glad ; 
Though all the world were dead to me, 
Enough, O Chrift, if I have Thee ! 


He feeds me, comforts and defends, 
And when I die His angel fends 
To bear me whither He is gone, 
For o[ His own He lofeth none. 


i'nra (Scrmanica. 65 

No more to fear or grief I bow, 
God and the angels love me now ; 
The joys prepared for me to-day 
Drive fear and mourning far away ; 


Strong Champion ! For this comfort fee 
The whole world brings her thanks to Thee ; 
And once we too (hall raife above 
More fweet and loud the fong we love ; 

J. Heermaxx. 1630. 

66 £ma (Bxrmanica. 



SAY to all men, far and near, 
That He is rifen again ; 

That He is with us now and here, 
And ever fhall remain. 

And what I fay, let each this morn 

Go tell it to his friend, 
That foon in every place fhall dawn 

His kingdom without end. 

Now firft to fouls who thus awake 

Seems earth a fatherland, 
A new and endlefs life they take 

With rapture from His hand. 

The fears of death and of the grave 
Are whelm'd beneath the fea, 

And every heart now light and brave 
May face the things to be. 

ilma (ftermanica. 6 7 

The way of darknefs that He trod 

To Heaven at la ft fhall come, 
And he who hearkens to His word 

Shall reach His Father's home. 

Now let the mourner grieve no more, 

Though his beloved fleep, 
A happier meeting fhall reltore 

Their light to eyes that weep. 

Now every heart each noble deed 

With new refolve may dare, 
A glorious harveft fhall the feed 

In happier regions bear. 

He lives, His prefence hath not ceafed, 

Though foes and fears be rife ; 
And thus we hail in Eafter's feaft 

A world renewed to life ! 

Novalis. 1772- 1 801. 

6 8 Cnrci (Bcnnanicct. 




^fSj, RISEN Lord ! O conquering King ! 

O Life of all that live ! 
To-day that peace of Eafler bring 

Which only Thou canft give ! 

Once death, our foe, 

Had laid Thee low, 
Now haft Thou rent his bonds in twain, 
Now art Thou rifen who once waft flain ! 

The power of Thy great majefty 

Burfts rocks and tombs away, 
Thy viclory raifes us with Thee 
Into the glorious day ; 
Now Satan's might 
And Death's dark night 
Have loft their power this blefled morn, 
And we to higher life are born. 

Oh that our hearts might inly know 

Thy victory over death, 
And gazing on Thy conflict glow 

With eager dauntlcfs faith ; 

ilma (Pcrmantca. 69 

Thy quenchlcfs light, 

Thy glorious might 
Still comfortlefs and lonely leave 
The foul that cannot yet believe. 

Then break through our hard hearts Thy way, 

O Jefus, conquering King ! 
Kindle the lamp of faith to-day, 
Teach our faint hearts to ling 
For joy at length, 
That in Thy ftrength 
We too may rife whom fin had (lain, 
And Thine eternal reft attain. 

And when our tears for fin o'erflow, 

Do Thou in love draw near, 
The precious gift of peace beftow, 
Shine on us bright and clear ; 
That fo may we, 
O Chrift, from Thee 
Drink in the life that cannot die, 
And keep true Eafter feafts on high. 

Yes, let us truly know within 

Thy rifing from the dead ; 
And quit the grave of death and fin, 
And keep that gift, our Head, 
That Thou didir. leave 
For all who cleave 
To Thee through all this earthly ftrife, 
So fhall we enter into life. 

J. H. BOHMER. I706. 

7° £gva (Ewmamca. 



AD with longing, lick with fears, 
Two toward Emmaus flowly go, 

And their eyes are dim with tears, 
And their hearts opprefs'd with wo, 

Of their ruin'd hopes they talk ; 

Yet while thus they fadly walk, 

Jefus is not far away, 

And their fears mail foon allay. 

Ah ! and Hill how many a heart 

Onward toils in filent grief, 
Mourning o'er its woes apart, 

Hopelefs now of all relief; 
Oft it fecks to walk alone, 
But to weep its fill unknown ; 
Yet my Jefus cometh now, 
Afking, wherefore weepeft thou? 

Many a time I've felt indeed 
That He leaves mc ne'er alone, 

In the hour of utmoft need 

Then Himfblf He makcth known; 

£nrct 0>ermamca. 7 1 

When in forrow I confume 
As though He no more could come, 
Lo ! I find Him more than near, 
Quickly with His help He's here. 

Trueft Friend, who canft not fail me, 

Evermore abide with me ; 
When the world would moll afTail me, 

Then Thy prefence let me fee ; 
When its heavieft thunders roll, 
Shelter Thou my trembling foul, 
Come and in my fpirit reft, 
I will do what feems Thee belt. 

When I dread fome coming ill, 
Lord, then bid me think of this, 

That my Saviour loves me frill, 
And that I am furely His : 

More of Thy word let me learn, 

Till my heart within me burn, 

Fill'd with love, and in Thy Light 

Learn to know her Lord aright. 

Comfort thofe who, fill'd with gloom, 

Lonely on their journey go, 
Or within their filent room 

Cry to Thee from depths of wo ; 
When they leave the world apart, 
There to weep out all their heart, 
Let them hear Thy whifper mild ; 
Wherefore doft thou mourn, mv child? 

7* Cgra ©armamca. 

When life's day hath fleeted by, 

When the night of death is near, 
When in vain the darken'd eye 

Seeks fome Hay, fome helper here : 
Then Thy followers' prayer fulfil, 
Then abide Thou with us ftill, 
Till Thou give us peace and reft 
Stay, O ftay, Thou noble gueft ! 

L. E. S. Muller. 

£m*a (Bcrmanica. 73 



O-DAY our Lord went up on high, 
And Co our fongs we raife ; 
To Him with ftrong defire we cry 
To keep us in His grace, 
For we poor finners here beneath 
Are dwelling frill 'mid woe and death, 
All hope in Him we place. 


Thank God that now the way is made ! 

The cherub-guarded door, 
Through Him on whom our help was laid 

Stands open evermore ; 
Who knoweth this is glad at heart, 
And fwift prepares him to depart 
Where Chriit. is gone before. 


74 Cgra (Ewmamra. 

Our heavenward courfe begins when we 
Have found our Father, God, 

And join us to His Tons, and flee 
The paths that once we trod ; 

For he looks down, and they look up, 

They feel His love, they live in hope, 
Until they meet their Lord. 


Then all the depths of joy that lie 

In this day we fhall know, 
When we are made like Him on high, 

Whom we confefs below, 
When bath'd in life's eternal flood 
We dwell with Him, the higheft Good : 
God grant us this to know ! 

J. Zwick. 1538. 

£nra ©crmamca. 7s 



INCE Chrift is gone to heaven, His home 
I too muft one day fhare ; 
And in this hope I overcome 
All anguifh, all defpair; 
For where the Head is, well we know 
The members he hath left below 
In time He gathers there. 

Since Chrift hath reach'd His glorious throne 

And mighty gifts are His, 
My heart can reft in heaven alone, 

On earth my Lord I mifs, 
I long to be with Him on high, 
And heart and thoughts would hourly fly 

Where now my trcafure is. 

From Thy afcenfion let fuch grace, 

My Lord, be found in me, 
That fteadfaft faith may guide my ways 

Unfaultering up to Thee, 
And at Thy voice I may depart 
With joy to dwell where Thou, Lord, art ; 

Oh grant this prayer to me ! 

Josua Wegelin. 1636. 

7 6 £nra (Ewmantca. 



ONQUERING Prince and Lord of glory ! 
Majcfty enthroned in light ! 
All the heavens arc bow'd before Thee, 
Far beyond them fpreads Thy might ; 
Shall I fall not at Thy feet, 
And my heart with rapture beat, 
Now Thy glory is difplay'd, 
Thine ere yet the worlds were made ? 

Far and wide, Thou heavenly Sun, 

Now Thy brightnefs ftreams abroad, 
And Heaven's hoft anew hath won 

Light and gladnefs from its Lord ; 
Hark, how yon unnumber'd throng 
Welcome Thee with joyous fong : 
Sec, Thy children weak and few 
Here would cry Hofanna too. 

Of Thy cup fhall I not drink, 
Now Thy glories o'er me fhine ? 

Shall my courage ever fink, 

Now I know all power is Thine? 

ilma (Scrmamca. 77 

I will trull Thee, O my King, 
And will fear no earthly thing, 
Henceforth will I bow the knee 
To no ruler, fave to Thee. 

Power and Spirit now o'erflow, 

On me alfo be they pour'd, 
Till Thy laft and mightieft. foe 

Hath been made Thy footftool, Lord ; 
Yea, let earth's remoter!, end 
To Thy righteous fceptre bend, 
Make Thy way before Thee plain, 
O'er all hearts and fpirits reign. 

Lo ! Thy prefence filleth now 
All Thy Church in every place, 

To my heart, oh enter Thou, 
See, it thirtieth for Thy grace ; 

Come, Thou King of glory, come, 

Deign to make my heart Thy home, 

There abide and rule alone, 

As upon Thy heavenly throne ! 

Parting, doit Thou bring Thy life, 
God and heaven, molt, inly near : 
Let me rife o'er earthly ftrife, 

As though itill I faw Thee here, 
And my heart tranfplanted hence, 
Strange to earth and time and fenfe, 
Dwell with Thee in heaven e'en now, 
Where our only joy art Thou ! 

Tersteegen-. i 7 3 I- 

78 Cnra (fiwmanica. 



\R\Y Jefus, if the feraphim, 

The burning hoft that near Thee Hand, 
Before Thy Majefty are dim, 
And veil their face at Thy command; 
How mall thefe mortal eyes of mine, 
Now dark with evil's hateful night, 
Endure to gaze upon the light 
That aye furrounds that throne of Thine ? 

Yet grant the eye of faith, O Lord, 
To pierce within the Holy Place, 

For I am faved and Thou adored, 
If I am quicken'd by Thy grace. 

Behold, O King, before Thy throne 
My foul in lowly love doth bend, 
Oh fhow Thyfelf her gracious Friend^ 

And fay, "I choofe thee for mine own." 

Have mercy, Lord of love, for long 

My fpirit for Thy mercy fighs, 
My inmoft foul hath found a tongue, 

" Be merciful, O God," fhe cries ! 

Cgra (Bcrmcmica. 79 

I know Thou wilt not bid me go, 
Thou canft not be ungracious, Lord, 
To one for whom Thy blood was pour'd, 

Whofe guilt was cancell'd by Thy woe. 

Here in Thy gracious hands I fall, 

To Thee I cling with faith's embrace, 

O righteous Sovereign, hear my call, 
And turn, O turn, to me in grace ! 

For through Thy forrows I am juft, 
And guilt no more in me is found, 
Thus reconciled, my foul is bound 

To Thee in endlefs love and truft. 

And let Thy wifdom be my guide, 
Nor take Thy light from me away, 

Thy grace be ever at my fide, 

That from the path I may not ftray 

That Thou doft love, but evermore 
In fteadfaft faith my courfe fulfil, 
And keep Thy word, and do Thy will, 

Thy love within, Thy heaven before ! 

Reach down and arm me with Thy hand, 
And ftrengthen me with inner might, 

That I through faith may ftrive and ftand 
Though craft and force againft me fight : 

So fhall the kingdom of Thy love 

Be through me and within me fpread, 
That honours Thee, our glorious Head, 

And crowncth us in realms above. 

8o £m*ct (fftrmomco. 

Yes, yes, to Thee my foul would cleave, 
O choofe it, Saviour, for Thy throne ! 

Couldft Thou in love to me once leave 
The glory that was all Thine own, 

So honour Thou my life and heart 

That Thou mayfl find a heaven in me, 
And when this houfe decay'd fhall be, 

Then grant the heaven where now Thou art. 

To Thee I rife in faith on high, 

Oh bend Thou down in love to me ! 

Let nothing rob me of this joy, 

That all my foul is filPd with Thee ; 

As long as I have life and breath, 
Thee will I honour, fear, and love, 
And when this heart hath ceafed to move, 

Yet Love fhall live and conquer death. 

W. C. Dessler. 1692. 

i'nra ©crmantca. 




OLY Spirit, once again 

Come Thou true Eternal God ! 
Nor Thy power defcend in vain, 
Make us ever Thine abode ; 
So mall Spirit, joy, and light 
Dwell in us where all was night. 

Pour into our heart and mind 

Wifdom, counfel, truth, and love ; 

That we be to nought inclined, 

Save what Thou mayft well approve ; 

Let Thy knowledge fpread and grow, 

Working error's overthrow. 

Guide us, Lord, from day to day, 
Keep us in the paths of grace, 

Clear all hindrances away 

That might foil us in the race ; 

When we Humble hear our call, 

Work repentance for our fall. 

82 Ctiva (Ewmanira. 

Witnefs in our hearts that God 

Counts us children through His Son, 

That our Father's gentle rod 
Smites us for our good alone, 

So when tried, perplex'd, diftreft 

In His love we Hill may reft. 

Quicken us to feek His face 
Freely, with a trufting heart, 

In our prayers O breathe Thy grace, 
Go with us when we depart, 

So fhall our requeft be heard, 

And our faith to joy be ftirr'd. 

And whene'er a yearning ftrong 

PrefTes out the bitter cry, 
Ah my God, how long, how long ? 

Then O let me find Thee nigh, 
And Thy words of healing balm 
Bring me courage, patience, calm. 

Spirit Thou of ftrength and power 
Thou new Spirit God hath given, 

Aid us in temptation's hour, 

Train and perfect us for heaven, 

Arm us in the battle-field 

Leave us never there to yield. 

Lord, prefcrve us in the faith, 
Suffer nought to drive us thence, 

Neither Satan, fcorn, nor death; 
Be our God and our defence, 

ilma (Bcrmcmica. 8 3 

Though the flelh refill Thy will, 
Let Thy word be flronger flill. 

And when we at laft mull die, 

Oh allure the finking heart 
Of the glorious realm on high 

Where Thou healcfl every smart, 
Of the joys unfpeakable 
Where our God would have us dwell. 


84 Cnra C&rrmantca. 



WEETEST Joy the foul can know, 
Faireft Light was ever fhed, 
Who alike in joy or woe, 
Leaved none unvifited ; 
Spirit of the Higheft God, 
Lord, from whom is life bestow'd, 
Who upholder!: everything, 
Hear me, hear me, while I ling ! 

For the nobleft gift Thou art 

That a foul e'er fought or won, 
Have I wifh'd Thee to my heart, 
Then my wifning all is done ; 
Ah then yield Thee, nor refufe 
Here to dwell, for Thou didft choofe 
This my heart, from e'en its birth, 
For Thy temple here on earth. 

Thou art filed like gentltft fhowers 
From the Father and the Son, 

Bringeft to this earth of ours 

Purcft blefTmg from their throne ; 

£nvci (Pcrmamca. g 5 

Suffer then, O noble Guefl, 
That rich gift by Thee pofTefl, 
That Thou givefl at Thy will 
All my foul and flefh to fill. 

Thou art wife, before Thee fland 
Hidden things unveiPd to Thee, 

Counter! up the grains of fand, 
Fathomeft the deeper! fea, 

And Thou knowefl well how blind, 

Dark and crooked is my mind ; 

Give me wifdom, in Thy light 

Let me pleafe my God aright. 

Thou art holy, entered: in 

Where pure hearts Thy coming w r ait, 
But Thou fleefl fhame and fin, 

Craft and falfehood Thou dofl hate; 
Wafh me then, O Well of grace, 
Every {lain and fpot efface, 
Let me flee what Thou dofl flee, 
Grant me what Thou lov'fl to fee. 

Thou art loving, hatefl flrife, 

As a lamb of patient mood, 
Calm through all our refllefs life, 

Even to finncrs kind and good ; 
Grant me, too, this noble mind, 
To be calm and true and kind, 
Loving every friend or foe, 
Grieving none wr!t>m Thou dofl know. 

86 Cyra (SScrmanica. 

Well contented is my heart, 

If but Thou rejedl me not ; 
If but Thou wilt ne'er depart, 
I am bleft whate'er my lot ; 
Thine for ever make me now, 
And to Thee, my Lord, I vow 
Here and yonder to employ 
Every power for Thee with joy. 

Be my help when danger's nigh, 

When I fink hold Thou me up, 
Be my life when I mud die, 

In the grave be Thou my hope ; 
Bring me when I rife again 
To the land that knows no pain, 
Where Thy followers from Thy ftream 
Drink for ever joys fupreme. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1653. 

£ma ©mncmtca. 8 7 



,HE Church of Chrift that He nath hal- 
low 'd here 
To be His houfe, is fcatter'd far and 

In North and South and Eaft and Weil: abroad, 
And yet in earth and heaven, through Chrift her Lord, 
The Church is one. 

One member knoweth not another here, 
And yet their fellowfhip is true and near, 
One is their Saviour, and their Father one, 
One Spirit rules them, and among them none 
Lives to himfelf. 

They live to Him who bought them w r ith His blood, 
Baptized them with His Spirit pure and good, 
And in true faith and ever-burning love 
Their hearts and hope afcend to feek above 
The eternal Good. 

O Spirit of the Lord, all life is Thine, 
Now fill Thy Church with life and power divine, 
That many children may be born to Thee, 
And fpread Thy knowledge like the boundlcfs fea, 
To Christ's great praise. 
A. G. Spangenberg. 1747. 

£ma (&mnan\ta. 


ARK, the Church proclaims her honour 
And her ftrength is only this : 
God hath laid His choice upon her, 
And the work fhe doth is His. 

He His Church hath firmly founded, 
He will guard what He began ; 

We, by fin and foes furrounded, 
Build her bulwarks as we can. 

Frail and fleeting are our powers, 
Short our days, our forefight dim, 

And we own the choice not ours, 
We were chofen firft by Him. 

Onward then ! for nought defpairing, 

Calm we follow at His word, 
Thus through joy and forrow bearing 

Faithful witnefs to our Lord. 

Though we here mull ftrive with weakncfs, 
Though in tears we often bend, 

What His might began in meeknefs 
Shall achieve a glorious end. 


ilma ©ermantca. 8 9 



PREAD, oh fpread, thou mighty Word, 
Spread the kingdom of the Lord, 
Wherefoe'er His breath has given 
Life to beings meant for heaven. 

Tell them how the Father's will 
Made the world, and keeps it Hill, 
How He fent His Son to fave 
All who help and comfort crave. 

Tell of our Redeemer's love, 
Who for ever doth remove 
By His holy facrifice, 
All the guilt that on us lies. 

Tell them of the Spirit given 
Now, to guide us up to heaven, 
Strong and holy, juft and true, 
Working both to will and do. 

Word of Life ! moll pure and ftrong, 
Lo ! for Thee the nations long ; 

9° £nva ©crmanica. 

Spread, till from its dreary night 
All the world awakes to light. 

Up, the ripening fields ye fee, 
Mighty mail the harveft be, 
But the reapers ftill are few, 
Great the work they have to do. 

Lord of harveft, let there be 

Joy and flrength to work for Thee, 

Let the nations far and near 

See Thy Light, and learn Thy fear. 


£nva (Bevmanica. 



HEE Fount of blefTmg we adore ! 
Lo ! we unlock our lips before 
Thy Godhead's deep of holinefs, 
Oh deign to hear us now and blefs. 

The Lord, the Maker, with us dwell, 
In foul and body fhield us well, 
And guard us with His fleepless might 
From every ill by day and night. 

The Lord, the Saviour, Light Divine, 
Now caufe His face on us to mine, 
That feeing Him, with perfect faith 
We truft His love for life and death. 

The Lord, the Comforter, be near, 
Imprint His image deeply here, 
From bonds of fin and dread releafe, 
And give us His unchanging peace. 

9 2 Ctira (Srrmanica. 

O Triune God ! Thou vail abyfs ! 
Thou ever-flowing Fount of blifs, 
Flow through us, heart and foul and will 
With endlefs praife and blefling fill ! 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 

£m*ci (Pcrmcmtca. 93 



Father-eye, that hath To truly watch'd, 

O Father-hand, that hath fo gently led, 
O Father-heart, that by my prayer is 

That loved me firft when I was cold and dead : 
Still do Thou lead me on with faithful care 

The narrow path to heaven where I would go, 
And train me for the life that waits me there, 
Alike through love and lofs, through weal and wo. 

O my Redeemer, who for me waft (lain, 

Who bringeft me forgivenefs and releafe, 
Whofe death has ranfom'd me to God again, 

That now my heart can reft in perfect peace ; 
Still more and more do Thou my foul redeem, 

From every bondage fet me wholly free, 
Though Evil oft the mightieft power may feem, 

Still make me more than conqueror, Lord, in 

94 Cgra <B>*nnamca. 

O Holy Spirit, who with gcntlcfl breath 

Dofl teach to pray, doll comfort or reprove, 
Who giveft us all joy and hope and faith, 

Through whom we live at peace with God in 
love ; 
Still do Thou fhed Thine influences abroad, 

Let me the Father's image ever wear, 
Make me a holy temple of my God, 

Where dwells for ever calm adoring prayer! 


£nrct (Pcrmanica. 95 



N RUE mirror of the Godhead ! Perfecl 
Light ! 
Thou Three in One, whofe never {lum- 
bering might 
Enfolds the world within its fheltering wings, 
And holds in being all created things ! 

We praife Thee with the earliefr. morning ray, 
We praife Thee with the parting beam of day ; 
All things that live and move, by fea and land, 
For ever ready at Thy fervice ftand. 

Exhauftlefs Treafure ! Being limitlefs ! 
What gaze hath ever pierced Thy deep abyfs ? 
Deep Fount of Life ! Light inacceiTible ! 
How great Thy power, O God, what tongue can 

Thy Chriftendom is finging night and day, 

Glory to Him, the mighty God, for aye, 

By Whom, through Whom, in Whom all beings 

Grant us to echo on this fong; afar ! 

9 6 Cgva (Ewmamca. 


Thy name is great, Thy kingdom in us dwell, 
Thy will conftrain and feed and guide us well ; 
Spare us, redeem us in the evil hour, 
For Thine the glory, Thine the rule, the power. 

J. Franck. 1653. 

£ma ©cvmanica. 97 





IGHT of light enlighten me 

Now anew the day is dawning ; 
Sun of grace, the fhadows flee, 

Brighten Thou my Sabbath morning, 

With Thy joyous funfhine bleft 

Happy is my day of reft ! 

Fount of all our joy and peace, 
To Thy living waters lead me, 

Thou from earth my foul releafe 

And with grace and mercy feed me ; 

Blefs Thy word that it may prove 

Rich in fruits that Thou doll love. 

Cnrci ©crmamca. 

Kindle Thou the facrifice 

That upon my lips is lying ; 
Clear the fhadows from mine eyes 

That, from every error flying, 
No ftrange fire within me glow 
That Thine altar doth not know. 

Let me with my heart to-day, 

Holy, Holy, Holy, fmging, 
Rapt awhile from earth away 

All my foul to Thee upfpringing, 
Have a foretafte inly given 
How they worfhip Thee in Heaven. 

Reft in me and I in Thee, 

Build a Paradife within me ; 
Oh reveal Thyfelf to me ; 

Bleffed Love, who diedft to win me ; 
Fed from Thine exhauftlefs urn 
Pure and bright my lamp fhall burn. 

Hence all care, all vanity, 
For the day to God is holy ; 

Come Thou glorious Majefty 
Deign to fill this temple lowly, 

Nought to-day my foul fhall move 

Simply refting in Thy love. 

B. Schmolck. 1 73 1. 

Cflra (Bcnnantca. 99 



LESSED Jefus, at Thy word 

We are gather'd all to hear Thee ; 
Let our hearts and fouls be ftirr'd 
Now to feek and love and fear Thee ; 
By Thy teachings fweet and holy 
Drawn from earth to love Thee folely. 

All our knowledge, fenfe, and fight 
Lie in deepeft darknefs fhrouded, 

Till Thy Spirit breaks our night 

With the beams of truth unclouded ; 

Thou alone to God canft win us, 

Thou mull work all good within us. 

Glorious Lord, Thyfelf impart ! 

Light of light from God proceeding, 
Open Thou our ears and heart, 

Help us by Thy Spirit's pleading, 
Hear the cry Thy people raifcs, 
Hear, and blefs our prayers and praifes ! 
T. Clausnutzer. i 67 1. 


€ma (&cvmamta. 



tNCE more the day-light mines abroad, 
O Brethren let us praife the Lord, 
Whofe grace and mercy thus have kept 
The nightly watch while we have flept. 

To Him let us together pray 
With one heart and one foul to-day, 
That He would keep us in His love, 
And all our guilt and fin remove. 

Eternal God ! Almighty Friend, 
Whofe deep companions have no end, 
Whofe never-failing ftrength and might 
Have kept us fafely through the night : 

Now fend us from Thy heavenly throne 
Thy grace and help through Chrift Thy Son, 
That with Thy ftrength our hearts may glow, 
And fear nor man nor ghoftly foe. 

Ah Lord God ! hear us we implore ! 
Be Thou our Guardian evermore, 

£nrct ©crmanica. IQI 

Our mighty Champion and our fhield 

Who goeth with us to the field. 

We offer up ourfelves to Thee, 
That heart and word and deed may be 
In all things guided by Thy mind, 
And in Thine eyes acceptance find. 

Thus, Lord, we bring through Chrift Thy Son 
Our morning offering to Thy throne ; 
Now be Thy precious gift outpoured, 
And help us for Thine honour, Lord ! 

Bohemian Brethren. 

io2 £m*a ©crmamca. 



Written during the Thirty Years' War. 

HEN anguifh'd and perplex'd with many 
•jn a figh and tear 

I lift mine eyes up to Thy hills, and 
/£2>^ pour out all my woe, 

Thou bendeft down Thine ear, 
And never from Thy face, my Lord, uncomforted 
I go. 

My help and my defence come, faithful God, 
from Thee, 
By Whom the heavens were fix'd, and earth's foun- 
dations laid ; 
Man cannot fuccour me, 
Before Thy throne alone we find our refuge and our 

Cnra (Bmnanica. 103 

Thou watcheft that my foot mould neither flip 
nor ftray, 
Thou guideft me Thyfelf through all my dark and 
troubled courfe, 
Thou pointed me the way 
Amid the fnares of fin and death, and this world's 
craft and force. 

Guardian of Ifrael ! Thou doll (lumber not, 
nor fleep, 
Thine eye is open day and night, Hill watching over 
Who true allegiance keep 
To Jems' banner of the Crofs, and bravely meet 
His foes. 

And when Thou bidd'ft me leave this world 
of ftrife and pain, 
Grant me in Thee a fteadfaft hope, and gentle quick 
Knowing we rife again 
To dwell where death and war are not, in endlefs 
joy and peace. 



Cgra (Ewmanica. 


THOU Mofl: Highefl! Guardian of man- 
kind ! 
Supreme exhauftlefs good Thou art ! 
To Thee I offer foul and heart : 
Praife Him all creatures with your flrength and mind, 
For He is kind ! 

Yes, Lord, 'tis of Thy power alone to-day 
That flill I draw my living breath, 
Thy grace preferves me Hill from death, 

O Father-heart, reject me not, but flay 
With me to-day. 

O Ifrael's God, I bring Thee now my will, 
That would be Thine whate'er it cost, 
Love Thy good gifts, yet love Thee mofl ; 

This is my prayer while yet the morn is flill, 
Take Thou my will. 

£gra ©crmanica. 105 

O Fount of grace, in love be Thou my guide, 
Thine eye look down on me in power, 
Whate'er I do or am each hour 

Prepare me for the eternal life, abide 
Still at my fide. 

The foul and body Thou doll hold in life, 
Be ever ready in Thy fear 
To fight for truth and juftice here, 

And trufting Thee to meet the final ftrife, 
For Thou art Life. 

Bless all my works and ways, my light increafe, 

Order my doings for the bell:, 

In all my toil be Thou my reft, 
Until at laft I lay me down in peace 
That cannot ceafe. 

Joachim Neander. 1679. 



Io6 Cyra (Eformamca. 


S a bird in meadows fair 
Or in lonely foreft rings 
Till it fills the fummer air 

And the greenwood fweetly rings, 
So my heart to Thee would raife, 
O my God, its fong of praife 
That the gloom of night is o'er 
And I fee the fun once more. 

If Thou, Sun of Love, arife, 

All my heart with joy is ftirr'd, 
And to greet Thee upward flies 

Gladfome as yon little bird. 
Shine Thou in me clear and bright 
Till I learn to praife Thee right ; 
Guide me in the narrow way, 
Let me ne'er in darknefs ftray. 

Blefs to-day whate'er I do, 

Blefs whate'er I have and love ; 

From the paths of virtue true 
Let me never never rove ; 

ilma (Bcrmctmca. 107 

By Thy Spirit ftrengthen me 
In the faith that leads to Thee, 
Then an heir of life on high 
Fearlefs I may live and die. 

Anon. About 1580. 

Io8 Cgrct ©crmcmira. 



\ HE golden morn flames up the Eaftern fky, 
And what dark night had hid from every 

All-piercing day-light fummons clear to 
view : 
And all the forefts, vale or plain 01 hid, 
That flept in mill enfhrouded, dark and ilill, 
In gladfome light are glittering now anew. 

Shine in my heart, and bring me joy and light, 
Sun of my darken'd foul, difpel its night, 

And fried in it the truthful day abroad ; 
And all the many gloomy folds lay bare 
Within this heart, that fain would learn to wear 

The pure and glorious likenefs of its Lord. 

Glad with Thy light, and glowing with Thy love, 
So let me ever fpeak and think and move 

As fits a foul new-touch'd with life from Heaven. 
That fecks but fo to order all her courfe 
As moll to mow the glory of that Source 

By whom alone her ftrcngth, her life are given. 

Cgra ®trmanira. 109 

I afk not, take away this weight of care ; 
No, for that love I pray that all can bear, 

And for the faith that whatfoe'er befall 
Muft needs be good, and for my profit prove, 
Since from my Father's heart moil rich in love, 

And from His bounteous hands it cometh all. 

I afk not that my courfe be calm and Hill ; 
No, here too, Lord, be done Thy holy will ; 

I afk but for a quiet childlike hear: ; 
Though thronging cares and reftlefs toil be mine, 
Yet may my heart remain for ever Thine, 

Draw it from earth, and fix it where Thou art. 

I afk Thee not to fmifh foon the itrife, 
The toil, the trouble of this earthly life ; 

N , - ; ami . its grief and pain ; 

I pray not, grant me now Thy realm on high; 
No, ere I die let me to evil die, 

And through Thy crofs my fins be wholly flain. 

True Morning Sun of all my life, I pray 
That not in vain Thou mine on me to-.i 

Be Thou my light when all around is gloom ; 
Thy brightnefs, hope, and courage on me fried, 
That I may joy to fee when life is fled 

The fetting fun that brings the pilgrim home. 


110 ilma (Strmonko. 



HE night is come, wherein at la ft we reft, 
God order this and all things for the beft ! 
::h His bleiSng fearlefs we may lie 
Since He is nidi. 

Drive evil thoughts and (pints far away, 
O Matter, watch o'er us till dawning day, 
Body and foul alike from harm defend, 
Thine angel fend. 

Let holy prayers and thoughts our lateft be, 
Let us awake with jov, ftill clofe to Thee, 
In all ferve Thee, in every deed and thought 
Thv praife be fought. 

- to the fick as Thv beloved deep, 
And help the captive, comfort thofe who weep, 
Care for the widows' and the orphans' woe, 
Keep far our foe. 

t/Qta tfarnumito. «i 

3 have no call, 

Save Thee, O Go: in hea car'ft for all, 

rorfake them never day c 

Who love Thee right. 

Father, Thy Name be praifed, Thy Kingdom come, 

Thy will be wrought as in our heavenly home, 
Keep us in life, forgive our fins, deliver 

Us : : ■ .-: ! A:. 

Bohemian Brethren. 


Cgra (Brrmanica. 



INK not yet, my foul, to flumber, 
Wake, my heart, go forth and tell 
All the mercies without number 
That this by-gone day befell ; 
Tell how God hath kept afar 
All things that againft me war, 
Hath upheld me and defended, 
And His grace my foul befriended. 

Father, merciful and holy, 

Thee to-night I praife and blefs, 

Who to labour true and lowly 
Granteft ever meet fuccefs ; 

Many a fin and many a woe, 

Many a fierce and fubtle {oc 

Hafl Thou check'd that once alarm'd me, 

So that nought to-day has harm'd me. 

Yes, our wifdom vainly ponders, 
Fathoms not Thy loving thought ; 

Never tongue can tell the wonders 
That each day for us are wrought; 

£nrct ©armanica. !I 3 

So Thou'ft guided me to-day 
That no ill hath crofs'd my way, 
There is neither bound nor meafure 
[n Thy love's o'erflowing treafure. 

Now the light, that all things gladdens, 

And the pomp of day is gone, 
And my heart is tired and faddens 
As the gloomy night comes on ; 
Ah then, with Thy changelefs light 
Warm and cheer my heart to-night, 
As the fhadows round me gather 
Keep me clofe to Thee, my Father. 

Of Thy grace I pray Thee pardon 
All my fins, and heal their fmart ; 

Sore and heavy is their burden, 
Sharp their fling within my heart ; 

And my foe lays many a fnare 

But to tempt me to defpair, 

Only Thou, dear Lord, canft fave me, 

Let him not prevail to have me. 

Have I e'er from Thee departed, 

Now I feck Thy face again, 
And Thy Son, the loving-hearted, 

Made our peace through bitter pain. 
Yes, far greater than our fin, 
Though it ftill be ftrong within, 
Is the Love that fails us never, 
Mercy that endures for ever. 

JI 4 Ctiva (Bfcrmamat. 

Brightnefs of the eternal city ! 

Light of every faithful foul ! 
Safe beneath Thy flickering pity 

Let the tempefls pail me roll ; 
Now it darkens far and near, 
Still, my God, ilill be Thou here; 
Thou canil comfort, and Thou only, 
When the night is long and lonely. 

E'en the twilight now hath vanihYd, 

Send Thy bleffmg on my fleep, 
Every fin and terror banifh'd, 

Let my rest be calm and deep. 
Soul and body, mind and health, 
Wife and children, houfe and wealth, 
Friend and foe, the fick, the ftranger, 
Keep Thou fafe from harm and danger. 

Keep me fafe till morn is breaking, 

Nightly terrors drive Thou hence, 
Let not ficknefs keep me waking; 

Sudden death and peflilence, 
Fire and water, noife of war, 
Keep Thou from my houfe afar ; 
Let me die not unrepented, 
That my foul be not tormented. 

O Thou mighty God, now hearken 
To the prayer Thy child hath made ; 

Jefus, while the night-hours darken 
Be Thou ftill my hope, my aid ; 

£ma (Bcrmamcct. JI 5 

Holy Ghoft, on Thee I call, 
Friend and Comforter of all, 
Hear my earner!: prayer, oh hear me ! 
Lord, Thou hearer!, Thou art near me. 
J. Rist. 1642. 

116 £m*ct (Ewmamca. 



ORD, a whole long day of pain 

Now at laft is o'er ! 
Ah how much we can fuftain 

I have felt once more ; 
Felt how frail are all our powers, 

And how weak our truft ; 
If Thou help not, thefe dark hours 

Crufh us to the dull. 

Could I face the coming night 

If Thou wert not near? 
Nay, without Thy love and might 

I mull: fink with fear : 
Round me falls the evening gloom, 

Sights and founds all ceafe, 
But within this narrow room 

Night will bring no peace. 

Other weary eyes may clofe, 
All things feek their fleep, 

Hither comes no foft repofe, 
I muft wake and weep. 

£nra ©crmcmtca. ll 7 

Come then, Jefus, o'er me bend, 

Give me ftrcngth to cope 
With my pains, and gently fend 

Thoughts of peace and hope. 

Draw my weary heart away 

From this gloom and ft rife, 
And thefe fever pains allay 

With the dew of life ; 
Thou canft calm the troubled mind, 

Thou its dread canft ftill, 
Teach me to be all refign'd 

To my Father's will. 

Then if I must wake and weep 

All the long night through, 
Thou the watch with me wilt keep, 

Friend and Guardian true ; 
In the darknefs Thou wilt fpeak 

Lovingly with me, 
Though my heart may vainly feek 

Words to breathe to Thee. 

Wherefoe'er my couch is made 

In Thy hands I lie, 
And to Thee alone for aid 

Turns my reftlefs eye, 
Let my prayer grow weary never, 

Strengthen Thou the oppress'd ; 
In Thy fhadow, Lord, for ever 

Let me gently reft. 

Heinrich Puchta. 

118 Cgra (Swmamat. 



OW darknefs over all is fpread, 
No founds the ftillnefs break, 
Ah when fhall thefe fad hours be fled, 
fr^^s Am I alone awake ? 

Ah no, I do not wake alone, 

Alone I do not fleep, 
Around me ever watcheth One 

Who wakes with thofe who weep. 

On earth it is fo dark and drear, 
With Him fo calm and bright, 

The ftars in folemn radiance clear 
Shine there through all our night. 

'Tis when the lights of earth are gone 
The heavenly glories mine ; 

When other comfort I have none, 
Thy comfort, Lord, is mine. 

i'nra (Bcrmcmira. I! 9 

Be ftill, my throbbing heart, be ftill, 

Caft off thy weary load, 
And make His holy will thy will, 

And reft upon thy God. 

How many a time the night hath come, 

Yet ftill return'd the day ; 
How many a time thy crofs, thy gloom, 

Ere now hath pafs'd away. 

And thefe dark hours of anxious pain 

That now opprefs thee fore, 
I know will vanifh foon again, 

Then I fhall fear no more : 

For when the night hath lafted long, 

We know the morn is near, 
And when the trial's fharp and ftrong 

Our Help fhall foon appear. 

Pastor Josephsen. 

120 €ma (Herman tea. 


BIDE among us with Thy grace, 
Lord Jems evermore, 
Nor let us e'er to fin give place 
Nor grieve Him we adore. 

Abide among us with Thy word, 

Redeemer whom we love, 
Thy help and mercy here afford, 

And life with Thee above. 

Abide among us with Thy ray, 

O Light that lighten'!* all, 
And let Thy truth preferve our way, 

Nor fuffer us to fall. 

Abide with us to blefs us ftill 
O bounteous Lord of peace ; 

With grace and power our fouls fulfill, 
Our faith and love increafe. 

£m-ct <£cvmcmtca. I21 

Abide among us as our fhicld, 

O Captain of Thy holt. ; 
That to the world we may not yield, 

Nor e'er forfake our poll:. 

Abide with us in faithful love, 

Our God and Saviour be, 
Thy help at need, oh let us prove 

And keep us true to Thee. 

Stegmann. 1630. 

122 £ma (tibtvmamta. 



LESSED Jefus, here we Hand, 

Met to do as Thou haft fpoken, 
And this child at Thy command 
Now we bring to Thee, in token 
That to Chrift it here is given, 
For of fuch fhall be His Heaven. 

Yes, Thy warning voice is plain, 
And we fain would keep it duly, 

" He who is not born again, 
Heart and life renewing truly, 

Born of water and the Spirit, 

Will My kingdom ne'er inherit." 

Therefore haften we to Thee, 

Take the pledge we bring, oh take it 

Let us here Thy glory fee, 
And in tender pity make it 

£nra (Bcrmantca. I2 3 

Now Thy child, and leave it never, 
Thine on earth, and Thine for ever. 

Turn the darknefs into light, 

To Thy grace receive and fave it ; 

Heal the ferpent's venomed bite, 
In the font where now we lave it ; 

Let Thy Spirit pure and lowly 

Banifh thought or taint unholy. 

Make it, Head, Thy member now, 

Shepherd, take Thy lamb, and feed it, 

Prince of Peace, its peace be Thou, 
Way of life, to Heaven oh lead it, 

Vine, this branch may nothing fever, 

Be it graft in Thee forever. 

Now upon Thy heart it lies, 

What our hearts fo dearly treafure. 

Heavenward lead our burdcn'd fighs, 
Pour Thy blcfling without meafure, 

Write the name we now have given, 

Write it in the book of Heaven. 

Schmolck. 1 672—1 737. 

i24 Inrct ©crmcmica. 



FATHER-HEART, who hall created all 

In wifeft love we pray 
Look on this babe, who, at Thy gracious call 
Is entering on life's way, 
Bend o'er it now with bleffing fraught, 
And make Thou fomething out of nought, 
O Father-heart. 

O Son of God, who diedft for us, behold 

We bring our child to Thee, 
Thou tender Shepherd take it to Thy fold, 

Thine own for aye to be ; 
Defend it through this earthly ftrife, 
And lead it on the path of life, 
O Son of God ! 

O Holy Ghofl, who broodelt o'er the wave, 

Defcend upon this child ; 
Give it undying life, its fpirit lave 

With waters undefiled ; 
Grant it while yet a babe to be 
A child of God, a home for Thee, 
O Holy Ghoft ! 

Cflra ©crmanica. 

O Triune God, what Thou command'!! is done, 

We fpeak, but Thine the might: 
This child hath fcarce yet feen our earthly fun, 

Yet pour on it Thy light, 
In faith and hope, in joy and love, 
Thou Sun of all below, above, 
O Triune God ! 

A. Knapp. 

126 Ctira ©crmanica. 



HY parents' arms now yield thee, 
With love all glowing warm, 
To Him who bell can fhield thee 
To that Eternal Arm 
That all the heavens upholdeth 

And bids the dead arife, 
That tender babes enfoldeth 

And leads them toward the fkies. 

Wafh'd in the blood that gufhes 

From out His wounded heart, 
Wrapp'd in the peace that hufhes 

All earthly grief and fmart, 
Go forth upon thy journey, 

Grow up in ftrength and age, 
And feek with joy and wifdom 

Thy holy heritage. 

Oh fweet will found the voices 
That hail thee from above, 

Where heaven's bright hoft rejoices 
Before the Eternal Love ; 

£iirct (Bmnanica. I2 7 

" Now canft thou wander never, 

Now pa ft is all thy ft rife, 
Oh blefs the hour for ever 

That call'd thee into life." 

A. Knapp. 

128 Cum (Ewmamca. 



EEING I am Jesus' lamb, 
Ever glad at heart I am 
O'er my Shepherd kind and good, 
Who provides me daily food, 
And His lamb by name doth call, 
For He knows and loves us all. 

Guided by His gentle ftaff 
Where the funny paftures laugh, 
I go in and out and feed, 
Lacking nothing that I need ; 
When I thirft my feet He brings 
To the frefh and living fprings. 

Mull I not rejoice for this ? 

He is mine, and I am His, 

And when thefe bright days are paft, 

Safely in His arms at lafr. 

He will bear me home to heaven ; 

Ah what joy hath Jesus given ! 

Luise H. von Haym. i 724-1 782. 

ilma (Bcrmanica. 129 




AM baptized into Thy name, 

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft ! 
Among Thy feed a place I claim, 
Among Thy confecrated host ; 
Buried with Chrift, and dead to fin, 
Thy Spirit now fhall live within. 

My loving Father, here doll Thou 
Proclaim me as Thy child and heir ; 

My faithful Saviour biddeft me now 
The fruit of all Thy forrows ihare ; 

Thou Holy Ghoft wilt comfort me 

When darkeft clouds around I fee. 

And 1 have promised fear and love, 
And to obey Thee, Lord, alone ; 

I felt Thy Spirit in me move, 

And dared to pledge myfelf Thine own, 

Renouncing fin to keep the faith, 

And war with evil to the death. 

! 3° Cgra (fitermanica. 

My faithful God, upon Thy fide 
This covenant ftandeth fait for aye, 

If I tranfgrefs through fear or pride, 
Oh call me therefore not away, 

If I have fore my foul defiled, 

Yet ftill forgive, reftore Thy child. 

I bring Thee here, my God, anew 
Of all I am or have the whole, 

Quicken my life, and make me true, 
Take full pofTelTion of my foul, 

Let nought within me, nought I own, 

Serve any will but Thine alone. 

Hence Prince of darknef>, hence my foe ! 

Another Lord hath purchafed me ! 
My confeience tells of fin, yet know, 

Baptized in Chrift I fear not thee ! 
Away vain World, Sin, leave me now, 
I turn from you ; God hears my vow. 

And never let me waver more, 
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 

Till at Thy will this life is o'er 
Still keep me in Thy faithful hoft, 

So unto Thee I live and die 

And praife Thee evermore on high. 

Rambach. 1720. 

£m*a (Skrmmwa. I 3 I 





^ORD Jefus Chrift, my faithful Shepherd, 
hear ! 
Feed me with Thy grace, draw inly 

By Thee redeemed, in Thee alone I live, 
All I need 'tis Thou canft give : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 
Ah Lord, Thy timid fheep now feed 
With joy upon Thy heavenly mead, 
Lead us to the cryftal river 
Whence our life is flowing ever : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 

For Thou art calling all the toil-opprefsed, 

All the weary to Thv reft ; 
The pardon of their fins is here bellowed, 

Thou doft free them from their load : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 

! 3 2 £gra (Ewmamca. 

Ah come, Thyfelf put forth Thine hand, 

Unbind this heavy iron band, 

Make me from my forrows free, 
Give me ftrength to follow Thee : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 

Thou fain would'ft heart and foul to Thee incline, 

Take me from myfelf and make me Thine ; 
Thou art the Vine and I the branch, oh grant 

I may grow in Thee a living plant : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 
For nought but fins I find in me, 
Yet are they done away in Thee ; 

Mine are anguifh, fear, unreft, 

But in Thee, Lord, I am bleft : 
Kyrie Eleifon ! 


£nra (Bcrmantca. l 33 



ECK thyfelf, my foul, with gladnefs, 
Leave the gloomy haunts of fadnefs, 
Come into the daylight's fplendour, 
There with joy thy praifes render 
Unto Him, whofe boundlefs grace 
Grants thee at His feaft a place ; 
He whom all the heavens obey 
Deign to dwell in thee to-day. 

Haften as a bride to meet Him, 
And with loving reverence greet Him, 
Who with words of life immortal 
Now is knocking at thy portal ; 
Hafte to make for Him a way, 
Call thee at His feet, and say : 
Since, oh Lord, Thou com'ft to me, 
Never will I turn from Thee. 

Ah how hungers all my fpirit, 
For the love I do not merit ! 
Ah how oft with fighs fall thronging 
For this food have I been longing ! 

i 3 4 £l n * a ©cnnamca. 

How have thirfted in the ftrife 
For this draught, O Prince of Life, 
Wifh'd, O Friend of man, to be 
Ever one with God through Thee ! 

Here I fink before Thee lowly, 
Fill'd with joy moll deep and holy, 
As with trembling awe and wonder 
On Thy mighty works I ponder; 
On this banquet's myftery, 
On the depths we cannot fee ; 
Far beyond all mortal fight 
Lie the fecrets of Thy might. 

Sun, who all my life doll brighten, 
Light, who do ft my foul enlighten, 
Joy, the fweeteft man e'er knoweth, 
Fount, whence all my being floweth, 
Here I fall before Thy feet, 
Grant me worthily to eat 
Of this bleflcd heavenly food, 
To Thy praife, and to my good. 

Jefus, Bread of Life from Heaven, 
Never be Thou vainly given, 
Nor I to my hurt invited ; 
Be Thy love with love requited ; 
Let me learn its depths indeed, 
While on Thee my foul doth feed ; 
Let me here fo richly blcft, 
Be hereafter too Thy gucft. 

J. Frank. 16^3. 

£nra (Scrmanica. ! 35 





f f7% LOVE, who formedft me to wear 

The image of Thy Godhead here; 
Who foughteft me with tender care 

Through all my wanderings wild and * 
drear ; 
O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 


O Love, who e'er life's carlieft dawn 
On me Thy choice haft gently laid ; 

O Love, who here as man waft born 
And wholly like to us waft made ; 

O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love, who once in time waft (lain, 
Pierced through and through with bitter 
woe ; 

O Love, who wreftling thus didft gain 
That we eternal joy might know ; 

J 3 6 £nm (Bcnnanica. 

O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love, of whom is truth and light, 
The Word and Spirit, life and power, 

Whofe heart was bared to them that fmite, 
To fhield us in our trial hour ; 

O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love, who thus hath bound me fa ft, 
Beneath that gentle yoke of Thine ; 

Love, who haft conquer'd me at laft 
And rapt away this heart of mine ; 
* O Love, I give myfdf to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love, who loveft me for aye, 
Who for my foul doft ever plead ; 

O Love, who didft my ranfom pay. 
Whofe power fufficeth in my ftead 

O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

O Love, who once malt bid me rife 
From out this dying life of ours ; 

O Love, who once o'er yonder fkies 
Shalt fet me in the fadeless bowers : 

O Love, I give myfelf to Thee, 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

Angelus. 1657. 

ilma <8>crmamca. 137 



OW take my heart and all that is in me, 
My Lord beloved, take it from me to 
Thee ; 
I would have Thine. 
This foul and flefh of mine ; 
Would order thought and word and deed 
As Thy molt holy will fhall lead. 

Thou feedfi: me with heavenly bread and wine, 
Thou poureft through me ftreams of life divine ; 
Oh noble Face, 
So fweet, fo full of grace, 
I ponder as Thy crofs I fee, 
How beft to give my felf to Thee. 

Behold, through all the eternal ages, Mill 
My heart fhall choofe and love Thy holy will ; 
Would'il Thou my death, 
I die to Thee in faith ; 
Would'ft Thou that I mould longer live, 
To Thee the choice I whollv give. 

n 8 Cprcr (tibttmanita. 

But Thou mull alfo deign to be my own, 
To dwell in me, to make my heart Thy throne, 
My God indeed, 
My Help in time of need, 
My Head from whom no power can fever, 
The Bridegroom of my foul for ever ! 

Angelus. 1657. 

£tmi (Bmnanira. ! 39 


ESUS whom Thy Church doth own 
As her Head and King along, 

Blefs me Thy poor member too ; 
And Thy Spirit's influence give 
That to Thee henceforth I live, 
Daily Thou my ftrength renew. 

Let Thy living Spirit flow 
Through Thy members all below, 

With its warmth and power divine ; 
Scattered far apart they dwell, 
Yet in every land, full well, 

Lord, Thou knoweft who is Thine. 

Thofe who ferve Thee I would ferve, 
Never from their union fwerve. 

Here I cry before Thy face : 
Zion, God give thee good fpeed, 
Chrift thy footfteps ever lead, 

Make Thee fteadfaft in His ways ! 

H° £nra ©trmanfca. 

Save her from the world her foe, 
Satan do Thou foon o'erthrow, 

Caft him down beneath her feet ; 
Through the Spirit flay within 
Love of eafe, the world, and fin, 

Let her find Thee only fweet. 

Thofe o'er whom Thy billows roll 
Strengthen Thou to leave their foul 

In Thy hands, for. Thou art Love; 
Make them through their bitter pain 
Pure from pride and fmful llain, 

Fix their hopes and hearts above. 

Unto all Thyfelf impart, 
Falhioned after Thine own heart 

Make Thy children like to Thee ; 
Humble, pure, and calm, and Hill, 
Loving, fmgle as Thy will, 

And as Thou would'ft have them be. 

And from thofe I love, I pray, 
Turn not, Lord, Thy face away, 

Hear me while for them I plead ; 
Be Thou their Eternal Friend, 
Unto each due blefling fend, 

For Thou knowefl all they need. 

Ah Lord, at this gracious hour 
Vifit all their fouls with power ; 
Let Thy gladnefs in them fhine ; 

£ma (Btxmanka. H r 

Draw them with Thy love away 
From vain pleafures of a day, 
Make them wholly ever Thine. 

Dearly were we purchafed, Lord, 
When Thy blood for us was poured ; 

Think, O Chrift, we are Thine own ! 
Hold me, guide me, as a child, 
Through the battle, through the wild, 

Leave me never more alone. 

Till at laft I meet on high 
With the faithful holt, who cry 

Hallelujah night and day ; 
Pure from flain we there fhall fee 
Thee in us, and us in Thee, 

And be one in Thee for aye. 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 


£m*ct (Bwmamca. 



H how could I forget Him 
Who ne'er forgetteth me ? 
Or tell the love that let Him 

Come down to fet me free ? 
I lay in darker! fadnefs, 

Till He made all things new, 

And frill frefh love and gladnefs 

Flow from that heart fo true. 

Oh how could I e'er leave Him 

Who is {o kind a Friend ? 
Or how could ever grieve Him 

Who thus to me doth bend ? 
Have I not feen Him dying 

For us on yonder tree ? 
Do I not hear Him crying, 

A rife and follow Me ! 

For ever will I love Him 

Who faw my hopclefs plight, 
Who felt my forrows move Him, 
And brought me life and light: 

£ nra ©crmantca. H3 

Whofe arm mail be around me 
When my laft hour is come, 

And fuffer none to wound me, 
Though dark the paflage home. 

He gives me pledges holy, 

His body and His blood, 
He lifts the fcorn'd, the lowly, 

He makes my courage good, 
For He will reign within me, 

And fhed His graces there ; 
The heaven He died to win me 

Can I then fail to fhare ? 

In joy and forrow ever 

Shine through me, BlefTed Heart, 
Who bleeding for us never 

Didft fhrink from foreft fmart ! 
Whate'er I've loved or ftriven 

Or borne, I bring to Thee ; 
Now let Thy heart and heaven 

Stand open, Lord, to me ! 

Kern. Died 1835. 


jtnrct ©crmamccr. 



LIVING Bread from Heaven, 

How richly haft Thou fed Thy guelt ! 

The gifts Thou now haft given 
Have fill'd my heart with joy and reft. 
O wondrous food of blefting, 
O cup that heals our woes, 
My heart this gift pofTcfling 
In thankful fong o'erflows ; 
For while the life and ftrength in me 

Were quicken'd by this food, 
My foul hath gazed awhile on Thee, 
O higheft, only Good ! 

My Lord, Thou here haft led me 
Within Thy temple's holieft place, 

And there Thyfelf haft fed me 
With all the treafures of Thy grace ; 
And Thou haft freely given 

What earth could never buy, 
The bread of life from heaven, 
That now I fhall not die; 

£nra (Bcrmcmtca. *45 

And Thou haft fuffer'd me in faith 

To drink the blefled wine 
That heals the foul from inner death, 
And makes her wholly Thine. 

Thou giveffc all I wanted, 
The food whofe power can death deftroy, 

And Thou haft freely granted 
The cup of full eternal joy ; 

Ah Lord, I do not merit 

The favour Thou haft mown, 

And all my foul and fpirit 

Bow down before Thy throne ; 
Since Thou haft fufFer'd me to eat 

The food of angels here, 
Nor Sin, nor foes that I can meet. 

Nor Death I now may fear. 

O Love incomprchended ! 
That wrought in Thee, my Saviour, thus 

That Thou fhould'ft have defcended 
From higheft heaven to dwell with us ! 

Creator, that hath brought Thee 
To fuccour fuch as I, 

Who elfe had vainly fought Thee ! 
Then grant me now to die 
To fm, and live alone to Thee, 

That when this time is o'er, 
Thy face, O Saviour, I may fee 

In heaven or evermore. 

H 6 £m*ct (Bjcnnamca. 

For as a fhadow pafTes 
I pafs, but Thou doft ftill endure ; 

I wither like the graiTes, 
But Thou art rich, though I am poor ; 

Oh boundlefs is Thy kindnefs, 
And righteous is Thy power; 

And I in finful blindnefs 
Am erring hour by hour, 
And yet Thou Cornell:, doft not ipurn 

A firmer, Lord, like me ! 
Ah how can I Thy love return, 

What gift have I for Thee ? 

A heart that hath repented, 
And mourns for fin with bitter fighs, — 

Thou, Lord, art well-contented 
With this my only facrifice. 

I know that in my weaknefs 
Thou wilt defpife me not, 

But grant me in Thy meeknefs 
The favour I have fought ; 
Yes, Thou wilt deign in grace to heea 

The fong that now I raife, 
For meet and right is it indeed 

That I ihould fing Thy p raife. 

Grant what I have partaken 
May through Thy grace fo work in me, 

That .fin be all forfaken, 
And I may cleave alone to Thee, 

Cnra (!?crmamca. l w 

And all my foul be heedful 

How me Thy love may know, 
For this alone is needful, 

Thy love mould in me glow; 
And let no beauty pleafe mine eyes 

No joy allure my heart, 
But what in Thee, my Saviour lies, 
What Thou doll here impart. 

well for me that ftrengthen'd 
With heavenly bread and wine, if here 

My courfe on earth be lengthen'd, 
I now may ferve Thee free from fear ; 
Away then earthly pleafure, 
All earthly gifts are vain, 

1 feek a heavenly treafure, 

My home I long to gain, 
Where I mail live and praife my God, 

And none my peace deftroy, 
Where all the foul is overflow'd 
With pure eternal joy. 

Rist. 1651 

H 8 Cgra ®trmamta. 




N God's name let us on our way ! 
The Father's help and grace we pray, 
His love fhall guard us round about 
From foes within and harms without. 

xA.nd Chrift, be Thou our Friend and Guide, 
Through all our wanderings at our fide, 
Help us all evil to withfland 
That wars againft Thy leaft command. 


The Holy Spirit o'er us brood 

With all His gifts of richeft good, 

With hope and ftrength when dark our road, 

And lead us home again in God ! 


ilma (Bcrmanica. 




Written on a Journey to RufTia and Perlia, under- 
taken by the Author as Phyfician to the Embafly 
from Holftein. 

HERE'ER I go, whate'er my talk, 
j. The counfel of my God I alk, 

Who all things hath and can ; 
Unlefs He give both thought and deed 
The utmoit pains can ne'er fucceed, 
And vain the wifefl plan. 

For what can all my toil avail ? 
My care, my watching all muft fail, 

Unlefs my God is there ; 
Then let Him order all for me 
As He in wifdom fhall decree ; 

On Him I call my care. 

For nought can come, as nought hath been, 
But what my Father hath forefeen, 
And what mall work my good ; 

l 5° £rn*a (Scrmantca. 

Whate'er He gives me I will take, 
Whate'er He choofes I will make 

My choice with thankful mood. 

I lean upon His mighty arm, 

It fhields me well from every harm, 

All evil fhall avert ; 
If by His precepts Hill I live 
Whate'er is ufeful He will give, 

And nought fhall do me hurt. 

But only may He of His grace 
The record of my guilt efface, 

And wipe out all- my debt; 
Though I have finned He will not ftraight 
Pronounce His judgment, He will wait, 

Have patience with me yet. 

I travel to a diftant land 

To ferve the poll: wherein I ftand, 

Which He hath bade me fill ; 
And He will blefs me with His light 
That I may ferve His world aright, 

And make me know His will. 

And though through dcfcrt wilds I fare, 
Yet Chriftian friends are with me there, 

And Chrift Himfelf is near ; 
In all our dangers He will come, 
And He who kept me fafe at home, 

Can keep me fdfcly here. 

£m*ct (Scrmcmtcct. 15 " 

Yes, He will fpeed us on our way, 
And point us where to go and (lay, 

And help us flill and lead ; 
Let us in health and fafety live, 
And time and wind and weather give, 

And whatfoe'er we need. 

When late at night my reft I take, 
When early in the morn I wake, 

Halting or on my wav, 
In hours of weaknefs or in bonds, 
When vexed with fears my heart defponds, 

His promife is my flay. 

Since then mv courfe is traced by Him 
I will not fear that future dim, 

But go to meet my doom, 
Well knowing nought can wait me there 
Too hard for me through Him to bear ; 

I yet mall overcome. 

To Him myfelf I wholly give, 
At His command I die or live, 

I trull His love and power : 
Whether to-morrow or to-day 
His fummons come, I will obey, 

He knows the proper hour. 

But if it pleafe that love moll kind, 

And if this voice within my mind 

[s whifpering not in vain, 

152 £nrct ©mnamca. 

I yet fhall praife my God e'er long 

In many a fweet and joyful fong, 

In peace at home again. 

To thofe I love will He be near, 
With His confoling light appear, 

Who is my fhield and theirs ; 
And He will grant beyond our thought 
What they and I alike have fought 

With many tearful prayers. 

Then, oh my foul, be ne'er afraid, 
On Him who thee and all things made 

Do thou all calmly reft 
Whate'er may come, where'er we go, 
Our Father in the heavens muft know 

In all things what is beft. 

Paul Flemming. i 63 1 . 

£ma ©mncmica. ! 53 



LORD, be this our veflel now 

A worthy temple unto Thee, 
Though none may hear its bells but Thou 
And this our little company. 
Our church's roof, yon mighty dome, 
Shall ring with hymns we learnt at home, 
Our floor the boundlefs totting wave, 
Our field, our path, perchance our grave. 

Where mail we aid and comfort find 

With toils and perils all around ? 
Command, O mighty God, the wind 
To bear us whither we are bound ; 
Oh bring us to our home once more 
From weary wanderings fafe to more ; 
And thofc who follow us with prayer 
Keep Thou in Thy moil tender care. 

And as the needle while we rove, 
To one point Hill is true and juil 

So let our hope and faith and love 
Be fix'd in One in whom we trull ; 

! 54 Cgra (Bcrmamra. 

His word is mighty ftill to fave, 
He ftill can walk the ftormieit. wave, 
And hold His followers with His hand, 
For His are heaven and fea and land. 


I'nm (Scrmantca. 155 




jHOU, folemn Ocean, rolleft to the ftrand 
Laden with prayers from many a far-off 

To us thy thoufand murmurs at our feet 
One cry repeat. 

Through all thy myriad tones that never ceafe 
We hear of death and love, the crofs and peace, 
New churches bright with hope and glad with 
And martyrs' palms. 

Thee on ! and come whate'er our God fees fit ! 
To yon frail wave-toft planks we now commit 
Our lives, our all, and leave our native land 
At His command. 

We take thee for our chariot, ftormy Sea ! 
Borne fafely on to ferve our God by thee, 
For thou and we alike obey His word 
And own Him Lord. 

£ma ©ermanica. 

And whether thy chill deeps become our grave, 
Or far away our blood fhall ftain thy wave, 
Or we fhall crofs with joyous fongs thy foam 
Back to our home : 

Be it as He ordains whofe name is Love ! 
Whether our lot or life or death fhall prove, 
To Life Eternal furely guides His will, 
And we are ftill. 

De La Motte Fouque. 

Cora (fttrmamca. 


^"T^N OW - it father-fa 

^ f ^ And wander far J*er ocean's : 

^LrT ) Broken is kinfhip's cleared band, 

y Forfaken ftands our ancient home ; 
But One - nth us go 

Through bufieft day and ftilleft night; 
The , the deeps below 

Shrink abafh'd before His light. 

he hTue life or death, 

Let Him do as it feems Him belt, 
The meflenger of Chrillian faith 

L: b not in this world for his reft. 
If bat IBs hand frill hold us faft, 

His presence hourly fold us round, 
The anchor of our fouls is call 

Firm ground. 

The afting Love, 

Tha: living power through us, 

[s worthy thus our fouls to m 
W : .. to fill a lifetime thus; 

Crmx (Scrmamcct. 

Here none was e'er deceived or loft, 
Howe'er his earthly hopes might fade ; 

Then well for him who weighs the coft 
Ere yet his final choice is made. 

Yes, fcatter'd are our brothers now 

O'er land and ocean far apart, 
Yet to one Mailer ftill they bow, 

In Him they ftill are one in heart ; 
For as one fin, one poifon ran 

Through all our race fince Adam's fall ; 
There is one hope, one life for man 

In Him who bore the fins of all. 

Sweet for each other oft to plead, 

And feel our onenefs in the Son, 
Ah then we daily meet indeed 

In fpirit at our Father's throne ! 
Our bodies are but parted here, 

And fade in this dark land away, 
The earthly fhadows difappear, 

The harvest ripens for that Day. 

Soon Time for us fhall ceafe to reign, 

The Saviour calls us home in peace ; 
At laft we all fhall meet again, 

And dwell together all in blifs, 
Where faith to cleared vifion yields ; — 

Triumphant light for forrowing gloom, 
For defcrt waftes fair Eden's fields, 

For tearful paths a blotted home ! 

Albert Knapp. 

ilma <&tvmamta. l S9 



N our fails all foft and fweetly, 
Yet with bold refiftlefs force, 
Breathe the winds of heaven, and fleetly 

Wing us on our watery courfe ; 
Swift, and fwifter. furrowing deep 
Through the mighty waves, that keep 
Not a trace where we have been, 
On we fpeed to lands unfeen ! 

Sink thou deeply in our mind, 
Type of life, molt, apt and true ! 

Though we leave no track behind, 
Yet we plough our furrows too, 

Where, from out a world of blifs, 

Falls the feed unfeen of this, 

And an unfeen diftant home 

Beckons o'er the defert foam. 

Be our voyage, brethren, fuch 

That if direft peril came, 
Wreck and ruin could not touch 

Aught but this our weary frame ; 

i6o £vjrct CScrmcmica. 

That may gladly fleep the while, 
Still and bleft the foul fhall fmile, 
In the eternal peace of Heaven, 
That our God hath furely given. 

Oh that in that blefTed peace 

Many and many a foul may reft ! 

That through us might God increafe 
Soon the number of the bleft ! 

Free through us the fouls that now 

'Neath a bitter bondage bow ; 

Whom yet darkeft error binds ! 

Speed, oh fpeed us on, ye winds ! 

De La Motte Fouque. 

£m*a (Bcrmamca. 161 




OW lay we calmly in the grave 
This form, whereof no doubt we have 
That it fhall rife again that Day 
(r^^f In glorious triumph o'er decay. 

And fo to earth again we trull 
What came from dull, and turns to dull, 
And from the dull fhall furely rife 
When the laft trumpet fills the fkics. 

His foul is living now in God 
Whofe grace his pardon hath bellowed, 
Who through His Son redeemed him here 
From bondage unto fin and fear. 

1(52 fnrct ©rrmcimcct. 

His trials and his griefs are paft, 

A blefled end is his at last, 

He bore Chrift's yoke, and did His will, 

And though he died, he liveth Hill. 

He lives where none can mourn and weep, 
And calmly mall this body fleep 
Till God mall Death himfelf deftroy, 
And raife it into glorious joy. 

He fuflered pain and grief below, 
Chrift heals him now from all his woe, 
For him hath endlefs joy begun, 
He mines in glory like the fun. 

Then let us leave him to his reft, 
And homewards turn, for he is bleft, 
And we mult well our fouls prepare, 
When death fhall come, to meet him there. 

Then help us, Chrift, our Hope in lofs ! 
Thou haft redeemed us by Thy crofs 
From endlefs death and mifery ; 
We praife, we bless, we worfhip Thee ! 

Michael Weiss. 153 1. 

£nra <J?crmanica. 163 



/ ^ !SS=SS! \ OW weeping at the grave we Hand 
And fow the feed of tears, 
The form of him who in our band 
On earth no more appears. 

Ah no, for he hath fafely come 

Where we too would attain ; 
He dwells within our Father's home, 

And death to him was gain. 

Now he beholds what we believe, 

He has what here we want, 
The fins no more his foul can grieve 

That here the pilgrim haunt; 
The Lord hath claimed him for His own 

And lent him calm releafe ; 
We weep, but it is we alone, 

He dwells in perfect peace. 

He wears the crown of life on high, 
He bears the mining palm, 

l6 4 Ctira (5crm antra. 

Where angels " Holy, holy," cry, 
He joins their glorious pfalm. 

But we poor pilgrims journey on 
Through this dark land of woe, 

Until we go where he is gone, 
And all his joy mail know. 


£ma (Bmnanica. 165 



HRIST will gather in His own 
To the place where He is gone, 
Where their heart and treafure lie, 
Where our life is hid on high. 

Day by day the voice faith, " Come, 
Enter thine eternal home ;" 
Afking not if we can fpare 
This dear foul it fummons there. 

Had He afkcd us, well we know 
We mould cry, oh fpare this blow ! 
Yes, with ftrcaming tears mould pray, 
" Lord, we love him, let him Hay !" 

But the Lord doth nought amifs, 
And fincc He hath ordered this, 
We have nought to do but Hill 
Reft in filence on His will. 

Many a heart no longer here, 
Ah! was all too inly dear; 
Yet, O Love, 'tis Thou doft call, 
Thou wilt be our All in all. 

Moravi vn Hymn-book. 

166 Cnra ©rnnantca. 


HOUGH Love may weep with breaking 
There comes, O Chrift, a Day of Thine, 
There is a Morning Star mull fhine, 

And all thefe fhadows fhall depart. 

Though Faith may droop and tremble here, 
That Day of light mail furely come ; 
His path has led him fafely home ; 

When twilight breaks the dawn is near. 

Though Hope fcem now to have hoped in vain, 
And Death feem king of all below, 
There yet fhall come the Morning-glow, 

And wake our flumberers once again. 

F. A. Krummacher. 

£m*a ©crmanica. l6 7 


ENTLE Shepherd, Thou haft Hilled 

Now Thy little lamb's long weeping; 
Ah how peaceful, pale, and mild, 
In its narrow bed 'tis deeping, 
And no figh of anguifh fore 
Heaves that little bofom more. 

In this world of care and pain, 

Lord, Thou wouldft no longer leave it, 
To the funny heavenly plain 

Doft Thou now with joy receive it, 
Clothed in robes of fpotlcfs white, 
Now it dwells with Thee In light. 

Ah Lord Jefus, grant that we 

Where it lives may foon be living, 

And the lovely paftures fee 

That its heavenly food arc giving, 

Then the gain of death we prove 

Though Thou take what molt, we love. 


168 Cnrcr (Gkrmamca. 



HOU'RT mine, yes, Hill thou art mine 
own ! 
Who tells me thou art loft ? 
But yet thou art not mine alone, 
I own that He who crofs'd 
My hopes, hath greater!: right in thee ; 
Yea, though He afk and take from me 
Thee, O my Ton, my heart's delight, 
My wifh, my thought, by day and night. 

Ah might I wifh, ah might I choofe, 
Then thou, my Star, fhouldft live, 

And gladly for thy fake I'd lofe 
All elfe that life can give. 

Oh fain I'd fay : Abide with me, 

The funfhinc of my houfe to be, 

No other joy but this I crave, 

To love thee, darling, to my grave ! 

Thus faith my heart, and means it well, 

God meancth better it'll] ; 
My love is more than words can tell, 

His love is greater (till ; 

Cura (Bermamca. 169 

I am a father, He the Head 
And Crown of fathers, whence is fhed 
The life and love from which have fprung 
All bleflcd ties in old and young. 

I long for thee, my fon, my own, 

And He who once hath given, 
Will have thee now befide His throne, 

To live with Him in heaven. 
I cry, Alas ! my light, my child ! 
But God hath welcome on him fmiled, 
And faid : " My child, I keep thee near, 
For there is nought but gladnefs here." 

Oh blefTed word, oh deep decree, 

More holy than we think ! 
With God no grief or woe can be, 

No bitter cup to drink, 
No fickening hopes, no want or care, 
No hurt can ever reach him there ; 
Yes, in that Father's flickered home 
I know that forrow cannot come. 

We pafs our nights in wakeful thought 

For our dear children's fake ; 
All day our anxious toil hath fought 

How bell for them to make 
A future fafe from care or need, 
Yet feldom do our fchemes fuccccd ; 
How feldom does their future prove 
What we had planned for thofe we love ! 

1 7° Cgra ©crmamca. 

How many a child of promife fair 

Ere now hath gone aftray, 
By ill example taught to dare 
For fake Ch rift's holy way. 
Oh fearful the reward is then, 
The wrath of God, the fcorn of men ! 
The bittereft tears that e'er are fhed 
Are his who mourns a child milled. 

But now I need not fear for thee, 

Where thou art, all is well ; 
For thou thy Father's Face doth fee, 

With Jefus thou doft dwell ! 
Yes, cloudlefs joys around him mine, 
His heart mail never ache like mine, 
He fees the radiant armies glow 
That keep and guide us here below : 

He hears their singing evermore, 

His little voice too fings, 
He drinks of wifdom decpcft lore, 

He fpeaks of fecret things, 
That we can never fee or know 
Howe'cr we feek or ftrive below, 
While yet amid the mifts we ftand 
That veil this dark and tearful land. 

Oh that I could but watch afar, 

And hearken but awhile, 
To that fweet fong that hath no jar, 

And fee his heavenly fmile, 

Cgra ©crmamca. 17 « 

As he doth praife the holy God, 
Who made him pure for that abode ! 
In tears of joy full well I know 
This burdened heart would overflow. 

And I mould fay : Stay here, my fon, 
My wild laments are o'er, 

well for thee that thou haft won, 
I call thee back no more ; 

But come, thou fiery chariot, come, 
And bear me fwiftly to that home, 
Where he with many a loved one dwells, 
And evermore of gladnefs tells ! 

Then be it as my Father wills, 

I will not weep for thee ; 
Thou liveft, joy thy fpirit fills, 

Pure funfhine thou doft fee, 
The funfhine of eternal reft : 
Abide, my child, where thou art bleft ; 

1 with our friends will onward fare, 
And, when God wills, fhall find thee there. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1650. 





ORD Jefus Chrift, in Thee alone 
My hope on earth I place ; 
For other comforter is none, 
Nor help fave in Thy grace. 
There is no man nor creature here, 
No angel in the heavenly fphere, 
Who at my need can fuccour me; 

I cry to Thee, 
For Thou canft end my mifery. 

My fin is very fore and great, 

I mourn its load beneath ; 
Oh free me from this heavy weight 

Through Thy moil precious death ; 
And with Thy Father for me plead 
That Thou haft fuffer'd in my flead, 
The burden then from me is roll'd ; 

Lord, I lay hold 
On Thy dear promifes of old. 


J 76 £gra ©nrmanica. 

And of Thy grace on me bellow 
True Chriftian faith, O Lord, 

That all the fweetnefs I may know 
That in Thy crofs is ftored, 

Love Thee o'er earthly pride or pelf, 

And love my neighbour as myfelf ; 

And when at lafl is come my end, 
Be Thou my Friend, 

From all alTaults my foul defend. 

Glory to God in higheft heaven, 

The Father of all love ; 
To His dear Son, for finners given 

Whofe grace we daily prove ; 
To God the Holy Ghoft we cry, 
That we may find His comfort nigh, 
And learn how, free from fin and fear, 

To pleafe Him here, 
And ferve Him in the finlefs fphere. 


£m*a <8>trmanica. i u 



LAS ! my Lord and God, 

How heavy is my load, 
My fins are great and weigh me to the 

ground ; 
The yoke doth forely prefs, 
And yet in my diflrefs 
Through all the world no helper can be found. 

And fled I in my fear 

Far far away from here, 
To the earth's remoteft end — Thou ftill wert there. 

My anguifh and my pain 

Would yet with me remain ; 
I could not flee away from defpair. 

'Tis Thou canft help alone, 

I call: me at Thy throne, 
Reject me not, though I deferve it, Lord ; 

Ah think of all Thy Son 

For mc, for me, hath done, 
Nor let me feel Thy fharp avenging fword. 

l 7% Cjiva ©rrmanica. 

And if it must be fo, 

That punifhment and woe 
Mull follow Jin, then let me bear it here ; 

Low at Thy feet I bow, 

Oh let me fuffer now, 
But fpare me yonder, then in love appear. 

Oh Lord, forget my fin, 
And deign to put within 

A calm obedient heart, a patient mind, 
That I may murmur not, 
Though bitter feem my lot, 

For hearts unthankful can no blefling find. 

Do Thou, O Lord, with me 

As feemeth belt to Thee, 
For Thou wilt ftrengthcn me to bear the rod, 

For this alone I pray, 

Oh call me not away, 
For ever from Thy grace, Thou pitying God. 

Nay, that Thou wilt not do, 
I know Thy word is true, 

My faith can reft in quiet hope on Thee, 
The death of Chrift, I know, 
Hath freed me from my woe, 

And open'd heaven to finners and to me. 

Lord Jefus, where Thou art 
All doubt and dread depart, 

ilma (Owmanica. 1 19 

My refuge is the crofs where Thou wail flain, 
Where Thou, Lord, for our fake 
Didft all our griefs partake, 

And die our comfort and our grace to gain. 

Here at my Saviour's fide, 

Here let me Hill abide, 
Then death may come, but little he deftroys ; 

Though foul and body part, 

I live where Thou, Lord, art, 
My fins wiped out amid eternal joys. 

All praife to God alone/ 

Who claims me for His own, 
Through Chrift my Lord ; oh let me truft Him 

And lean in fuller! faith 

On what my Saviour faith, 
He who believeth mall be faved ; Amen. 

Rutilius. 1604; and Gross. 1627. 

i8o ilma (Ownmmca. 



ESUS, pitying Saviour, hear me, 
Draw Thou near me, 
Turn Thee, Lord, in grace to me ; 
For Thou knoweft all my forrow, 
Night and morrow 
Doth my cry go up to Thee. 

Loft in darknefs, girt with dangers, 

Round me ftrangers, 
Through an alien land I roam, 
Outward trials, bitter lofTes, 

Inward crofTes, 
Lord, Thou knoweft have fought me home. 

See the fetters that have bound me, 

Snares furround me, 
Free the captive, hear my call ; 
Ah from fin my foul I never 

Can deliver, 
I am weak and helplefs all. 

Cgra (6crmanica. l81 

Though the tempter's wiles and cunning 

I am fhunning, 
Yet they vex and wound me fore ; 
Oft I waver, oft I languifh, 

Fill'd with anguifh, 
Strength and reft are mine no more. 

Peace I cannot find, oh take me, 

Lord, and make me 
From the yoke of evil free ; 
Calm this longing never-fleeping, 

Still my weeping, 
Grant me hope once more in Thee. 

Sin of courage hath bereft me, 

And hath left me 
Scarce a fpark of faith or hope ; 
Bitter tears my heart oft fheddeth 

As it dreadeth 
I am paft Thy mercy's fcope. 

Lord, wilt Thou be wroth for ever ? 

Oh deliver 
Me from all I moll deferved ; 
'Tis Thyfelf, dear Lord, haft fought me, 

Thou hall taught me 
Thee to feck from whom I fwerved. 

Thou, my God and King, haft known me, 

Yet haft mown me 
True and loving is Thy will ; 

182 Cgra (5crmanica. 

Though my heart from Thee oft ranges, 

Through its changes, 
Lord, Thy love is faithful ftill. 

Satan watches to betray me, 

He would flay me, 
Quicken Thou my faith and powers, 
Let me, though Thy face Thou'rt hiding, 

Still confiding, 
Look to Thee in darkeil hours. 

Blefs my trials thus to fever 

Me for ever 
From the love of felf and fin ; 
Let me through them fee Thee clearer, 

Find Thee nearer, 
Grow more like to Thee within. 

In the patience that Thou lendell 

All Thou fcndeft 
I embrace, I will be Hill ; 
Bend this flubborn heart I pray Thee 

To obey Thee, 
Calmly waiting on Thy will. 

Here I bring my will, oh take it, 

Thine, Lord, make it, 
Calm this troubled heart of mine ; 
In Thy ftrcngth I too may conquer, 

Wait no longer, 
Show in me Thy grace Divine. 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 

ilma (&n*manlca. *%3 



JESUS, Lord of majefty ! 

O glorious King, eternal Son ! 
In mercy bend Thou down to me, 

As now I call me at Thy throne. 

Enflaved to vanity, and weak, 
An alien power in me hath fway 

My ftrength is gone, howe'er I feek 
I cannot break my bonds away. 

How oft my heart againft my will 
Is torn and to fling to and fro, 

I cannot, as I would, fulfill 

The good that yet I love and know. 

How many ties opprefs and bind 
The foul that yearneth to be free ; 

Dift rafted, vanquifh'd, oft the mind 
That fain would reft at peace in Thee. 

l8 4 Cyrct t&zvmanha. 

I praclife me in felf-controul, 

Yet reft and calm in vain purfue ; 

Self-will is rooted in my foul, 

And thwarts me ftill, whate'er I do. 

I hate it, but its life is ftrong, 

I fear, yet cannot it forfake ; 
Ah Lord, how long it feems, how long, 

Until Thy grace my yoke fhall break ! 

Ah Jefus, when, when wilt Thou lead 
The prifoner from this drear abode ? 

When fhall I feel that I am freed, 

And Thou art with me, Son of God ? 

Oh take this heart that I would give 

For ever to be all Thine own ; 
I to myfelf no more would live ; 

Come, Lord, be Thou my King alone. 

Yes, take my heart, and in it rule, 

Direcl it as it pleafes Thee ; 
I will be iilent in Thy fchool, 

And learn whate'er Thou teacheft me. 

What lives by life that is not Thine 
I yield it to Thy righteous doom • 

What yet refists Thy power Divine, 
Oh let Thy lire of love confume. 

And then within the heart abide 

That Thou haft cleanfed to be Thy throne ; 

Cnra (Bcrmamca. l8 s 

A look from Thee fhall be my guide, 
I watch but till Thy will is known. 

Yes, make me Thine, — though I am weak, 
Thy fervice makes us ftrong and free ; 

My Lord and King, Thy face I feek, 
For ever keep me true to Thee. 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 

1 86 Cgra ©rcmanica. 



GOD, Thou faithful God, 
Thou Fountain ever flowing, 
Without Whom nothing is, 
All perfect gifts bellowing ; 
A pure and healthy frame 
Oh give me, and within 
A confcience pure from blame, 
A foul unhurt by fin. 

And grant me, Lord, to do, 
With ready heart and willing, 

Whate'er Thou fhalt command, 
My calling here fulfilling, 
And do it when I ought, 

With all my flrength, and blefs 
The work I thus have wrought, 
For Thou mull give fuccefs. 

And let me promifc nought 
But I can keep it truly, 

Abftain from idle words, 
And guard my lips {till duly ; 

Cnrct (Ewmctnica. *%7 

And grant, when in my place 
I muft and ought to fpeak, 

My words due power and grace, 
Nor let me wound the weak. 

If dangers gather round, 
Yet keep me calm and fearlefs ; 
And help me bear the crofs 
When life is dark and cheerlefs ; 
And overcome my foe 

With words and actions kind ; 
When counfel I would know, 
Good counfel let me find. 

And let me be with all 
In peace and friendfhip living, 

As far as Chriftians may ; 
And if Thou aught art giving 
Of wealth and honours fair, 

Oh this refufe me not, 
That nought be mingled there 
Of goods unjuflly got. 

And if a longer life 
Be here on earth decreed me, 

And Thou through many a ftrife 
To age at la ft wilt lead me, 
Thy patience in me fried, 
Avert all fin and fhame, 
And crown my hoary head 
With pure, untarnifh'd fame. 

Cgra (Bwmamca. 

Let nothing that may chance, 
From Chrift my Saviour fever, 

And dying with Him, take 
My foul to Thee for ever; 
And let my body have ; 
A little fpace to fleep 
Befide my father's grave, 

And friends that o'er it weep. 

And when the Day is come, 
And all the dead are waking, 

Oh reach me down Thy hand, 
Thyfelf my flumbers breaking ; 
Then let me hear Thy voice, 

And change this earthly frame, 
And bid me aye rejoice 

With thofe who love Thy name. 


£m*a (Bermantca. l8 9 


HOU who breakeft every chain, 
Thou who Hill art ever near, 
Thou with whom difgrace and pain 
Turn to joy and heaven e'en here ; 
Let Thy further judgments fall 
On the Adam ftrong within, 
Till Thy grace hath freed us all 
From the prifon houfe of fin. 

J Tis Thy Father's will toward us, 

Thou fhouldft end Thy work at length ; 
Hence in Thee are centred thus 

Perfect wifdom, love, and ftrength, 
That Thou none fhouldft lofe of thofe 

Whom He gave Thee, though they roam 
'Wildered here amid their foes, 

Thou fhouldft bring them fafely home. 

Ah Thou wilt, Thou canft not ccafe, 
Till Thy perfect work be done ; 

In Thy hands we lie at peace, 

Knowing all Thy love hath won, 

1 9° Cgva ©mnanka. 

Though the world may blindly dream 
We are captives poor and bafe, 

And the crofs's yoke may deem 
Sign of meannefs and difgrace. 

Look upon our bonds, and fee 

How doth all creation groan 
'Neath the yoke of vanity, 

Make Thy full redemption known ; 
Still we wreflle, cry, and pray, 

Held in bitter bondage faft, 
Though the foul would break away 

Into higher things at laft. 

Lord, we do not afk for reft 

For the flefh, we only pray 
Thou wouldft do as feems Thee beft, 

Ere yet comes our parting day ; 
But our fpirit clings to Thee, 

Will not, dare not, let Thee go, 
Until Thou haft fet her free 

From the bonds that caufe her woe. 

Ruler rule, and Conqueror conquer, 

King afTert Thy fovereign right, 
Till there be no flavery longer 

Spread the kingdom of Thy might ! 
Lead the captives freely out, 

Through the covenant of Thy blood, 
From our dark rcmorfe and doubt, 

For Thou wilt nlonc our good. 

Cnrct ©mncmtca. l 9 l 

'Tis of our own fault, we own 

We are flaves to fclf and iloth, 
Yet oh leave us not alone 

In the living death we loathe ; 
Crufhed beneath our burden's weight, 

Crying at Thy feet we fall, 
Point the path, though fleep and {trait, 

Thou didfl open once for all. 

Ah how dearly were we bought 

Not to ferve the world or fin ; 
By the work that Thou hail wrought 

Mull Thou make us pure within, — 
Wholly pure and free, in us 

Be Thine image now reftored : 
Filled from out Thy fulnefs thus 

Grace for grace is on us poured. 

Draw us to Thy crofs, O Love, 

Crucify with Thee whate'er 
Cannot dwell with Thee above, 

Lead us to thofe regions fair ! 
Courage ! long the time may feem, 

Yet His day is coming fall ; 
We fhall be like them that dream 

When our freedom dawns at laft. 

Gottfried Arnold. 1697. 

l 9 2 £gra t&txmamta. 



OURAGE, my forely-tempted heart ! 
Break through thy woes, forget their 

fmart ; 
Come forth and on Thy Bridegroom gaze, 
The Lamb of God, the Fount of grace; 
Here is thy place ! 

His arms are open, thither flee ! 
There reft and peace are waiting thee, 
The deathless crown of righteoufnefs, 
The entrance to eternal blifs ; 

He gives thee this ! 

Then combat well, of nought afraid, 
For thus His follower thou art made, 
Each battle teaches thee to %ht, 
Each foe to be a braver knight, 

Armed with His might. 

If florins of fierce temptation rife, 
Unmoved we'll face the frowning fkies ; 

£ma (Sfcrmamca. 193 

If but the heart is true indeed, 
Chrift will be with us in our need, — 
His own could bleed. 

I flee away to Thy dear crofs, 
For hope is there for every lofs, 
Healing for every wound and woe, 
There all the ftrength of love I know 
And feel its glow. 

Before the Holy One I fall, 
The Eternal Sacrifice for all ; 
His death has freed us from our load, 
Peace on the anguifhed foul beftowed, 
Brought us to God. 

How then fhould I go mourning on ? 
I look to Thee, — my fears are gone, 
With Thee is reft that cannot ceafe, 
For Thou haft wrought us full releafe, 
And made our peace. 

Thy word hath ftill its glorious powers, 
The nobleft chivalry is ours ; 

Thou, for whom to die is gain, 

1 bring Thee here my all, oh deign 

To accept and reign ! 
J. H. Bohmer. 1704. 

194 Cnra ©ermanica. 



OW thank we all our God, 
With heart and hands and voices, 
Who wondrous things hath done, 
(r^s^S In whom His world rejoices ; 
Who from our mother's arms 
Hath bleffed us on our way 
With countlefs gifts of love, 
And ftill is ours to-day. 

Oh may this bounteous God 
Through all our life be near us, 

With ever joyful hearts 
And bleffed peace to cheer us ; 
And keep us in His grace, 

And guide us when perplex'd, 
And free us from all ills 

In this world and the next. 

£ma ©crmcmira. 195 

All praifc and thanks to God 
The Father, now be given, 

The Son, and Him who reigns 
With them in higheft heaven, 
The One eternal God, 

Whom earth and heaven adore, 
For thus it was, is now, 
And mail be evermore ! 

Martin Rinxkart. 1636. 

! 9 6 Cura (Ewmamca. 



LL praife and thanks to God moft High, 
The Father of all Love ! 
The God who doeth wondroufly, 
The God who from above 
My foul with richeft folace fills, 
The God who every forrow Hills ; 
Give to our God the glory ! 

The hoft of heaven Thy praifes tell, 
All thrones bow down to Thee, 

And all who in Thy fhadow dwell, 
In earth and air and fea, 

Declare and laud their Maker's might, 

Whofe wifdom orders all things right ; 
Give^to our God the glory ! 

And for the creatures He hath made 

Our God fhall well provide ; 
His grace fhall be their conftant aid, 

Their guard on every fide ; 

£ma (Pcrmanicct. 197 

His kingdom ye may furely truil, 
There all is equal, all is juft ; 

Give to our God the glory ! 

I fought Him in my hour of need ; 

Lord God, now hear my prayer ! 
For death He gave me life indeed, 

And comfort for defpair ; 
For this my thanks fhall endlefs be, 
Oh thank Him, thank Him too with me ; 
Give to our God the glory ! 

The Lord is never far away, 

Nor fundered from His flock ; 
He is their refuge and their Hay, 

Their peace, their trull, their rock, 
And with a mother's watchful love 
He guides them wherefoe'er they rove 
Give to our God the glory ! 

And when earth cannot comfort more, 

Nor earthly help avail, 
The Maker comes Himfelf, whofe flore 

Of blcfling cannot fail, 
And bends on them a Father's eyes 
Whom earth all reil and hope denies : 
Give to our God the glory ! 

Ah then till life hath reached its bound, 

My God, I'll worfhip Thee, 
The chorus of Thy praife (hall found 

Far over land and fea ; 

J 9 8 Cgrct (Sermanka. 

Oh foul and body now rejoice, 
My heart fend forth a gladfome voice : 
Give to our God the glory ! 

All ye who name ChrirVs holy Name, 

Give to our God the glory ! 
Ye who the Father's power proclaim, 

Give to our God the glory ! 
All idols under foot be trod, 
The Lord is God ! The Lord is God ! 
Give to our God the glory ! 

J. J. SCHUTZ. 1673. 

£nra (Brrmamca. 199 



O, heaven and earth, and Tea and air, 
Their Maker's glory all declare ; 
And thou, my foul, awake and fing, 
To Him Thy praifes alfo bring. 

Through Him the glorious Source of Day 
Can break the clouds of night away ; 
The pomp of ftars, the moon's foft light, 
Praife Him through all the filent ni^ht. 

Behold, how He hath everywhere 
Made earth fo wondrous rich and fair ; 
The foreft dark, the fruitful land, 
All living things do mow His hand. 

Behold, how through the boundlcfs ikv 
The happy birds all fwiftly fly ; 
And fire and wind and ilorm are Hz ill 
The readv fervante of His will. 

Cnrct (Bcrmmuca. 

Behold the waters' ceafelefs flow, 
For ever circling to and fro ; 
The mighty Tea, the bubbling well, 
Alike their Maker's glory tell. 

My God how wondroufly doll Thou 
Unfold Thyfelf to us e'en now ! 
O grave it deeply on my heart 
What I am, and what Thou, Lord, art ! 

Joachim Neander. 1679. 

£ma (Bcrmanicct. 2QI 



WHO fo oft in deep diftrefs 

And bitter grief rhuft dwell, 
Will now my God with gladnefs blefs, 
And all His mercies tell ; 
Oh hear me then, my God and King, 
While of Thy Holy Name I fing, 
Who doeft all things well. 

Our fathers who are now no more 
Have praifed Thee in their day, 

They taught their children oft of yore 
The wonders of Thy way ; 

Our children mail not reft, and ftill 

They mall not all the meafure fill, 
Nor all exhauft the lay. 

To Thee how many thankful fongs 

Have gone up ere my days, 
And yet to me a part belongs 

In that great hymn of praife ; 
I too muft tell Thy wondrous might, 
And praife Thy covenant jufl: and right, 

And Thine all-conquering grace. 


iima (Ewmamcct. 

And many a pious heart ihall learn 

The fongs I make to Thee, 
Far o'er the ftars that yonder burn 

Shall rife our harmony, 
Thy Majefty, Thy mighty Hand, 
Shall be reveal'd to every land, 

And all Thy goodnefs fee ! 

For who is gracious, Lord, as Thou ? 

Who hath To much forgiven ? 
Who Hill to us would pitying bow 

Who thus with grace have ftriven ? 
For loft in fins the whole world lies, 
Her ceafelefs crimes would scale the fkies, 

And cry aloud to heaven. 

Yes, it muft be a faithful heart 

That thus can love us ftill, 
Who oft reject the better part, 

And thanklefs choofe the ill ; 
But God can be nought elfe but good, 
And therefore doth His mercies' flood 

All things with blefling fill. 

For this the works that Thou haft made 

Do thank Thee and rejoice, 
Thy faints fhall blefs Thee for Thine aid, 

And make Thy ways their choice, 
And tell abroad from hour to hour 
Thy glorious rule, Thy kingdom's power, 

With far-refounding voice. 

Ctjra ©crmaniea. 20 3 

Yes, they fhall praife it, till its fame 
Through all the world fhall ring, 

And all men learn to know Thy name 
And gifts and fcrvice bring ; 

Eternal is Thy glorious throne, 

Thy rule is like Thyfelf alone, 
O j Lift, Eternal King ! 

And yet in death or pain or lofs, 

The Lord is with us all, 
Lightens the prefTure of the crofs, 

Upholds us when we fall ; 
He ftems the fwelling tide of woes, 
And when we fink beneath its blows 

He comes, ere yet we call. 

All eyes do wait on Thee, O Lord, 

Who keepeft us from dearth, 
Who fcattereft rich fupplies abroad 

For all the wants of earth ; 
Thou openeft oft Thy bounteous hand, 
And all in fea and air and land 

Are fill'd with food and mirth. 

Thy thoughts are good, and Thou art kind 

E'en when we think it not ; 
How many an anxious faithlefs mini 

Sits grieving o'er its lot, 
And frets and pines by day and night, 
As God had loft it out of fight, 

And all its wants forgot! 

204 £ma (Strmamca. 

Ah no ! God ne'er forgets His own, 

His heart is far too true, 
He ever feeks their good alone, 

His love is daily new ; 
And though thou deem that things go ill, 
Yet He is juft and holy flill 

In all things He can do. 

The Lord is ever clofe and near 
To thofe who keep His word, 

Whene'er they cry to Him in fear 
Their prayer is furely heard ; 

He knoweth well who loves Him well, 

His love fhall yet their clouds difpel, 
And grant the hope deferr'd. 

To thofe who love Him He denies 
No good thing that they feek; 

He fees their forrow, counts their fighs, 
And hearkens when they fpeak, 

And furely frees them from their woes ; 

But thofe who hate them He o'erthrows, 
And makes their boafting weak. 

Yet this is but a little part 

Of what I fain would fmg ; 
But daily mall my voice and heart 

New thanks and praifes bring ; 
Oh help me all that live and move, 
Help me to fpeak His faithful love, 

And praife our glorious King. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1606- 1676. 

ilma ©ernmntca. 205 



/fi\ MIGHTY Spirit! Source whence all 
J (v~| things fprung ! 

H K O glorious Majefty of perfect Light! 

y^jjJA Hath ever worthy praife to Thee been 
Or mortal heart endured to meet Thy fight ? 
If they who fin have never known 
Mud veil their faces at Thy throne, 
Oh how fhall I, who am but fin and dull:, 
Approach untrembling to the Pure and Juil ? 

The voice of confcience in the foul hath fhown 

Some far-off glimpfes of Thy holinefs, 
And yet more clearly haft Thou made it known 
In Thy dear word that tells us of Thy grace ; 
But with all-glorious light divine 
In His face we behold it fhinc, 
The fmlefs One, who this dark earth has trod 
To win through forrow finncrs back to God. 

206 £yra (Bwmantca. 

The brightnefs of Thy glory was the Son ; 

Thy law engraven on His heart He wore, 
And on His forehead that all clearly fhone 
That Aaron's forehead but in fhadow bore ;* 
And even to death did He obey 
To take the guilt of fin away, 
And made a curfe for man, and dying thus, 
He won the power of holinefs for us. 

Now may Thine image in us mine anew 

In holy righteoufnefs and innocence ; 
Now ftrengthened by Thy Son a fervice true 
Thy people render, pure from all offence ; 
But all their light is only dim, 
A fhadowed broken light from Him, 
Who that we might be holy bore our load, 
In Whom we dare to meet the Holy God. 

J. J. Rambach. 1720. 

* Exodus xxviii. 36-38. 

ilma ®>ermaima. 2 °7 



N Thee is gladnefs 
Amid all fadnefs, 
Jefus, Sunfhine of my heart ! 
By Thee are given 

The gifts of heaven, 
Thou the true Redeemer art ! 
Our fouls Thou wake ft, 
Our bonds Thou breaker!:, 
Who trulls Thee furely 
Hath built fecurely, 
He (lands for ever : 

Hallelujah. ' 
Our hearts are pining 
To fee Thy mining, 
Dying or living 
To Thee are cleaving, 
Nought can us fever ; 

If He is ours, 
We fear no powers 
Of earth or Satan, fin or death! 

2 ° 8 Cgra ©crmanica. 

He fees and blefles 
In worll diftreffes, 
He can change them with a breath ! 
Wherefore the ftory 
Tell- of His glory 
With heart and voices ; 
All heaven rejoices 
In Him for ever : 

We triumph o'er fadnefs, 
We fmg in our gladnefs, 
We love Thee, we praife Thee, 
And yonder mall raife Thee, 
Glad hymns for ever ; 


I. LlNDEMANN. I580-163O. 

Cnvci ©crmamca. 2 °9 


Written at the clofe of the Thirty Years' War. 

HANK God it hath refounded, 
The blefled voice of joy and Peace ! 

And murder's reign is bounded, 
And fpear and fword at laft may cease. 
Arife, take down thy lyre, 

My country, and once more 
Uplift in full-toned choir 
Thy happy fongs of yore ; 
Oh raife thy heart to God and fay : 

Thy covenants, Lord, endure, 
Thy mercies do not pafs away, 
Thy promifes are furc. 

For nothing do we merit, 
But fiery wrath and fharpeft rod, 

A race of froward fpirit, 
Whofe fhamelefs fins ftill mock our God ; 

210 £gva (fiwmanica. 

And He indeed hath fent us 
Full many a bitter ftroke, 
And yet, do we repent us, 
Or learn to bear His yoke? 
Nay, as we were fo ftill we are, 

But God abideth true, 
His help mall ftill the noife of war, 
The captive's bonds undo. 

O welcome day, that brought us 
This precious noble gift of Peace ! 

For war hath deeply taught us 
What forrows come where thou doll ceafe ; 

In thee our God now layeth 
All hope, all happinefs ; 

Who wounded thee, or flayeth, 
Doth, like a madman, prefs 
The arrow to his own heart's core, 

And quench with impious hand 
The golden torch of Peace once more, 

That glads at laft our land. 

This ye could teach us only, 
So dull and hard thefe hearts of ours, 
Ye homes, now ftripp'd and lonely, 
Ye wafted cities, ruin'd towers ; 
Ye fields once fairly blooming, 
With golden harvefts graced, 
Where forefts now are glooming, 
Or fprcads a dreary wafte ; 

£gra ©rrmamcct. 2I1 

Ye graves, with corpfes piled, where lies 

Full many a hero brave, 
Whofe like no more fhall meet our eyes, 

Who died, yet could not fave. 

O man, with bitter mourning 
Remember now the bygone years, 

When thou haft met God's warning 
With carelefs feoff, not contrite tears ; 

Yet like a loving Father, 
He lays afide His wrath, 

And feeks with kindnefs rather 
To lure thee to His path ; 
He tries if love may yet conftrain 

The heart that hath withftood 
His rod, — oh let Him not in vain 

Now ftrive with thee for good ! 

Thou carelefs world awaken ! 
Awake, awake, all ye that fleep, 

Ere yet ye be o'ertaken 
With ruin fudden, fvvift, and deep ! 
But he who knows Chrift liveth, 

May hope and fear no ill, 
The Peace that now He giveth 
Hath deeper meaning ftill, 
For He will furely teach us this : 
" The end is nigh at hand, 
When ye in perfect reft and peace 
Before your God fhall ftand." 

Paul Gerhardt. 1648. 

2i2 diva (Ewmamcct. 



AITH is a living power from heaven, 
That grafps the promife God hath given, 
A truft that cannot be o'erthrown, 
Fix'd heartily on Chriil alone. 

Faith finds in Chrift whate'er we need 
To fave or ilrengthen us indeed, 
Receives the grace He fends us down, 
And makes us fhare His crofs and crown. 

Faith in the confcience workcth peace, 
And bids the mourner's weeping ceafe ; 
By Faith the children's place we claim, 
And give all honour to One Name. 

Faith feels the Spirit's kindling breath 
In love and hope that conquer death ; 
Faith workcth hourly joy in God, 
And trufts and bleffcs e'en the rod. 

£nra (Bcrmantca. 2I 3 

Wc thank Thcc then, O God of heaven, 
That Thou to us this faith haft given 
In Jefus Chrift Thy Son, Who is 
Our only Fount and Source of blifs ; 

And from His fulnefs grant each foul 
The rightful faith's true end and goal, 
The bleflednefs no foes deftroy, 
Eternal love and light and joy. 

Bohemian Brethren. 


Cnra ©crmcmtca. 



HO keepeth not God's word, yet faith, 
J* I know the Lord, is wrong; 
In him is not that blcrTed faith 

Through which the truth is ftrong; 
But he who hears and keeps the word, 
Is not of this world, but of God. 

The faith His word hath caufed to mine 

Will kindle love in thee ; 
More wouldft thou know of things divine, 

Deeper thy love muft be ; 
True faith not only gives thee light, 
But ftrength to love and do the right. 

Jefus hath wafh'd away our fin, 
And we are children now ; 

Who feels fuch hope as this within, 
To evil cannot bow ; 

Rather with Chrift all fcorn endure, 

So we be like our M after, pure ! 

Cgra tSktmanxta. 2i s 

For he doth pleafe the Father well 

Who fimply can obey ; 
In him the love of God doth dwell 

Who fteadfaft keeps His way ; 
A daily active life of love, 
Such fruits a living faith mull prove. 

He is in God, and God in him, 

Who ftill abides in love ; 
'Tis love that makes the Cherubim 

Obey and praife above ; 
For God is love, the lovelefs heart 
Hath in His life and joy no part. 

C. F. Gellert. 1757. 

216 £m*a ©rvmanica. 



KNOW in whom I put my truft, 

I know what ftandeth fail, 
When all things here diffolve like dull 
Or fmoke before the blaft : 
I know what ftill endures, howe'er 

All elfe may quake and fall, 
When lies the prudent men enfnare, 
And dreams the wife enthral. 

It is the Dayfpring from on high, 

The adamantine Rock, 
Whence never ftorm can make me fly, 

That fears no earthquake's fhock. 
My Jefus Chrift, my fure Defence, 

My Saviour, and my Light, 
That mines within, and fcatters thence 

Dark phantoms of the night : 

W T ho, once was borne, bctray'd and (lain, 

At evening to the grave ; 
Whom God awoke, who rofe again, 

A Conqueror ftrong to fave ; 

Cvxa ©crmamra. 217 

Who pardons all my fin, who fends 

His Spirit pure and mild ; 
Whofe grace my every ftep befriends, 

Who ne'er forgets His child ! 

Therefore I know in whom I truft, 

I know what ftandeth faft, 
When all things form'd of earthly dull 

Are whirling in the blaft ; 
The terrors of the final foe 

Can rob me not of this, 
And this mail crown me once, I know, 

With never-fading blifs. 

E. M. Arndt. 

218 Cyra (fftrmantca. 



ORD, all my heart is fix'd on Thee, 
I pray Thee, be not far from me, 
With grace and love divine. 
The whole wide world delights me not, 
Of heaven or earth, Lord, afk I not, 

If only Thou art mine : 
And though my heart be like to break, 
Thou art my trull that nought can fhake, 
My portion, and my hidden joy, 
Whofe crofs could all my bonds deftroy ; 

Lord Jefus Chrift ! 
My God and Lord ! My God and Lord ! 
Forfake me not w 7 ho truft Thy word ! 

Rich are Thy gifts ! 'Twas God that gave 
Body and foul, and all I have 

In this poor life I live ; 
That I may ufe them to Thy praife, 
And man's true welfare all my days, 

Thy grace I pray Thee give ; 
From all falfe doclrine keep me, Lord ; 
All lies and malice from me ward ; 

£ma <8>*rmanica. 2I 9 

In every crofs uphold Thou me, 
That I may bear it patiently ; 

Lord Jefus Chrift ! 
My God and Lord ! My God and Lord ! 
In death Thy comfort ftill afford. 

Ah Lord, let Thy dear angels come 
At my laft end to bear me home 

To Paradife for aye ; 
And in its narrow chamber keep 
My body fafe in painlefs fleep 

Until Thy Judgment Day ; 
And then from death awaken me, 
That thefe mine eyes with joy may fee, 
O Son of God, Thy glorious face, 
My Saviour, and my Fount of Grace ! 

Lord Jefus Chrift. ! 
Receive my prayer, receive my prayer, 
Thy love will I for aye declare. 

Schalling. 1594. 


Cgra ©crm an tea. 



OW at laft I end the ft rife, 
To my God I give my life 
Wholly, with a fteadfaft mind ; ' 
(r^s^s Sin, I will not hearken more, 
World, I turn from thee, 'tis o'er, 
Not a look I'll caft behind. 

Hath my heart been wavering long, 
Have I dallied oft with wrong, 

Now at laft I firmly fay : 
All my will to this I give, 
Only to my God to live, 

And to serve Him night and day. 

Lord, I offer at Thy feet 

All I have moft dear and fweet, 

Lo ! I keep no fecret hoard ! 
Try my heart, and lurks there aught 
Falfe within its inmoft thought, 

Take it hence this moment, Lord ! 

Cnrct (Sarmamca. 

I will fhun no toil or wo, 
Where Thou leadeft I will go, 

Be my pathway plain or rough ; 
If but every hour may be 
Spent in work that pleafes Thee, 

Ah, dear Lord, it is enough ! 

One thing will I feek alone, 
Nought without me fhall be known, 

Sought, or toil'd for, more by me ; 
Strange to earth and all her care, 
Well content with pilgrim's fare, 

Shall my life be hid in Thee. 

Thee I make my choice alone, 
Make for ever, Lord, Thine own 

All my powers of foul and mind ; 
Yes, I give myfelf away, 
Let the covenant Hand for aye 

That my hand to-day hath figned. 

Tersteegen. i 73 i. 


Cyra (Ewmanica. 



E who'd make the prize his own, 
Runs as fwiftly as he can ; 
He who would attain the crown, 
Strives in earner!: as a man ; 
Trains himfelf betimes with care 
For the conflict he would fhare, 
Cafts afide whate'er could be 
Hindrance to His victory. 

Lord, Thou bidden 1 me afpire 

To a prize fo high, fo grand, 
That it fets my foul on fire 

To be found amid Thy band : 
Oh how brightly fhineth down 
From Thy heights the Harry crown 
And the throne to vi&ors given, 
Who for Thee have bravely ftriven ! 

Yet it feems I ftrive in vain, 
Lord, in pity look on me, 

Thou my wcaknefs mull: fuftain, 
Set me now from all things free 

£yra (Bcrmamcct. 22 3 

That could keep me from my goal ; 
Come, Thyfelf prepare my foul, 
Give me joy and ftrength and life, 
Help me in the race, the ftrife. 

Well our utmorr. efforts worth 

Is the crown I fee afar, 
Though the blinded fons of earth 

Care not for our holy war ; 
An exceeding great reward 
Is that crown of grace, my Lord ; 
Be Thyfelf my Strength divine, 
And the prize fhall foon be thine. 

J. Mentzer. 1704. 

22 4 £gra Cfknnamca. 



H, deareft Lord ! to feel that Thou art 
Brings deeper! peace, and hufhes every 

To fee Thy fmile, to hear Thy gracious voice, 
Makes foul and body inwardly rejoice 

With praife and thanks. 

We cannot fee as yet Thy glorious face, 
Not yet our eyes behold its love and grace, 
But Thee our inmoft foul can furely feel, 
Oh clearly, Lord, canft Thou Thyfelf reveal, 
Though all unfeen ! 

Oh well for him who ever day and night 
Should only feek to feed on Thee aright ! 
In him a well of joy for ever fprings, 
And all day long his heart is glad and fings : 
Who is like Thee ? 

For Thou doft love to meet us as a Friend, 
Our comfort, healing, hope, and joy to fend ; 

ilma C&crmcmiea. 

Patient to pity and to calm our woe, 
And daily to forgive us all we owe, 

Of Thy rich grace. 

Whene'er we weep foon bid our tears to ceafe, 
And make us feel how ilrong Thy love and peace ; 
And let the foul fee Thee within, and learn 
From need and love alike to Thee to turn 
With ceafelefs gaze. 

A warm and loving heart, a childlike mind, 
Through every change mayft Thou within us find ; 
The comfort of Thy holy forrows keep 
Our hearts at reft, in peace mofl calm and deep, 
In joy or woe ! 

So mail we all, until Thy heaven we fee, 
Like children evermore be glad in Thee, 
Though many a time the fudden tear may ftart, — 
If only Thou wilt touch the throbbing heart 
And ftill is pain ! 

Thou reachefi down to us Thy wounded hand, 
And at Thy crofs, dear Lord, afhamed we Hand, 
Remembering all Thy truth through weal and woe, 
Until our eyes with tears mud overflow 

Of thanks and praife. 
Christian Gregor. 1778. 

226 €ma (Bwmcrmca. 



ERE behold me, as I caft me 

At Thy throne, O glorious King ! 
Tears faft thronging, childlike longing, 
Son of Man, to Thee I bring. 
Let me find Thee — let me find Thee ! 
Me a poor and worthlefs thing. 

Look upon me, Lord, I pray Thee, 

Let Thy Spirit dwell in mine ; 
Thou haft fought me, Thou hall: bought me, 

Only Thee to know I pine ; 
Let me find Thee — let me find Thee ! 

Take my heart and grant me Thine. 

Nought I afk for, nought I ftrive for, 
But Thy grace fo rich and free, 

That Thou giveft whom Thou loveft, 
And who truly cleave to Thee ; 

Let me find Thee — let me find Thee ! 
He hath all things who hath Thee. 

ilma ©crmantra. 22 7 

Earthly treafure, mirth and pleafure, 
Glorious name, or richeft hoard, 

Are but weary, void and dreary, 
To the heart that longs for God ! 

Let me find Thee — let me find Thee ! 
I am ready, mighry Lord. 

Joachim Neander. 1679. 


£yra (Bwmamca. 



P ! yes, upward to thy gladnefs 

Rife, my heart, and foul, and mind ! 
Call, oh caft away thy fadnefs, 

Rife where thou thy Lord canfl find. 
He is thy home, 
And thy life alone is He ; 
Hath the world no place for thee, 
With Him is room. 

On, Hill onward, mounting higher 
On the wings of faith to Him ! 
On, Hill onward, ever higher, 

Till the mournful earth grows dim ! 
God is Thy Rock; 
Chrifl thy Champion cannot fail thee, 
Howfoe'er thy foes aflail thee, 
Fear not their fhock. 

Firm, yes firmly, ever cleaving 
Unto Chrift the ftrong and true, 

All, yes all, to God ftill leaving, 
For His love is daily new, 

ilma ©crmantca. 22 9 

Be fteadfaft here ; 
Soon thy foes fhall be o'erthrown, 
Since He wills thy good alone, 

Ee of good cheer. 

Hide thee, in His chamber hide thee, 

Chrift hath open'd now the door; 
Tell Him all that doth betide thee, 
All thy forrows there outpour; 
He hears thy cry ; 
Men may hate thee and deceive thee, 
But He cannot, will not leave thee, 
He ftill is nigh. 

High, oh high, o'er all things earthy, 

Raife thy thoughts, my foul, to heaven ; 
One alone of thee is worthy, 
All thou haft to Him be given ; 
Thy Lord He is 
Who fo truly pleads to have thee, 
Who in love hath died to fave thee ; 
Then thou art His. 

Up then, upwards ! feek thou only 

For the things that are above ; 
Sin thou hated, earth is lonely, 

Rife to Him whom thou doft love, — 
There art thou bleft ; 
All things here malt change and die, 
Only with our Lord on high 
Is perfect reft. 

J. C. SCHADE. 1699. 

2 3° £«ra (Bwmamca. 



PILGRIM here I wander, 
On earth have no abode, 
My fatherland is yonder, 
My home is with my God. 
For here I journey to and fro, 

There in eternal reft 
Will God His gracious gift beftow 
On all the toil-opprefsed. 

For what hath life been giving, 
From youth up till this day, 
But conftant toil and ftriving? 
Far back as thought can ft ray, 
How many a day of toil and care, 

How many a night of tears, 
Hath pafsed in grief that none could fhare, 
In lonely anxious fears ! 

How many a ftorm hath lightened 
And thundered round my path ! 

And winds and rains have frightened 
My heart with fierceft wrath : 

£m*ct ©trmamca. 2 3* 

And cruel envy, hatred, fcorn, 

Have darkened oft my lot, 
And patiently reproach I've borne, 

Though I deferved it not. 

Then through this life of dangers 

I onward take my way ; 
But in this land of Grangers 
I do not think to flay, 
But onward on the road I fare 
That leads me to my home, 
My Father's comfort waits me there, 
When I have overcome. 

Ah yes, my home is yonder, 

Where all the angelic bands 
Praife Him with awe and wonder, 
In whofe Almighty hands 
All things that are and mall be, lie, 

By Him upholden Hill, 
Who cafleth down and lifts on high 
At His moll holy will. 

That home have I defired, 

'Tis there I would be gone ; 
Till I am well-nigh tired, 

O'er earth I've journeyed on ; 
The longer here I roam, I find 

The lefs of real joy 
That e'er could pleafe or fill my mind, 
For all hath fome alloy. 

2 3 2 £gra <6>trmanka. 

The lodging is too cheerlefs, 
The forrow is too much ; 
Ah come, my heart is fearlefs, 
Releafe it with Thy touch, 
When Thy heart wills, and make an end 

Of all this pilgrimage, 
And with Thine arm and ftrength defend, 
When foes againft me rage. 

Where now my fpirit ftayeth 

Is not her true abode, 
This earthly houfe decayeth, 
And fhe will drop its load, 
When comes the hour to leave beneath 

What now I ufe and have ; 
And when I've yielded up my breath 
Earth gives me but a grave. 

But Thou, my Joy and gladnefs, 
O Thou, my Life and Light, 
Wilt raife me from this fadnefs, 
This long tempeftuous night, 
Into the perfect gladfome day, 

Where bathed in joy divine, 
Among Thy faints, and bright as they, 
I too mail ever mine. 

There mall I dwell for ever, 

Not as a gueft alone, 
With thofe who ccafe there nevci 

To worfhip at Thy throne ; 

Cgrcr ©tvmanica. 2 33 

There in my heritage I reft, 

From bafer things fet free, 
And join the chorus of the blefl 

For ever, Lord, to Thee ! 

Paul Gerhardt. 1606- 1676. 

2 34 Cgra ©miiamca. 



OW the pearly gates unfold, 

O Thou Joy of higheft heaven, 
Who ere earth was made, of old 
(r^s^S Light of light for light wall given ! 
Haflen, Lord, and quickly come, 

Bring the bride Thou hall betrothed, 
In Thine own pure radiance clothed, 
Safe to Thine eternal home, 
Where no more the night of fin 
Spreads its fear and gloom within. 

All my fpirit thirfls to fee, 

Lord, Thy face unveiled and bright ; 
And to Hand from fin fet free, 

Spotlefs Lamb, amid Thy light. 
But I leave it, — Thou doll well, 

And my heaven is here and now, 

Dayflar of my foul, if Thou 
Wilt but deign in me to dwell ; 
For without Thee could there be 
Joy in heaven itfelf for me ? 

Blifs from Thee my foul hath won, 
Spite of darkly threatening ill ; 

£ma (Pcrmcmica. 2 35 

And my heart calls Thee its Sun, 

And the Tea of care grows Hill 
In the mining of Thy fmile ; 

And Thy love's all-quickening ray 

Chafes night and pain away, 
That my heart grows light the while ; 
Heavenly joys in Thee are mine, 
Far from Thee I mourn and pine. 

Graft me into Thee for ever, 

Tree of Life, that I may grow 
Stronger heavenward, drooping never 

For the fharpefl ftorms that blow, 
Bearing fruits of faith and truth ; 

Then tranfplant me out of time 

Into that eternal clime 
Where I fhall renew my youth, 
When earth's wither'd leaves fhall bloom 
Frefh in beauty from the tomb. 

Life, to whom as to my Head 

I unite me, through my foul 
Now Thy quickening life-ftream fhed, 

And Thy love's warm current roll, 
Frefhening all with ftrength and grace ; 

Be Thou mine, I am Thine own, 

Here and ever Thine alone, 
All my hope in Thee I place ; 
Heaven and earth are nought to me, 
Save, oh Life of life, with Thee ! 

Dealer. 1692. 

2 3 6 £m*a ©armamca. 



Composed moft probably in 1526, when fhe was 
compelled to flee from Buda on account of her ad- 
herence to the Reformed Do&rine, after the Battle 
of Mohacz ; in which her hufband and the flower 
of the Hungarian nobility fell in defending their 
country againfl the Turks. 

AN I my fate no more withftand, 
Nor 'fcape the hand 
That for my faith would grieve me ; 
This is my ftrength, that well I know 
In weal or woe 
God's love the world mull leave me. 
God is not far, though hidden now, 
He foon fhall rife and make them bow 
Who of His word bereave me. 

Judge as ye will may caufe this hour, 
Yours is the power, 

£nra (Bcrmamra. 2 37 

God bids me ftrive no longer ; 
I know what mightier! feems to-day 
Shall pafs away, 

Time than your rule is ftronger. 
The Eternal Good I rather choofe, 
And fearlefs all for this I lofe ; 

God help me thus to conquer ! 

All has its day, the proverb faith : 
This is my faith, 
Thou, Chrift, wilt be befide me, 
And look on all this pain of mine 
As were it Thine, 
When fharpeft woes betide me ; 
Murl I then tread this path — I yield ; 
World, as thou wilt, God is my fhield, 
And He will rightly guide me ! 

2 3 8 

Cgra ©rnnantca. 



From the Dark Times of the Thirty Years' 

CHRIST, Thou bright and Morning Star, 
Now fhed Thy light abroad ; 

Shine on us from Thy throne afar 
In this dark place, dear Lord, 
With Thy pure glorious word. 

Jefus, Comfort of the poor, 

I lift my heart to Thee 

1 know Thy mercies ftill endure 

And Thou wilt pity me ; 
I truft alone to Thee. 

I cannot reft, I may not fleep, 
No joy or peace I know, 

My foul is torn with anguifh deep, 
And fears a deeper woe ; 
O Chrift, Thy pity mow ! 

£nra ©crmanica. 2 39 

For Thou didfl fuffer for my foul, 

Her burdens to remove ; 
Oh make me through Thy forrows whole, 

Refrefh me with Thy love ; 

Lord, help me from above. 

Then Jefus, glory, honour, praife, 

I'll ever fing to Thee ; 
Increafe my faith that Thou wilt raife 

Me once where I mall fee 

Eternal joys with Thee ! 


£uru <£mnamca. 




KEX in the hour of utmoft : 
^ We know not where to look for 

Fa zraous thought 
Nor help nor counfel yet have brought : 

Then this our comfort is alone 
That -xt may meet before Thy throne, 
And :.- --, O faithful G:£ ? :: Thee 
For refcue from our mi:"; 

To Thee may raiie our fa . 
Repenting fare 

Ion for our fin, 
- from our griefs within : 

Pot Thoa haft prorr. 
To hear all thoft 

' rate. 

Cflra <8>trmaniat. --- 

And thus we come, O God, : - 

And all our woes before Thee lay, 
For tried, forfaken, lo ! we ftan 
and foes on eve 

Ah hide not for 

Abfolve us through Thy bouneh 

ith us in our anguifh ftill, 
Free us at laft from every ill. 

That fo with all our hearts mav 

Once : : . .- : Thee, 


And now a raife :he Lord. 

Paul Eber. i 5 1 1 - 1 :z :. 

1 1 

2 4 2 £gra (tibtxmanha. 



S£\ FAITHFUL God ! O pitying Heart, 
I (\T Whofe goodnefs hath no end ; 

H, v( I know this crofs with all its fmart 

Thy hand alone doth fend ! 
Yes, Lord, I know it is Thy love, 
Not wrath or hatred bids me prove 
The load 'neath which I bend. 

'Twas ever wont with Thee, my God, 

To chaften oft a fon ;• 
He whom Thou loveft feels Thy rod, 

Tears flow ere joy is won ; 
Thou leaded us through darkeft pain 
Back to the joyous light again; 

Thus ever haft Thou done. 

For e'en the Son Thou moft doft love 

Here trod the path of woe ; 
Ere He might reach His throne above 

He bore the crofs below ; 
Through anguifh, fcorn, and poverty, 
Through bittereft death He pafsed, that we 

The blifs of heaven might know. 

Cgra ©crmanica. 2 43 

And if the pure and fmlefs One 

Could thus to forrow bow, 
Shall I who fo much ill have done 

Refill the crofs ? O Thou 
In whom doth perfect patience mine, 
Whoe'er would fain be counted Thine 

Muft wear Thy likenefs now. 

Yet, Father, each frefh aching heart 

Will quellion in its woe, 
If Thou canfl fend fuch bitter fmart 

And yet no anger know ? 
How long the hours beneath the crofs ! 
How hard to learn that love and lofs 

From one fole Fountain flow ! 

But what I cannot, Thou true Good, 

Oh work Thyfelf in me ; 
Nor ever let my trials' flood 

O'erwhelm my faith in Thee ; 
Keep me from every murmur, Lord, 
And make me ileadfafl in Thy word, 

My tower of refuge be ! 

If I am weak, Thy tender care 

Help me to face each ill ! 
With ceafelefs cries and tears and prayer 

The long fad hours Til fill ; 
The heart that yet can hope and trull:, 
And cry to Thee, though from the dull, 

Is all unconquered Hill ! 

244 £t>rct ©crmcmicct. 

O Thou who diedft to give us life, 

Full well to Thee is known 
The crofs, and all the inner ftrife 

Of thofe who weep alone, 
And 'neath their burden well-nigh faint ; 
The aching heart's unfpoken plaint 

Finds echo in Thine own. 

Ah Chrift, do Thou within me fpeak, 
For Thou canft comfort belt ; 

The tower and flronghold of the weak, 
The weary wanderer's reft, 

Our fhadow in the noon-day hours, 

And when the tempeft round us lowers, 
Our fhelter fafe and bleft ! 

O Holy Spirit, fent of God, 

In whom all gladnefs lies, 
Refrefh my foul, lift off her load, 

From Thee all fadnefs flies ; 
Thou know'lt the glories yet to come, 
The joy, the folace, of that home, 

Where we mail one day rife. 

There in Thy prefence we fhall fee 

Glories beyond our ken ; 
The crofs known here to none but Thee 

Shall turn to gladnefs then ; 
There fmilcs for all our tears arc given, 
And for our woes the joys of heaven ; 

Lord, I believe ! Amen ! 

Paul Gfrhardt. 1606- 1676. 

£m*a (Ewmamca. 2 45 



H God, my days are dark indeed, 
How oft this aching heart mull bleed, 
The narrow way, how filled with pain 
That I mult pafs ere heaven I gain ! 
How hard to teach this flefh and blood 
To feck alone the Eternal Good ! 

Ah whither now for comfort turn ? 

For Thee, my Jefus, do I yearn, 

In Thee have I, howe'er diftreft, 

Found ever counfel, aid, and reft ; 

I cannot all forfaken be 

While ftill my heart can truft in Thee. 

Jefus, my only God and Lord, 

What fweetnefs in Thy name is ftored ! 

So dark and hopelefs is no grief 

But Thv fwect Name can bring relief, 

So keen no forrows' rankling dart 

But Thv fweet Name can heal my heart. 

2 4 6 Cyrct ©rrmcmica. 

The world can fhow no truth like Thine, 
And therefore will I not repine ; 
I know Thou wilt forfake me not, 
Thy truth is fixed, though dark my lot; 
Thou art my Shepherd, and Thy fheep 
From every real harm Thou wilt keep. 

Jefus, my boaft, my light, my joy, 

The treafure nought can e'er deftroy, 

No words, no fong that I can frame 

Speak half the fweetnefs of Thy name ; 

They only all its power mail prove 

Whofe hearts have learnt Thy faith and love. 

How many a time I've fadly faid, 
Far better were it I were dead, 
Far better ne'er the light to fee, 
If I had not this joy in Thee ; 
For he who hath not Thee in faith, 
His very life is merely death. 

Jefus, my Bridegroom, and my crown, 
If Thou but fmile, the world may frown, 
In Thee lie depths of joy untold, 
Far richer than her richeft gold ; 
Whene'er I do but think of Thee, 
Thy dews drop down and folace me. 

Whene'er I hope in Thee, my Friend, 
Thy comfort and Thy peace defcend ; 
Whene'er in grief I pray and fing 

£nra (Strmanico. 2 47 

I feel new courage in me fpring ; 
Thy Spirit witnefTes that this 
Is foretafte of the eternal blifs. 

Then while I live this life of care 
The crofs for Thee I'll gladly bear ; 
Grant me a patient willing mood, 
I know that it fhall work my good ; 
Help me to do my ta/k aright, 
That it may fland before Thy fight. 

Let me this flefh and blood controul, 
From fin and fhame preferve my foul, 
And keep me fteadfaft in the faith, 
Then I am Thine in life and death ; 
Jefus, Confoler, bend to me, 
Ah would I were e'en now with Thee ! 

COXRAD HojER. I584. 

Cnrct (Ewmanica. 



Written moil probably either during the great Fa- 
mine in Nuremburg in 1552, or the time of the 
Siege in 1561. 

HY art thou thus caft down, my heart ? 
y. Why troubled, why doit mourn apart, 
O'er nought but earthly wealth ? 
Truft in thy God, be not afraid, 
He is thy Friend who all things made. 

Doit think thy prayers He doth not heed? 
He knows full well what thou doit need, 

And heaven and earth are His ; 
My Father and my God, who itill 
Is with my foul in every ill. 

Since Thou my God and Father art, 
I know Thy faithful loving heart 
Will ne'er forget Thy child. 
See I am poor, I am but duit, 
On earth is none whom I can truft. 

The rich man in his wealth confides, 
But in my God my truft abides; 
Laugh as ye will, I hold 

i'nrct ©crmantca. 2 49 

This one thing fa ft that He hath taught, — 
Who trufts in God fhall want for nought. 

Yes, Lord, Thou art as rich to-day 
As Thou haft been and lhalt be aye, 

I reft on Thee alone ; 
Thy riches to my foul be given, 
And 'tis enough for earth and heaven 

What here may fhine I all refign, 
If the eternal crown be mine, 

That through Thy bitter death 
Thou gainedft, O Lord Chrift, for me, 
For this, for this, I cry to Thee ! 

All wealth, all glories, here below, 
The beft that this world can beftow, 

Silver or gold or lands, 
But for a little time is given, 
And helps us not to enter heaven. 

I thank Thee, Chrift, Eternal God, 
That Thou haft taught me by Thy word 

To know this truth and Thee ; 
O grant me alfo fteadfaftnefs 
Thy heavenly kingdom not to mifs. 

Praife, honour, thanks, to Thee be brought, 
For all things in and for me wrought 

By Thy great mercy, Chrift. 
This one thing only ftill I pray, 
Oh caft me ne'er from Thee away. 

Hans Sachs. 

2 S° Cgva Gbtrmanka. 



LL things hang on our poiTeiTing 
God's free love and grace and blefling, 

Though all earthly wealth depart ; 
He who God for his hath taken, 
'Mid the changing world unfhaken 
Keeps a free heroic heart. 

He who hitherto hath fed me, 
And to many a joy hath led me, 

Is and fhall be ever mine ; 
He who did fo gently fchool me, 
He who Hill doth guide and rule me, 

Will not leave me now to pine. 

Shall I weary me with fretting 
O'er vain trifles, and regretting 

Things that never can remain ? 
I will drive but that to win me 
That can flied true reft within me, 

Reft the world mult feek in vain. 

Ctjrct (Pcnnantca. 251 

When my heart with longing fickens, 
Hope again my courage quickens, 

For my wifh mall be fulfill'd, 
If it pleafe His love molt tender ; 
Life and foul I all furrender 

Unto Him on whom I build. 

Well He knows how bell to grant me 
All the longing hopes that haunt me, 

All things have their proper day ; 
I would dictate to Him never, 
As God wills, fo be it ever, 

When He wills, I will obey. 

If on earth He bids me linger, 
He will guide me with His finger 

Through the years that now look dim; 
All that earth has fleets and changes 
As a river onward ranges, 

But I reft in peace on Him. 

Anon, in a Nuremberg Hymn- 
book of 1676. 

2 5 2 £m*a ©tvmantca. 



, Y God, in Thee all fulnefs lies, 

All want in me from Thee apart ; 
In Thee my foul hath endlefs joys, 
In me is but an aching heart ; 
Poor as the pooreft here I pine, 
In Thee a heavenly kingdom's mine. 

Thou feeft whatfoe'er I need, 

Thou feeft it, and pityeft me ; 
Thy fwift companions hither fpeed, 

Ere yet my woes are told to Thee ; 
Thou heareft, Father, ere we cry, 
Shall I not Hill before Thee lie ? 

I leave to Thee whate'er is mine, 

And in Thy will I calmly reft ; 
I know that richeft gifts are Thine, 

Thou canft and Thou wilt make me bleft, 
For Thou haft promifed, and our Lord 
Will never break His promifed word. 

£nra ©crmamca. 2 53 

Thou loveft mc, Father, with the love 

Wherewith Thou lovedft Chrift Thy Son, 

And fo a brightnefs from above 

Still glads me though my tears may run, 

For in Thy love I find and know 

What all the world could ne'er bellow. 

Then I can let the world go by, 

And yet be ftill and reft in Thee, 
I fit, I walk, I ftand, I lie, 

Thou ever watcheft over me, 
And when the yoke is preffing fore 
I think, my God lives evermore ! 


2 54 Cgra (Sfovmamca. 



Probably by Joachim Magdeburg, a Pallor who died 
in 1560 — long a favourite Hymn at death-beds; 
faid to be found in a ftained glafs window in Nord- 
haufen with the date 1592, printed at iatelt 1598. 

HO puts his truft. in God mod juft 
yv Hath built his houfe fecurely ; 
He who relies on Jefus Chrift, 
Heaven fhall be his mod furely : 
Then fix'd on Thee my truft fhall be, 

For Thy truth cannot alter ; 
While mine Thou art, not death's worft fmart 
Shall make my courage falter. 

Though fierceft foes my courfe oppofe, 

A dauntlefs front I'll mow them ; 
My champion Thou, Lord Chrift, art now, 

Who foon malt overfhrow them ! 
And if but Thee I have in me 

With Thy good gifts and Spirit, 
Nor death nor hell, I know full well, 

Shall hurt me, through Thy merit. 

Cnrct ©crmanica. 255 

I reft mc here without a fear, 

By Thee fhall all be given 
That I can need, O faithful God, 

For this life or for heaven. 
O make me true, my heart renew, 

My foul and flefh deliver ! 
Lord, hear my prayer, and in Thy care 

Keep me in peace for ever. 


£nrct ©crmcmiea. 



HAT pleafes God, O pious foul, 
y. Accept with joy, though thunders roll 
And tempefts lower on every fide, 
Thou knoweft nought can thee betide 
But pleafes God. 

The bell will is our Father's will, 
And we may reft there calm and Hill, 
Oh make it hour by hour thine own, 
And wifh for nought but that alone 
Which pleafes God. 

His thought is aye the wifeft thought, 
How oft man's wifdom comes to nought, 
Miftake or weaknefs in it lurks, 
It brings forth ill, and feldom works 
What pleafes God. 

His mind is aye the gcntleft mind, 
His will and deeds are ever kind, 
He blerTes when again!! us fpeaks 
The evil world, that rarely fecks 
What pleafes God. 

£nra (Pcrmamca. 2 57 

His heart is aye the trueit heart, 
He bids all woe and harm depart, 
Defending, fhielding day and night 
The man who knows and loves aright 
What pleafes God. 

He governs all things here below, 
In Him lie all our weal and woe, 
He bears the world within His hand, 
And fo to us bear fea and land 

What pleafes God. 

And o'er His little flock He yearns, 
And when to evil ways it turns, 
The Father's rod oft fmiteth fore, 
Until it learns to do once more 

What pleafes God. 

What moll would profit us He knows, 
And ne'er denies aught good to thofe 
Who with their utmoft itrength purfue 
The right, and only care to do 

What pleafes God. 

If this be fo, then World, from me 
Keep if thou wilt,- what pleafes thee ; 
But thou, my foul, be well content 
With God and all things He hath fent ; 
As pleafes God. 

And mult thou fuffer here and there, 
Cling but the firmer to His care, 

2 5 8 Ctivct (tibmnanua. 

For all things are beneath His fway, 
And mull in very truth obey 

What pleafes God. 

True faith will grafp His mercy faft, 
And hope bring patience at the laft, 
Then both within thy heart enfhrine, 
So fhall the heritage be thine 

That pleafes God. 

To thee for ever fhall be given 
A kingdom and a crown in heaven, 
And there fhall be fulnll'd in thee, 
And thou fhalt tafte and hear and fee 
What pleafes God. * 

Paul Gerhardt. 1653. 

£m*ct <3>tvmanka. 2 S9 


Written for the comfort of a Sick Friend, who fet 
it to Mufic, and on his recovery frequently caufed 
it to be fung before his houfe by the School-Choir. 

HATE'ER, my God ordains is right, 
y. His will is ever juft ; 

Howe'er He order now my caufe 
r^T I will be ftill and truft. 

He is my God, 
Though dark my road, 
He holds me that I mail not fall, 
Wherefore to Him I leave it all. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right, 

He never will deceive ; 
He leads me by the proper path, 
And fo to Him I cleave, 
And take content 
What He hath fent ; 
His hand can turn my griefs away, 
And patiently I wait His day. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right, 

He taketh thought for me, 
The cup that my Phyfician gives 

No poifon'd draught can be. 

260 Cuva (&tvmamta. 

But medicine due ; 

For God is true, 
And on that changelefs truth I build, 
And all my heart with hope is filled. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right, 

Though I the cup mud: drink 
That bitter feems to my faint heart, 
I will not fear nor fhrink ; 
Tears pafs away 
With dawn of day, 
Sweet comfort yet fhall fill my heart, 
And pain and forrow fhall depart. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right, 

My Light my Life is He, 
Who cannot will me aught but good, 
I trull Him utterly ; 
For well I know, 
In joy or woe, 
We once fhall fee as funlight clear 
How faithful was our Guardian here. 

Whate'er my God ordains is right, 

Here will I take my ftand ; 
Though forrow, need, or death make earth 
For me a defert land, 
My Father's care 
Is around me there, 
He holds me that I fhall not fall, 
And fo to Him I leave it all. 

S. RODIGAST. 1675. 

£ma ©crmamca. 




j HEREFORE fhould I grieve and pine ? 
fir y. Is not Chrift the Lord Mill mine? 
J~ Who can fever me from Him ? 

/^S^^n Who can rob me of the heaven 
Which the Son of God hath given 
Unto faith though weak and dim ? 

Naked, helplefs, was I born 

When my earlier! breath was drawn, 

Naked mull I wander forth, 
As a fhadow flits away 
At the coming of the day, 

Bearing nought with me from earth. 

Soul and body, life and goods, 
Are not mine, are only God's, 

Given me by His loving will ; 
Would He take back aught of His, 
Let Him take it, not for this 

Shall my fong of praife be ftiil. 

Scndeth He fome crofs to bear, 
Cometh forrow, need, or care, 

262 Cgra (Sfortnanka. 

Shall it all my peace deftroy ? 
He who fends can end it too, 
Well He knows in feafon due, 

How to turn my griefs to joy. 

Many a day of happinefs 

Hath He fent who loves to blefs, 

Shall I not bear aught for God ? 
He is kind, we know that He 
Ne'er forfakes us utterly, 

Love lies hidden in His rod. 

What is there my foes can do, 
Though they be nor weak nor few, 

Save to fcorn and mock my woe ? 
Let them laugh, and let them mock, 
God my Saviour and my Rock 

Soon mall all their fchemes o'erthrow. 

With a glad and fearlefs mien 
Should a Chriftian man be feen, 

Wherefoe'er be call: his lot ; 
Yea, though death feem clofe at hand, 
Calm and quiet let him ftand, 

And his fpirit tremble not. 

Him no death has power to kill, 
But from many a Ireaded ill 

Bears his fpirit fafe away ; 
Shuts the door of bitter woes, 
Opens yon bright path that glows 

With the light of perfect day. 

£nrct (Bttmanka. 26 3 

There in deepeft joy my heart 
Shall be healed from all the fmart 

Of the wounds that pierced it here ; 
Here can no true good be found, 
Seeming goods that here abound 

In a moment difappear. 

Wealth that this world can command, 
Is it aught but barren fand, 

Bringing cares and troubles fore ? 
There, there are the gifts unpriced 
Where my Shepherd Jefus Chrift 

Shall refrefh me evermore. 

Fount of Joy, my Lord Divine, 
Thine I am, and Thou art mine, 

Nought can part my foul from Thee ; 
I am Thine, for Thou didft give 
Once Thy life that I might live, 

Dearly didft Thou purchafe me. 

Thou art mine, becaufe my heart 
Ne'er will let Thee more depart, 

Clings to Thee her joy, her light ; 
Bring me, bring me to that place 
Where, enclafped in Thine embrace, 

Love at laft is bleft with fight. 

Paul Gerhardt. 1653. 

26 4 €ma ©crmcmica. 



EEMS it in my anguifh lone, 
As though God forfook His own, 
Yet I hold this knowledge fall, 
God will furely help at laft. 

He denieth not His aid 
Though awhile it be delayed ; 
Though it come not oft with fpeed, 
It will furely come at need. 

As a father not too foon 
Grants his child the longed-for boon, 
So our God gives when He will; 
Wait His leifure and be dill. 

I can reft in thoughts of Him, 
When all courage cKc grew dim, 
For I know my foul fhall prove 
His is more than father's love. 

Would the powers of ill affright, 
I can fmile at all their might; 

£uvct (Bcrmamca. 26 5 

Or the crofs is prcfTing Tore, 
God, my God, lives evermore ! 

Man may hate me caufelefsly, 
Man may plot to ruin me, 
Foes my heart may pierce and rend ; 
God in heaven is Hill my Friend. 

Earth may all her gifts deny, 
Safe my treafure Hill on high, 
And if heaven at laft be mine, 
All things elfe I can refign. 

I renounce thee willingly, 
World, I hate what pleafes thee, 
Baneful every gift of thine, 
Only be my God ftill mine. 

Ah Lord, if but Thee I have 
Nought of other good I crave, 
Bright is even death's dark road, 
If but Thou art there, my God. 

C. Titius. 1641-1703. 

266 Cgra <8>ermamca. 




KNOW my end mull furely come, 

But know not when, or where, or how, 

It may be I fhall hear my doom 

To-night, to-morrow, nay, or now, 

Ere yet this prefent hour is fled, 

This living body may be dead. 

Lord Jefus, let me daily die, 

And at the kit Thy prefcncc give, 

Then Death his utmoft power may try, 
He can but make me truly live, 

Then welcome my laft hour fhall be, 

When, where, and how it pleafes Thee. 

S. Franck. 171 i. 

£nra (Bcrmanica. ^i 



Said to be written on occafion of the fudden death 
of Duke George of Saxe-Eifenach, while hunting. 

) HO knows how near my end may be ? 

J^ Time fpeeds away, and Death comes 
K on; 

6*^> ^ How fwiftly, ah ! how fuddenly, 

May Death be here, and Life be gone ! 
My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

The world that fmiled when morn was come 
May change for me ere clofe of eve ; 

So long as earth is ftill my home 
In peril of my death I live ; 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 

Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

Teach me to ponder oft my end, 
And ere the hour of death appears, 

To caft my foul on Chriit her Friend, 
Nor fparc repentant cries and tears ; 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 

Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

268 Cgra (Sformamca. 

And let me now fo order all, 

That ever ready I may be 
To fay with joy, whate'er befall, 

Lord, do Thou as Thou wilt with me ; 
My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying dav. 

Let heaven to me be ever fweet, 
And this world bitter let me find, 

That I, 'mid all its toil and heat, 
May keep eternity in mind ; 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 

Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

Father, cover all my fins 
With Jefu's merits, who alone 

The pardon that I covet wins, 

And makes His long-fought reft my own ; 
My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

His forrows and His crofs I know 

Make death-beds foft, and light the grave, 

They comfort in the hour of woe, 
They give me all I fain would have ; 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 

Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

From Him can nought my foul divide, 
Nor life nor death can part us now ; 

1 lay my hand upon His fide, 

And fay, My Lord and God art Thou; 

Cnra ©crmanicct. 2 &9 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

In holy baptifm long ago, 

I joined me to the living Vine, 
Thou loveft me in Him, I know, 

In Him Thou doft accept me Thine ; 
My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

And I have eaten of His flefh 

And drunk His blood, — nor can I be 

Forfaken now, nor doubt afrefh, 
I am in Him and He in me; 

My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 

Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

Then death may come or tarry yet, 

I know in Chrift I perifh not, 
He never will His own forget, 

He gives me robes without a fpot ; 
My God, for Jefu's fake I pray 
Thy peace may blefs my dying day. 

And thus I live in God at peace, 
And die without a thought of fear, 

Content to take what God decrees, 

For through His Son my faith is clear, 

His grace fhall be in death my ftay, 

And peace fhall blefs my dying day. 

Emilia Juliana, Countefs of Schwarzburg 
Rudolftadt. 1686. 

2?o £m*ct ©rrmantca. 



ORLD, farewell ! Of thee I'm tired, 
f -jN Now toward heaven my way I take ; 
There is peace the long-defired, 

Lofty calm that nought can break ; 
World, with thee is war and ftrife, 
Thou with cheating hopes art rife, 
But in heaven is no alloy, 
Only peace and love and joy. 

When I reach that home of gladnefs, 

I fhall feel no more this load, 
Feel no ficknefs, want, or fadnefs, 

Refting in the arms of God. 
In the world woes follow fart, 
And a bitter death comes laft, 
But in heaven fhall nought deftroy 
Endlefs peace and love and joy 

What are earthly joys ? a weary 

Chafe of mill, or wind-borne foam ! 

On this defert black and dreary 
Sins and vices have their home; 

Cnrct (Bcrmaniccr. 2 7 l 

Thine, O World, are war and ftrife, 
Mocking pleafures, dying life ; 
But in heaven is no annoy, 
Only peace and love and joy. 

Oh the mufic and the finging 
Of the hoft redeemed by love ! 

Oh the hallelujahs ringing 

Through the halls of light above ! 

Thine, O World, the fcornful fneer, 

Mifery thy reward, and fear ; 

But in heaven is no annoy, 

Only peace and love and joy. 

Here is nought but care and mourning, 
Comes a joy, it will not (lay ; 

Fairly mines the fun at dawning, 
Night will foon o'ercloud the day ; 

World, with thee we weep and pine, 

Gnawing care and grief are thine ; 

But in heaven is no alloy, 

Only peace and love and joy. 

Onwards then ! not long I wander, 
Ere my Saviour comes for me, 

And with Him abiding yonder 
All His glory I fhall fee ; 

For there's nought but forrow here, 

Toil and pain and many a fear, 

But in heaven is no annoy, 

Only peace and love and joy. 

2 7 2 Cnra ©ermantca. 

Well for him whom death has landed 

Safely on yon bleffed more, 
Where in joyful worfhip banded, 

Sing the faithful evermore ; 
For the world hath ftrife and war, 
All her works and hopes they mar, 
But in heaven is no annoy 
Only peace and love and joy. 

Time, thou fpeedeft on but flowly, 

Hours, how tardy is your pace, 

Ere with Him the High and Holy 

I hold convcrfe face to face ; 
World, with partings thou art rife, 
Filled with tears and florins and ftrife 
But in heaven can nought deflroy 
Endlefs peace and love and joy. 

Therefore will I now prepare me, 

That my work may fland His doom, 
And when all is finking round me, 

I may hear not " Go" — but " Come !" 
World, the voice of grief is here, 
Outward feeming, care, and fear, 
But in heaven is no alloy, 
Only peace and love and joy ! 

J. G. Albinus. 1652. 

ilma (Bcrmcmica. 2 73 



Y caufe is God's, and I am Hill, 
Let Him do with me as He will ; 
Whether for me the fight is won, 
Or fcarce begun, 
I afk no more — His will be done ! 

My fins are more than I can bear, 
Yet not for this will I defpair, 
I know to death and to the grave 

The Father gave 
His deareft Son, that He might fave. 

In Him my Saviour I abide, 
I know for all my fins He died, 
And rifen again to work my good, 

The burning flood 
Hath quenched with His mod precious blood. 

To Him I live and die alone, 

Death cannot part Him from His own ; 

Living or dying I am His 

Who only is 
Our comfort, and our gate of blifs. 

2 74 JCjjrct (Sbtxmamta. 

This is my folace, day by day, 
When fnares and death befet my way, 
I know that at the morn of doom 

From out the tomb 
With joy to meet Him I (hall come. 

Then I fhall fee God face to face, 
I doubt it not, through Jefu's grace, 
Amid the joys prepared for me ! 

Thanks be to Thee 
Who giveft us the victory ! 

O Jefus Chrift, Thou Son of God, 
Who once for me didft bear the rod, 
Ah hide me in Thy wounded heart 

When I depart; 
My help, my hope, Thou only art ! 

Amen, dear God ! now fend us faith, 
And a: the laft a happy death ; 
And grant us all ere long to be 

In heaven with Thee, 
To praife Thee there eternally. 

J. Pappus. 1598. 

£m*ct (Bcrmantca. 2 7S 


LORD my God, I cry to Thee, 
In my diftrefs Thou helpeft me ; 
To Thee myfelf I all commend, 
Oh fwiftly now Thine angel fend 
To guide me home, and cheer my heart, 
Since Thou doll call me to depart ! 

O Jefus Chrift, Thou Lamb of God, 
Once flain to take away our load, 
Now let Thy crofs, Thine agony, 
Avail to fave and folace me; 
Thy death to open heaven, and there 
Bid me the joy of angels fhare. 

O Holy Spirit, at the end, 
Sweet Comforter, be Thou my Friend ! 
When death and hell aflail me fore, 
Leave me, oh leave me, nevermore, 
But bear me fafely through that ftrife, 
As Thou haft promifed, into life ! 

Nicholas Selnecker. 1587. 

276 Cgra ©rrmantrct. 



ORD jefus Chrift, my Life, my Light, 
My ftrength by day, my truft by night, 
On earth I'm but a pafling gueft, 
And forely with my fins opprefs'd. 

Far off I fee my fatherland, 

Where through Thy grace I hope to Hand, 

But ere I reach that Paradife 

A weary way before me lies. 

My heart finks at the journey's length, 
My wafted flefh has little ftrength, 
Only my foul ftill cries in me, 
Lord, fetch me home, take me to Thee ! 

Oh let Thy fufferings give me power 
To meet the laft and darkeft hour ; 
Thy prayer refrefh and comfort me, 
Thy bonds and fetters fet me free ! 

That thirft and bitter draught of Thine 
Help me to bear with patience mine, 
Thy piercing cry avail my foul, 
When floods of anguifh o'er me roll ! 

ilma <£crmanica. 2 77 

And when my lips grow white and chill, 
Thy Spirit cry within me ftill, 
And help my foul Thy heaven to find, 
When thefc poor eyes grow dark and blind ! 

And when the (pint flies away, 

Thy parting words mail be my flay, 

Thy crofs the ftaff whereon I lean, 

My couch the grave where Thou haft been. 

Since Thou haft died, the Pure, the Juft, 
I take my homeward way in truft, 
The gates of heaven, Lord, open wide, 
When here I may no more abide. 

And when the laft great Day is come, 
And Thou our Judge fhalt fpeak the doom, 
Let me with joy behold the light, 
And fet me then upon Thy right. 

Renew this wafted flefh of mine, 
That like the fan it there may mine, 
Among the angels pure and bright, 
Yea, like Thyfelf in glorious light. 

Ah then I have my heart's defire, 
When finging with the angel's choir, 
Among the ranfom'd of Thy grace, 
For ever I behold Thy face ! 

M. Behemb. 1606. 

2 7% £))va (Bcrmamcct. 



/^^ORD God, now open wide Thy heaven, 
| [j My parting hour is near; 

r^JI My courfe is run, enough I've ftriven, 
Enough I've fufFer'd here ; 
Weary and fad 
My foul is glad 
That (he may lay her down to reft; 
Now all on earth I can refign, 
But only let Thy heaven be mine. 

As Thou, Lord, haft commanded me, 

Have I with perfect faith 
Embraced my Saviour, and to Thee 
I calmly look in death ; 

With willing heart 
I hence depart, 
I hope to fland before Thy face : 
Yes, all on earth I can refign, 
If but thy heaven at laft be mine. 

Then let me go like Simeon 
In peace with thee to dwell, 

Cura <8>trmanira. 2 "9 

For I commend me to Thy Son, 
And He will guard me well, 
And guide me ftraight 
To the golden gate ; 
And in this hope I calmly die ; 
Yes, all on earth I can refign, 
If but Thy heaven may now be mine. 

T. Kiel. 1620. 

280 £\)xa (Pcrmanica. 



ORD, now let Thy fervant 

Pafs in peace away ; 
I have had enough of life, 

Here I would not flay : 
Let me go, if fuch Thy will, 
With a heart at reft and ftill. 

Here, Lord, have I wreftled, 

Suffer'd many a woe, 
Fought as fearlefs warriors fight, 

Conquer'd many a foe. 
Kept the faith with them of old, 
Helped to guard and warn Thy fold. 

Many an hour of forrow, 

Many an anguifh'd tear, 
Many a thorny path was mine 

With Thy people here ; 
O'er my fins IVc had to mourn, 
Many a crofs and trial borne. 

£nra (fftrmanica. 2§I 

All at laft is ended, 

Fight and race are o'er, 
God will free me now from all 

Ills for evermore ; 
To a better life I go, 
Than this tearful earth can mow 

Peace mail I find yonder, 

And be free from fin, 
No more ftrife and wars without, 

No more foes within, 
All around me mall be peace, 
And the joy that cannot ceafe. 

Where they bear the fceptre, 

There a crown for me 
Is laid up through Jem's grace, 

Bright that crown mail be : 
Deeper!: calm my foul mail fill, 
And this longing mall be frill. 

My Redeemer liveth, 

He mall bid me rife 
From the gloomy realm of death, 

There all forrow lies, 
And I need not fear to wake, 
Since His voice my fleep mail break. 

He will change this body, 

Make it like His own, 
When the dead a rife from earth, 

When the trump is blown, 

282 £gva ©crmanica. 

I fhall fee Him face to face, 
Here my fteadfaft hope I place. 

Therefore of His mercy - 

Ever will I ling, 
All my heart and foul to Him 

Praife and thanks fhall bring; 
Praife Him now, and praife Him then, 
When the heavens fhall cry Amen ! 

David Bohme. 1605-1657. 

£nra ©ermantrcr. 28 3 



HEN now at laft the hour is come, 
PffD That I have long'd for many a time, 
When God with joy mould call me home 
From this ftrange land, this wintry 
clime ; 
Thy victim, Death, efcapes no more, 
The hour draws on when I mail be 
From all the bonds of earth fet free, 
And life's long battle fhall be o'er. 

To combat for His glory here 

The Father fent me forth; — and lo ! 

The hour of victory draws near, 
And conquer'd now is every foe ; 

And I have borne me in the ftrife 
As true and fearlefs warriors ought, 
And bravely to the laft have fought 

Through all the wars and woes of life. 

My cry, when rough the march and dark, 
Was, watch and ftrive till thou haft won, 

Prefs forward fearlefs to the mark ! 
As now, thank God, at laft I've done. 

28 4 Cijrct ©armamca. 

Now it is o'er, I cannot mifs ; 

Through every danger to the death 
True to my Lord I've kept the faith, 

And freely rifk'd all elfe for this. 

It lacketh now a few fhort hours, 

And I am in eternity ; 
The wreath of fadelefs heavenly flowers 

Is wound already there for me, 
The crown is waiting for me there, 

Until the fight is wholly fought, 

And all my foul is thither caught, 
Where fhining palms the conquerors bear. 

But when that morning fhall appear, 

When our great Judge, the Son of God, 

Shall give to thofe who loved Him here 
Their gracious undeferved reward, 

Then in the glorious halls above, 
I too among that hoft fhall Hand, 
And take from His all-faithful hand 

The crown of righteoufnefs and love. 

Nor mall I yonder ftand alone, 
I fee the crowned holt appear, 

The mighty hoft before His throne, 
Who mine for ever pure and clear, 

The fouls of thofe, who on their way 
Were longing hour by hour here, 
With burning love, and many a tear, 

To fee the glories of that Day. 

Spener. 1676. 

£m*a (8>trmanica. 


ERUSALEM, thou city fair and high, 
Would God I were in thee ! 
My longing heart fain fain to thee would 
It will not flay with me ; 

Far over vale and mountain, 

Far over field and plain, 
It haftes to fzck its Fountain 
And quit this world of pain. 

Oh happy day, and yet far happier hour, 

When wilt thou come at laft ? 
When fearlefs to my Father's love and power, 
Whofe promife ftandeth fait, 
My foul I gladly render, 

For furely will His hand 

Lead her with guidance tender 

To heaven her fatherland. 

A moment's fpace, and gently, wondroufly, 

Relcafjd from earthly ties, 
The fiery chariot hears her up to thee 

Through all thefe lower (kies, 

286 Cnrct ©crmamca. 

To yonder mining regions, 

While down to meet her come 

The bleffed angel legions, 
And bid her welcome home. 

Oh hail thou glorious city ! now unfold 

The gates of grace to me ! 
How many a time I long'd for thee of old, 
Ere yet I was fet free 

From yon dark life of fadnefs, 

Yon world of fhadowy nought, 
And God had given the gladnefs, 
The heritage I fought. 

Oh what the nation, what the glorious holt., 

Comes fweeping fwiftly down ? 
The chofen ones on earth who wrought the moil, 
The Church's brighteft. crown, 
Our Lord hath fent to meet me, 

As in the far-off years 
Their words oft came to greet me 
In yonder land of tears. 

The Patriarchs' and Prophets' noble train, 

With all Chrift's followers true, 
Who bore the crofs, and could the worft diftain 
That tyrants dared to do, 
I fee them mine for ever, 
All-glorious as the fan, 
'Mid light that fadeth never, 
Their perfect freedom won. 

£))va (Pcrmamca. 287 

And when within that lovely Paradife 

At laft I Mely dwell, 
From out my blifsful foul what fongs fhall rife, 
What joy my lips fhall tell, 
While holy faints are finging 

Hofannas o'er and o'er, 
Pure Hallelujahs ringing 
Around me evermore. 

Innumerous choirs before the mining throne 

Their joyful anthems raife, 
Till Heaven's glad halls are echoing with the tone 
Of that great hymn of praife, 
And all its ho ft rejoices, 

And all its blefTed throng 
Unite their myriad voices 
In one eternal fong ! 

J. M. Meyfart. 1634. 

£gra ©crmcmica. 



OW fain my joyous heart would fing 
That lovely fummer-time, 
When God reneweth everything 
{r^s^s In His celeflial prime ; 

When He mall make new heavens and earth, 

And all the creatures there 
Shall fpring from out that fecond birth 
All-glorious, pure, and fair. 

The perfect beauty of that fphere 

No mortal tongue may fpeak, 
We have no likenefs for it here, 

Our words are far too weak ; 
And we mud wait till we behold 

The hour of judgment true, 
That to the {ou\ fhalJ all unfold 

What God is, and can do. 

For God ere long will fummon all 

Who e'er on earth were born, 
This rlefh fhall hear the trumpet's call 

And live again that morn, 

flma (fttrmanica. 

And when in Chrifl His Son we wake, 

Thefe Ikies afunder roll, 
And all the blifs of heaven fhall break 

Upon the raptured foul. 

And He will lead the white-robed throng 

To His fair Paradife, 
Where from the marriage-feaft the fong 

Of endlefs praife fhall rife, 
And from His fathomlefs abyfs 

Of perfect love and truth, 
Shall flow perpetual joy and blifs, 

In never-ending youth. 

Ah God, now lead me of Thy love 

Through this dark world aright ; 
Lord Chrift, defend me left I rove 

Or lies delude my fight ; 
And keep me fteadfaft in the faith 

Till thefe dark days have ceafed, 
And ready ftill in life or death 

For Thy great marriage-feaft. 

And herewith will I end the fong 

Of that fair fummer-time ; 
The bloflbms fhall burft out ere long 

Of heaven's eternal prime, 
The year begin, for ever new ; 

God grant us then on high 
To fee our vifion here made true, 

And eat the fruits of joy ! 

13 J. Walther. 15 57. 

2 9° £grct Qbttmanha. 



AKE, awake, for night is flying, 
J, The watchmen on the heights are 
crying ; 
Awake, Jerufalem, at laft ! 
Midnight hears the welcome voices, 
And at the thrilling cry rejoices : 

Come forth, ye virgins, night is paft ! 
The Bridegroom comes, awake, 
Your lamps with gladnefs take ; 
Hallelujah ! 
And for His marriage-feaft. prepare, 
For ye mull: go to meet Him there. 

Zion hears the watchmen fmging, 
And all her heart with joy is fp ringing, 
She wakes, fhe rifes from her gloom ; 
For her Lord comes down all-glorious, 
The itrong in grace, in truth victorious, 
Her Star is rifen, her Light is come ! 
Ah come, Thou blefTed Lord, 
O Jefus, Son of God, 
Hallelujah ! 
We follow till the halls we fee 
Where Thou halt bid us fup with Thee. 

£ma (Scrmanicct. 291 

Now let all the heavens adore Thee, 
And men and angels fing before Thee 

With harp and cymbal's clearer!: tone ; 
Of one pearl each mining portal, 
Where we are with the choir immortal 
Of angels round Thy dazzling throne ; 
Nor eye hath feen, nor ear 
Hath yet attain'd to hear 
What there is ours, 
But we rejoice, and fing to Thee 
Our hymn of joy eternally. 

Philip Nicolai. 1598. 

2 9 2 £jn*a (Sfarmamca. 


HEN the Lord recalls the banifh'd, 
y. Frees the captives all at laft, 
Every forrow will have vanifh'd 
Like a dream when night is part ; 
Then fhall all our hearts rejoice, 
And with glad refounding voice 
We fhall praife the Lord who fought us, 
For the freedom He hath wrought us. 

Lift Thy hand to aid us, Father, 
Look on us who widely roam, 
And Thy fcatter'd children gather 

In their long'd-for promifed home ; 
Steep and weary is the way, 
Shorten Thou the fultry day, 
Faithful warriors haft Thou found us, 
Let Thy peace for aye furround us. 

In that peace we reap in gladnefs 
What was fown in tearful fhowers : 

There the fruit of all our fadnefs 
Ripens, — there the palm is ours ; 

There our God upon His throne 

Is our full reward alone ; 

They who all for God furrender 

Bring their fheaves in heavenly splendour. 
S. G. Burde. 1794* 


BIDE among us with Thy grace 
Ah God, my days are dark indeed 

fJP^y Ah deareft Lord! to feel that thou 

fcLJ\s Ah, Jems, the merit . 
Alas ! my Lord and God 
All mv heart this night rejoices 
All praife and thanks to God molt High 
All things hang on our poflemng 
A rife, the kingdom is at hand . 
A pilgrim here I wander. 
As a bird in meadows fair . 
BlefTed Jefus, at Thy word . 
BlclTed Jefus, here we Hand . 
Can I my fate no more withltand 
Chrift the Lord is rifen again . 
Chriit will gather in His own . 
Conquering Prince and Lord of glory 
Courage, my forely-tempted heart 
Deck thyfelf, my ibul, with gladnefs 
Ere yet the dawn hath rUl'd the fkies 
Ever would I fain be reading 
Faith is a living power from heaven 
Gentle Shepherd, Thou halt itill'd 
Hark, the Church proclaims her honour 
Here behold me, as I calt me . 
He who'd make the prize his own 
Him on yonder crofs I love . 
Holy Spirit, once again . 
I am baptized into Thy name . 



3 2 

2 3 



7 6 



21 2 










I know my end mull furely come 

[ know in whom I put my truft 

In God's name let us on our way 

In our fails all foft and fweetly . 

In Thee is gladnefs .... 

[ fay to all men, far and near . 

Is thy heart athrift to know . 

I who fo oft in deep diftrefs 

Jerufalem, thou city fair and high 

Jefus, pitying Saviour, hear me. 

Jefus, whom Thy Church doth ow 

Light of light enlighten me . 

Lord, all my heart is fix'd on Thee 

Lord, a whole long day of pain 

Lord God, now open wide Thy heaven 

Lord Jefus Chrift, my faithful Shepherd 

Lord Jefus Chrift, in Thee alone . 

Lord Jefus Chrift, my Life, my Light 

Lord Jefus, who our fouls to fave . 

Lo, heaven and earth, and fea and air 

Lord, now let Thy fervant . 

My caufe is God's and I am ftill 

My God, in Thee all fulnefs lies 

My Jefus, if the feraphim . . 

Now at laft I end the ftrife . 

Now darknefs over all is fpread 

Now fain my joyous heart would fing 

Now lay we calmly in the grave . 

Now weeping at the grave we ftand 

Now take my heart and all that is in me 

Now thank we all our God . 

Now the pearly gates unfold 

Now we niiiil leave our fatherland 

O Blcflcd Jefus ! This . . . 

O Chrift our true and only Light 

O Chrift, Thou bright and Morning Sta 

O faithful God ! O pitying Heart . . 


2 95 

O Father-eye, that hath fo truly watch'd 

O Father-heart, who haft created all . 

O God, Thou faithful God . 

O how could I forget Him . 

O Jefus, Lord of majefty 

O King of glory ! David's Son 

O Living Bread from Heaven 

O Lord, be this our veflel now 

O Lord my God, I cry to Thee 

O Love, who formedft me to wear 

O mighty Spirit ! Source whence . 

Once more the day-light mines abroad 

O rifen Lord ! O conquering King 

O Thou Molt Higheft ! Guardian of i 

O world ! behold upon the tree 

Sad with longing, fick with fears . 

Seeing I am Jem's lamb 

Seems it in my anguifh lone. 
Since Chrift is gone to heaven, His home 
Sink not yet, my foul, to (lumber . 
Spread, O fpread, thou mighty Word 
Sweeteft joy the foul can know 
Thank God it hath refounded . 
Thank God that towards eternity . 
The Church of Chrift that He . . 
The golden morn flames up the Eaftern 
The night is come, wherein at laft. 
Thee Fount of blefting we adore . 
Then now at laft the hour is come 
Thou faireft Child Divine .... 
Though Love may weep with breaking he 
Thou'rt mine, yes, ftill Thou art mine ow 
Thou, folemn Ocean, rolleft to the ftrand 
Thou, fore-opprefs'd, the Sabbath-reft 
Thou who breakeft every chain 
Thy parents' arms now yield thee . 
To-day our Lord went up on high 



4 1 

2 75 











1 12 




1 10 

9 1 

1 55 




Curct <8>crmcmica. 

True mirror of the Godhead ! Perfect Light 95 

Up ! yes, upward to thy gladnefs . . . . 228 

Wake, awake, for night is flying .... 290 

Whate'er my God ordains is right. . . . 259 

What pleafes God, O pious foul . . . . 256 

When anguifh'd and perplex'd 102 

Whene'er again thou finkeft 49 

When in the hour of utmoft need .... 240 

When the Lord recall the banifh'd . . . 292 

Where'er I go, whate'er my tafk . . . . 149 

Wherefore doll Thou longer tarry ... 25 

Wherefore fhould I grieve and pine . . . 261 

Who keepeth not God's word, yet faith . . 214 

Who knows how near my end may be . . 267 

Who puts his truft in God molt juft . . . 254 

Why art thou thus call down, my heart . . 248 

World, farewell! of thee I'm tired . . . 270 

Ye heavens, oh hafte your dews to fhed . 21 





i. Ihr Himmcl tropfelt Thau in Eil 

2. Auf, auf, ihr RcichsgenofTen . 

3. Warum willft du draufzen ftehn 

4. Gottlob ein Schritt zur Ewigkeit 

1. Frohlich foil mcin Herze fpringen 

2. Du fchonftes Gotteskind . 

3. Hcrr Jefu Chrift dcin Kripplein id 

1. O Konig aller Ehren .... 

2. O Jefu Chrifte wahres Licht . 

3. Wer im Hcrzen will erfahren 

4. Immcr mufz ich wieder lefcn . 
Passion Week. 

1. Wenn je du wieder zagft . 

2. O Welt, fieh hier dein Leben 

3. Ach Jefu, dein Sterben 

4. Der am Kreuz ill meine Liebe . 

5. Nun gingll auch Du .... 

6. Der Du, Herr Jefu, Ruh und Raft 

1. Chriftus ill erftanden .... 

2. Friihmorgens da die Sonn aufgeht 

3. Ich fage Jedem dafz Er lebt . 

4. O auferftandener Siegesfiirfl: . 

5. Trauernd und ink bangem Sehnen 

1. Auf diefen Tag bcdenken wir 

2. Auf Chrifti Himmelfahrt . . . 

3. Siegesfurft und Ehrcnkonig . . 

4. Mein Jefu, den die Seraphinen . 


2 9 8 Sable of ©cvman jjjgmn*. 


1. Komm O komm, du Geift des Lebens . 81 

2. O Du allersiisfte Freude 84 

3. Die Kirche Chrifti die Er geweiht . . 87 

4. Diefs ift der Gemeinde Starke ... 88 

5. Wake wake nah und fern .... 89 

1. Brunn alles Heils, dich ehren wir . . 91 

2. O Vaterhand die mich fo treu gefuhret 93 

3. Dreieinigkeit, der Gottheit wahrer Spiegel 95 
Morning Prayer. 

1. Licht von Licht erleuchte mich ... 97 

2. Liebfter Jefu, wir find hier .... 99 

3. Es geht daher des Tages Schein . . . 100 

4. Wenn ich in Agnft und Noth . . . 102 

5. O allerhochftcr Menfchenhiiter . . . 104 

6. Wie ein Vogel lieblich finget . . . 106 

7. Im Often flammt empor die goldene Sonne 108 
Evening Prayer. 

1. Die Nacht ill kommen darin wir ruhen 1 10 

2. Werde munter mein Gemuthe . . . 112 

3. Herr, ein ganzer Leidenstag . . . . 116 

4. Es ruht die Nacht auf Erden . . . 118 

5. Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade .... 120 


1. Liebfter Jefu wir find hier . . . . 122 

2. O Vaterherz das Erd und Himmel fchuf 124 

3. Aus deiner Eltern Armcn . . .126 

4. Weil ich Jefu Schaflein bin . . . . 128 

5. Ich bin gctauft auf deinen Namen . . 129 


1. Herr Jefu Chriftc mein getrcur Hirte . 131 

2. Schmfickc, dich O licbe Seele . . 133 

3. Licbe die Du mich fo milde .... 135 

4. Nun nimm mein Herz und alles was 

ich bin 137 

5. Jefu der Du bift alleine 139 

(tabic of (German (jnmns. 2 99 

6. Wie konnt ich Sein vergeflen 

7. Wie wohl haft du gelabet . 
For Travellers. 

I. In Gottesnamen reifen wir 
In alien unferen Thaten . 
O Herr lafz unfer Schifflein heute 
Wie fchaumt fo feierlich . 
Einft fahren wir vom Yaterland 
6. In die Segel fan ft und linde . 

1. Nun lafst uns den Leib begraben 

2. Am Grabe ftehn wir ftille 

3. Aller Glaubigen Sammelplatz 

4. Mag auch die Liebe weinen . 

5. Gutcr Hirt, Da haft geftillet . . 

6. Du bift zwar mein und bleibeft mein 




1. Allein zu dir Herr Jefu Chrift . . 

2. Ach Gott und Herr wie grofz und fchwer 

3. Jefu mein Erbarmer hore .... 

4. O Jefu Konig hoch zu ehren . 

5. O Gott du frommcr Gott 

6. O Durchbrecher aller Bande 

7. Brich durch mein angefochtnes . 

1. Nun danket alle Gott 

2. Sei Lob und Ehr dem hochften Gut 

3. Himmel Erde Luft und Meer 

4. Ich der ich oft in grofTer Noth . 

5. O grofTer Geift, O Urfprung . 

6. In dir ill Freude 

~. Gottlob, nun ift erfchollen 

The Life of Faith. 

1. Der Glaub ift eine lebendi^e Kraft . 

3°o ©able of ©ennan fijgmn*. 

2. Wer halt nicht Gottes Wortdoch fpricht 214 

3. Ich weifs an wen ich glaube . 

4. Herzlich lieb hab ich dich O Herr 

5. Nun fo will ich denn mein Leben 

6. Wer das Kleinod will erlangen 

7. Ach mein Herr Jefu dein Nahefeyn 

8. Sieh hier bin ich Ehrenkonig 

9. Auf hinauf zu deiner Freude 

10. Ich bin ein Gaft auf Erden . 

1 1. OefFne nun die Perlenthoren . 
Songs of the Cross. 

1. Mag ich Ungluck nicht widerftehn 

2. O Chrifte Morgenfterne . 

3. Wenn wir in hochften Nothen fein 

4. treuer Gott, barmherzigs Herz 

5. Ach Gott wie manches Herzeleid 

6. Warum betnibft du dich mein Herz 

7. Alles ist an Gottes Segen . 

8. Mein Gott bei dir ift alle Fiille 

9. Wer Gott vertraut hat wohl gebaut 

10. Was Gott gefallt O frommes Kind 

11. Was Gott thut das ift wohlgethan 

12. Warum folk ich mich denn gramen 

13. Sollt es denn bisweilen 
The Final Conflict and Heaven. 

1. Ich weifz es wird mein Ende kommen 

2. Wer weifz wienahe mir mein Ende . 

3. Welt, lebwohl, ich bin dein mude . 

4. Ich hab mein Sachi Gott heimgeftellt 

5. O Herre Gott ich ruf zu dir 

6. Herr Jefu Chrift mein Lebens Licht 

7. Herr Gott nun fchleufz dein Himmel auf 

8. Herr nun lafs in Fricde . . . 

9. So ifts an dem dafz ich mit Freude 

10. Jerufalem du hoch gcbaute Stadt 

1 1 . Herzlich thut mich erfrcuen . . 

12. Wachct auf, ruft uns die Strimme 

13. Wann der Herr cinll die Gefangenen 






•*",' S .' 


■ ■